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My latest Project: Akili School, empowering Youth through Technology in Kenya

5th Feburary 2014

Thank you Cecilia W Yu for sending us the Encyclopaedia Britannica CD for our library. Our students are now able to access lots of learning resources offline!

Brit book

Akili Library: Empowering Youth through Technology

Akili Library & Information Center has been a beehive of activity since January. The youth from the community, predominantly high school leavers awaiting their national examinations results and out of school girls have been swarming the library to study basic computer applications and read story books.

Akili school sponsored library lab4

The students come to the library every afternoon. It takes about 2 months for the students to complete a basic course in computer applications including Ms Word, Ms Access, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Publisher, Ms Excel, Internet and email. They are also taught how to use the computers for research.

Akili school sponsored library lab3
We recently received a donation of an Encyclopedia Britannica CD from Ms Cecilia W Yu (余詠詩).  The CD contains over 60,000 books and videos on different topics of interest to the library users. All these books are now available offline in our computers and this is good news for us given the fact that we do not have internet connection yet. We installed the CD into our 10 computers and the students have been enjoying researching information on various topics of interest, reading history and watching videos. Computer training enables the youth to acquire the essential computer skills needed for success in today’s computer-driven society.

Akili school sponsored library lab2

The training enables the youth to acquire the essential computer skills needed for success in today’s computer-driven society. Majority of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds. At the end of the training, they are issued with a certificate which they can use to seek employment as data clerks, secretaries or cyber café attendants in town.

This project solves the problem of computer illiteracy by providing computer learning opportunities for marginalized youth in Obunga. The library has provided a conducive environment for the out of school youth who come to study computer enabling them to stay out of trouble in the community.

Akili school sponsored library lab

We are grateful to Cecilia W Yu ( for this donation that will go a long way in increasing access to information and promoting literacy in Obunga Slum.

You can support this project by sponsoring a girl to study basic computer applications for $25. This goes towards paying tutors, paying for internet, electricity bills and maintaining the computers.

19th October 2013

Akili school kenya

Hi Cecilia,

I hope you are doing well.

I am David, I contacted you sometime last year asking for help with Akili Youth group after reading your story with the girls you mentor in Uganda.

You asked me to continue reading your blogs and links for opportunities and that you observe groups for 2 to 3 years before you can help.

I wanted to let you know that we are doing well, many things have changed since then.

Akili Library is doing really well, we got a grant of $7,629 from better world books USA and built a very nice library which is now serving over 300 kids in Obunga slums.

We also got a grant of $4,500 from safaricom foundation Kenya, we bought books and 10 computers and now teach the kids how to use etoys and access health information using computers. Akili prep school is now in 1st grade and has 96 kids.

Next year we are expanding to 2nd grade.

We employ women and so far we have 4 young women as teachers. we also developed an exchange program with Freedom Christian Academy, Arizona. 10 girls from Akili Prep are penpals with girls at FCA. We also partner with Columbus School for Girls in Ohio, USA. the girls develop etoys and health modules for Akili Library. We have been so blessed.

In July 2013, we got registered by the kenya government as a national non profit org supporting girls and women in the community.

We are now called Riley Orton Foundation. the name was inspired by a 9 year old boy in Kenwood California who has been raising school supplies for children living in poverty since he was 5. You can check out our website here

From November 4th to December 20th, we will be fundraising for our org at Indiegogo. I was asking if you could help us spread the word during this time and ask some of your friends to donate from $5 for us. We need the money to construct new classrooms, buy school supplies, pay teachers and support the feeding program.

It is a one time thing.

I pray that you will find it in your heart to support us so that we can be ready for the start of the next school year and continue changing the lives of children in Obunga slums.

Thank you.God bless you.


David Omondi

akili school kenya 2

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  3. this is a great project my dear I did not know that you are doing this much to make our world a better place I am very impressed my dear

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