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刘霞的要求: Nobel Peace Laureate’s wife Liu Xia Under House Arrest: Pleads for Freedom!

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The Conscience of China: Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia

Liu Xia’s Pleads for Freedom! 

Translation by Cecilia.W.Yu 余詠詩 because the translation in the source material left some ambiguities, for the non-Chinese speaking readers. Original Source: zengjinyan’s official blog

Translation begins:

I am Zeng Jinyan, I arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing in the early hours of this morning. I am relaying the following requests from Liu Xia in an individual capacity (*not at the behest of any external bodies or organisations or groups) . Liu Xia requested:

1. I am pleading for the Freedom  to consult a qualified doctor .  

Explanation from Zeng Jinyin: My preference is for a psychiatrist from the  internationally renowned organisation  Medecins San Frontieres  to meet one-on-one with  Liu Xia to conduct an assessment of her mental health and general wellbeing. Liu Xia was diagnosed with coronary disease in the 1990s. The imprisonment of first her husband and then her brother, as well as constant house arrest has led to a rapid deterioration in her mental state. She has persistently refused to seek medical treatment under the watch of the police, as she fears the authorities will use  this as an excuse to throw her into a psychiatric hospital.

2. I am pleading for the Freedom to communicate with  Liu Xiaobo (my husband) and for our rights to read the letters and correspondences we write to one another.

Explanation from Zeng Jinyin: Although Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia write to each other, they are forbidden and actively obstructed nfrom reading the letters from one another.

3. I am pleading for the Freedom and the right to work and receive an income (to support myself and my child). 

Explanation from Zeng Jinyin: Liu Xia was financially dependent on her brother Liu Hui. Liu Hui’s imprisonment cut off a source of income,but it also created extra legal costs. These factors continue to deplete the family of a large amount of fundings and brought about grave economic hardship. So being deprived of the right to work is increasing the strain and family pressure on Liu Xia, she hopes to earn an income to support the family and especially to meet the costs of Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia’s son’s education.

Translation ends.

liu_xia_photo under house arrest

(Original In Simplified Chinese)


1. 要求自由看医生的权利


2. 要求与刘晓波相互阅读对方的信件的权利


3. 要求工作及获得经济收入的权利



(In Traditional Chinese)


1. 要求自由看醫生的權利–


2. 要求與劉曉波相互閱讀對方的信件的權利–


3. 要求工作及獲得經濟收入的權利–




Painter, poet and photographer Liu Xia, born 1959,
has been under house arrest,
since her husband Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.
Her husband is serving an 11-year sentence for
“inciting subversion of state power”.

Today is Xiaobo’s Birthday.
December 28, 2012.
After 9 pm. We tried again to visit Liu Xia.


Guard: What are you doing?

Hao Jian: What are you doing?
Guard: I asked you first!
Hao Jian: What the hell are you doing?
Guard: I am on duty!
Hao Jian: So you do your duty as usual. Ah! Don’t bother us.

Liu Xia t-shirt

Xu Youyu: I don’t know them.
Guard: No relation?
Xu Youyu: No relation.
Guard: Who are you visiting?
Hao Jian: Who am I visiting? Liu Xia!
Guard: Liu Xia? No! You can’t!
Hao Jian: We can’t ? Why not? According to what?

Guard: Who? Not allowed! No!
Hao Jian: Who are you? Who are you?

Liu Xia: Go!
Xu Youyu: Let’s go! Hurry up!

Hao Jian: Hu Jia! Go up!
Hu Jia: This is the only way (to get into into the site)!

Xu Youyu: Hao Jian. We need to hurry. Take the initiative. Release this message. Let us make it short!

Xu Youyu: Tell Xiaobo.
Hao Jian: What?
Xu Youyu: We hurry up!
Xu Youyu: Let us talk a little bit more.

Hao Jian: We’re worried that a visit will bring you trouble (from the police).
Xu Youyu: Yes. Exactly the issue.
Hao Jian: Not good.
Xu Youyu: We act as quickly as we can! We leave even before the police can intervene.
Xu Youyu: We do it well this time.

Liu Xia: Thank you all!
Xu Youyu: Come here… Take the photo…

Xu Youyu: Take it easy. It’s a huge improvement that we got in this time. We’d better leave voluntarily.

Liu Xia: Or the police will put me…
Xu Youyu: We leave now.
Xu Youyu: I know. I know.

Hu Jia: You have no means of communication at all?

Xu Youyu: We have to go now. Of our own will.
Hao Jian: One minute. Let me shoot your home.
Xu Youyu: Hurry up! Hurry up! One minute!
Liu Xia: Thank you so much!

Since then, friends and supporters have not managed to see her again. This innocent woman is still under house arrest,
like hundreds of thousands of petitioners, rights defenders, political prisoners and their families. In June 2013, Liu Xia’s brother Liu Hui, was sentenced to 11 years in jail for fraud. Political police taunted Liu Xia, that her brother’s verdict was a result of her seeing outsiders while under house arrest.

Living with the dolls,
The power of silence surrounds us,
The world opens around us,
We communicate in gestures.
(“The Power of Silence,” November 1998).


A letter from Liu Xia Pleading her case to Xi Jinping





Hu Jia, Hao Jian
Edit: Zeng Jinyan
Script: Zeng Jinyan
Translation: Zeng Jinyan
Producer: Zeng Jinyan

Special thanks to:
Xu Youyu
Hao Jian
Hu Jia
Ying Liang
Yuen Chan
Guy Sorman
Anonymous volunteers

Liu Xia art ...beating

Translator’s Note from Cecilia to give Inter-cultural nuances and context: Thank you. The translation needs to be clearer so I took the liberty to do a translation. I referenced the original source directly. The power to protect another by the mere use of words and symbols are “nothing to sniff at”.. oddly enough I learnt this from looking at the top of the graffiti art world….what they did in inventing a name/brand…we have from the very power of our names….within chinese history. …none of us should lose touch of that but many did because of communist book-burning and scholars killing….now their country is lost with generations desperate to find out what meaning they could possibly have in life?

But many lack the basic conscience to comprehend why they feel hollow. If they used their “conscience” immediately they would reverse the hollow egos of communist violence and find out who they really are as “descendents of the dragons”. But those like Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia are paying the price as the “conscience” of modern China and disgustingly the new rich are too stupid, brainwashed, cowardly and inherited the evil deeds their parents did to stay alive by bullying others to even deserve a light like theirs. They are too good to be a part of China that is run by communist monsters and their hordes of illiterate diseases. The masses all want to be pretty and admired without understanding that they will be less ugly if they did one thing in their lives to wash the blood and filth off their lives created by Mao and the latest manifestation of yet another Chinese dictator like Xi Jinping and his sing-song prostitute wife who celebrated the slaughter of Tibet by entertaining the troops…just showing yet another generation of Illiterate communist “sows’ ears” dressed as silk purses!

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  4. Free Liu Xiaobo
    December 16, 2013

    We ask all of you: please write to Liu Xia to the address below.
    Take care, write messages without political issues, send only words of hugs and lots of love, so the letters arrive in his hands.
    Let’s all writing.
    A hug to everyone.

    Liu Xia (刘霞)
    No. 501, Unit 4, Building 17, Yard 9,
    Haidian District,
    Beijing 100038,

    邮政编码: 100038
    P.R. China


  5. ceciliawyu
    December 3, 2013

    Lesley, Please reblog or just send the link over…you have millions of hits a year. This is for the family of China’s Nobel Peace Laureate. X thanks. Cecilia

    Also FOR EVERYONE this came in new:

    Please tell a friend.
    Please join us for a rally for the International Human Rights DayFree Liu Xia T-shirt
    Date: Saturday, December 7, 2013
    Time: 2 p.m.
    Rally to be at Los Angeles Chinatown Dr. Sun Yat Sen Plaza
    across from Golden Dragon restaurant 960 N Broadway, LA 90012
    3:15 p.m.
    Drive to 443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, Consulate of the PRC
    Protest in Front of the Consulate
    4:00 p.m. Ends
    We Shall Demand the Release of All Prisoners of Conscience
    We shall provide T-shirts to the first 50 participants.
    Please bring a photo of Prisoners of Conscience,
    those missing, those in house arrests, those being harassed
    You are invited to read out their names,
    what they have done to cause China’s government action against them.
    Contact: Ann Lau 310-433-0697
    Sponsor Organizations:
    Visual Artists Guild
    Amnesty International Group 148
    Participating Organizations:
    China Democratic Party
    Hong Kong Forum
    West America Chinese Political Refugees Association
    Other Organizations to be confirmed


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