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Kathmandu, Nepal: Our KEBS Schools, Hospitals + now Undergraduate college!

Time flies when we are having fun! I don’t remember how long it has been since Sustain-Able has been on the advisory board of KEBS. I just remember a moment in time, when I was walking down the road from my gym and bumped into Ratna Lama Ji. We had a really quick conversation and he showed me the building construction site for KEBS first school and told me he needed to furnish it. I was moving out of Nepal after completing some of my work with Rokpa’s women workshop and soup kitchen, so we made an arrangement. KEBS kindly named the library and their WWF’s club after my grandmother who had just passed away. I met some of the core members of KEBS and in the decades to come, ended up doing a lot of online strategic consulting with Rajendra ji.

Recently I was informed that apart from primary school + high school + 2 hospitals + care for the elderly, KEBS will start training in undergraduate studies! I was delighted and I thought it was time to write all this up and say a Giant: WELL DONE! to everyone involved!!!

KEBS board of directors have always been very supportive of my attempt to add “Girl Child education” to their core missions, given Nepalese society still emphasized the education of boys over girls, I look forward to a day when I see the first Engineer, BBS and BA female graduates from KEBS! I think the girls will enjoy the adventures to come and I hope that more scholarships will be available to orphans of both genders, but especially for modern Nepalese women! Empowerment begins at home! 🙂

I can’t imagine what KEBS will grow into in the next decade but I am so happy Sustain-Able was a part of its success from the very beginning and I can’t wait to see what KEBS will become in the future, working hand-hand with Sustain-Able! Congratulations!

This is what the main players in K.E.B.S academy have to say about KEBS:

Kumari Academy, popularly known as KEBS Academy, is a co-educational academic organization established in 2000 A.D. (2057 B.S). The organization runs under the management of Kumari Academy Pvt. Ltd. It is the socially and economically inspired and rapidly growing institution with the commitment to impart quality, competitive and good cultured education. Recently, the following programmes are being run under this organization:

KEBS Academy School Wing: From Kindergarten/Nursery to grade Ten(X) – Secondary or High School Level under SLC Board of Nepal.

KEBS Academy +2 Wing: Grade XI and XII (Eleven and Twelve) under the HSEB Board of Nepal.

KMC (Kumari Multiple Campus): BBS and BA under the Tribhuvan University (TU).

KEC (Kumari Engineering College): Diploma in Civil Engineering under the CTEVT.

This organization is located in the eastern part of Kathmandu at Tusal in a congenial environment between Hyatt Regency Hotel and Boudha Nath Stupa the holiest place of Buddhist people.

Pursuit of academic excellence is the sole purpose of life. With this belief, KEBS offers an educational environment that enables students as well as parents to understand the real education. That is how KEBS strives to create and keep a perfect academic atmosphere. It is a private co-educational institute meant for promising to develop the creative global citizen for the world. KEBS aims at offering students ample opportunities through multifarious activities to discover, enhance and refine their innate talents. All these facts give KEBS a vow to meet and maintain its aforesaid vision with its motto “Education for Social Transformation”.

7 comments on “Kathmandu, Nepal: Our KEBS Schools, Hospitals + now Undergraduate college!

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  3. Ujjwal Pandey
    July 11, 2013



  4. Steven
    April 23, 2013

    Goodluck. Well done!


  5. Louisa May NYC
    March 26, 2013

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    • ceciliawyu
      April 4, 2013

      Okay….Louise May from NYC….
      thanks for this really detailed thesis on Empire Waist design….
      hmm…you put it in the wrong comment box….so now it is forever linked to Nepalese Kebs academy school and NOT to Osmeed’s dissertation about Ponchos…:) …for oversized ladies:

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      Well. I’m sure your study is scientifically sound…but hey…Sweety, its ONLY FASHION…as you said, wear ever you like…provided it is fabulous and not disgustingly hideous of course…otherwise someone should just call the fashion police on them!

      Not sure Fashion brings a better understanding between the sexes…that sounds like one of your NYC lecturers in fashion talking about the “history and 10 incorruptible rules of fashion merchandising”!

      I think Zoolander brings a better understanding to FAshion and the underground world of Male Modelling….lol…

      C’mon, will you enjoy it and stop taking it so seriously? btw. I hate Project Runway….Heidi Klum sounds like a Fashion Nazi…(oops no puns intended, don’t mention the war! 🙂 XX)….Please please can we all learn to laugh at ourselves in Fashion even in NYC!?!?

      P.S I love your passion for empire line and next time your lecturer rants against it just go,”Well, it was good enough for f*cking Napolean and Josephine is French! So go talk to Bruno!”


  6. Bilodeau
    January 25, 2013

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