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全球聲援香港爭取真普選 Hong Kong Unites for Democracy, October 2014: #HongKongDemocracy #Protest #Umbrellarevolution #occupycentral #hongkong #china #umbrellarevolution #佔中

24 th October…things are happening so fast on the ground in Hong kong that I have a hard time keeping up with all the materials, so I thought I will just publish what I can for now and later on I can update! Goodluck everyone! ADD OIL Hong Kong! XO Cecilia!

hong kong protest 2014 3

From time to time, because of the nature of the Cantonese speaking world I am asked to collate certain materials that normally would just be kept amongst Chinese speakers and never really reached the non-Chinese speaking press.

So fr the Hong kong 2014 pro-democracy protests, I was asked to do the same. I thank those who kindly asked me to comment publicly and directly in international medias. But right now, I am taking some creative development time in my art studio and am not putting out public media statements.

Hong kong protest yellow ribbon

I am aware that some of my more passionate friends had taken it upon themselves to take some quotes from my social media and had gone to various news media about it. I trust that my intelligent and educated friends will handle things I share amongst my friendship groups in an appropriately sensitive way and would not abuse the information, so I am comfortable with that.

In the meantime, let me provide the service to my fellow Hong Kongers who are fighting for their rights to 1 person= 1 vote in a democratic process protected by Basic Law under China’s own 1 country, 2 system treaty with the Hong kong Government and the British Government at the time of the 1997 handover, by translating their voices from the grassroots!

I wish every one a peaceful and safe journey to freedom and creative free speech.


central student protest umbrella 1

First Translation: 29 September 2014 (the one that got a few quotes and spawned a lot of discussions)

I find this very moving….they are running a little street side eatery…like a dai pai dong…..they serve cheap but delicious food at an affordable price to millions of people. Their feelings reflect the true voice of the average person on the streets because they feed them every day….from all walks of life…….these places called Dai Pai Dong are not posh but are diverse and no nonsense…….!!!!! They are saying (translated), ” Commie China has never been a republic… is not a republic if you force people to only vote for the people you approve of! That is a shot-gun dictatorship with lying communist arseholes characteristics!” I hope anyone who supports dictatorships get whatever they deserve like those street artists in Egypt who supported human rights abuse of women disguised as fanatical dogma!


Free China’s first Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo!
(Photo of Liu during a Desmond Tutu interview in South Africa!)

hong kong protest 2014 1

  • ..hmm….it is very very unusual in Hong Kong society for police to use pepper spray or bring guns to peaceful protest. We have big protests every year in Hong Kong…why the deviation from standard HK police crowd control procedures? Hmm….
  • China is afraid its losing its grip on HK. Also its pretty clear that commie are on the upswing again…flexing muscles.
  • Are they really? How so???? Is it cos they run out of places to take bribes inside China?
  • HK is the crown jewel for China. They want to be able to rape it of its riches and leave it for dead.
  • I thought tear gas was used by the police to break up an looting mob? So if this is a peaceful sit down protest with no destruction why is the police being so heavy handed? Are they doing the work of the government in Beijing or the Hong Kong government? If the police is part of the real Hong Kong maybe it is time for them to stop “following orders”??? I must say that there are quite a few European news papers who are very surprised by the heavy handed actions of Hong Kongs own police…
  • Then again I tried tear gas once when I was much younger and I think you get over that faster than if you are hit by a police man…
  • Well…military training teargas training is not the same as sitting there peacefully protesting and then having to carry unbrellaa and gas masks…just in case…lol.
  • ….its what beijing like to call a show of force….like lining up missiles pointed at taiwan …..or japan or korea or India or tibet or civilian population….yes…while hong kong is relatively safe. …..80million in canton and the 800million up north and the 120million floating populations made homeless by their corrupt land deals….well….we have to be careful so that people don’t imitate being a hong konger at too great a risks inside china! We still have a legal system….they have a dictatorship that locks up and tortures a guy, his wife and his kid and family cos he dared to write something that was nobel peace prize worthy!! Dictatorships are sooo braindead…it puts pressure on hong kong to be more responsible in our protests! People throw their kids over the hong kong shenzhen line…just to enjoy our Basic Law…….you know….its a burden!
  • Yeah but they are turning this show of force up a notch.
  • Hmm….well I don’t see no tank ….but hey…give them time….they are stupid enough to recreate tienanmen…..they have no self control about giving in to the urge to be bullies! Anyway…I don’t think it will come to that. ….this time….
  • Its just a matter of time before they break out the tanks…or maybe they bought some of our leftover MRAP’s from the wars which we face everyday now in our streets?
  • Nooo…they won’t. ..they will squash all the ferraris stuck in peak hour traffic! !!
  • Fyi QY you asked just now..this is what I think darling! its all good for chinese culture even if it is uncomfortable for students to face tear gas!
    Cecilia W Yu's photo.
  • who wrote it?you?
  • Noo….not the sign…I wrote the commentary on top and…I might have “suggested” a trip to a dai pai dong…to a few fb friends!
  • May I quote the longer one above for Epoch times in SF?
  • It is very interesting reading all your comments, i mean i do want to know how ppl outside hk see this sensitive matter. I hope what you are saying abt creating another massacre is juz not true. And for sure we dun want to see any tank, for that matter! Tension is building up, i guess both hk and china govt really didnt see it coming. A movement in this scale! Anyway we hv many loved ones going out everyday to “fight” for something we should have promised to, i.e. democracy; i respected them a lot despite some other ppl might think these ppl are juz being too naive…
  •  QY..yes you can!! I have some twitter people from wall street journal being a pest so yes…you can quote me.
  • The Hong Kong people want to have real democracy. Over thousand years the Cantonese people had been looking for autonomy from Northern Chinese. Someone on FB said 獨立是等死。 Independence in China means death, but without independence HK will also die from China ‘s dictatorship.
  • I think the show of force is like a big tantrum…like when Liu Xiaobo won Nobel prize and all scholars had to be locked up even the ones who never got along with him and thinks he is a total obnoxious personality! But they bullied the powerless…you know the Chinese idiom…I have no Chinese font to type this! “Bashing into tofu”… To describe government bullies !!!MK  was at Tienanmen during the real 6’4 reporting. She speaks fluent mandarin! Sooo….in 2014 its not going to go down like that…people own or gate satellites…there’s wikileaks…there’s VPN….Hong Kong has comprehensive 4g system on every section of Hong Kong island and many have their own private satellite access….and even last time….they can’t stop it going viral ….so its not as if their own population is not as we speak crawling out from under the great firewall and seeing all our uploaded pictures!!!! Words spread…I am always amazed by how fast the invisible hip hop nation and Graffiti world finds out what is going on without anyone putting anything on line. Hong Kong thrives on information transfer.,…we are not farmer peasants they can just roll a tank over….most of us came out of the best ivy universities of the world! So Beijing needs to get #real!
  • ppl in hk r touched by seeing many supportive actions all over the world! bottom line, ppl here r not asking to be independent- which is a v sensitive word – we juz want to hv the promised “one country 2 systems” being run here; and that should inc. the true universal suffrage…
  • 1 person = 1 vote! Our right and promise under Basic Law to have free speech, independent judiciary and right to choose our own government representatives in our senates and upper house and head of house! Like new York city or Melbourne or London or Tokyo or Paris or Delhi or Johannesburg…..a city state republic still part of China but under our own 1 country 2systems agreement as special economic zones!!!! It looks so bad when Beijing reneges on promises…how do you run a global economy if no one can trust your words…,signed and witnessed by international law and united nations and your own domestic governing bodies??? It makes all Chinese people inside and outside look like we are not to be trusted and I can’t do business that way!!!!! Trust is the golden key to prosperity and stability!!!!
  • Well said ceci!
  • Well spotted ! thanks for the reminder!!!! Xo
  • Liberty!


budesbank hong kong protest 3

30th September: Kenneth Leung: “I deeply regret what has happened to the protestors in Hong Kong today ….”, Claudia Roth, vice-president of the German Bundestag, told me straight away at the beginning of the meeting.
We discussed the latest political development in Hong Kong, protesting and the role of Bundestag in monitoring international human rights issues. We also discussed the long term energy policy of Germany. More detail to come in the next few days.

30th September . Grassroot photos of Mong Kok peaceful students protest:

1st October photos of Students protests and supports around the world


2nd October:

From Students: “Sorry for paralyzing the streets, we are fighting for our future”

Tear gas central

3rd October, Police Brutality eye witness photos: (posted on  PassionTimes 熱血時報)

11.55am Mongkok Protest



(11:55 PM)

PT 1PT 2PT 3PT 4PT 5PT 6PT Cell phonePT tear gas 1Siu MiNg Nganumbrella revolution arrest 1Tear gas central

11.58 am Causeway Bay Protest



(11:58 PM)

12.05 am Umbrella Revolution protestors arrested

“Umbrella revolution supporters were arrested,” according to the online news, police said at present, two people were arrested, one was previously supported by umbrella revolution, was anti-occupation persons in Mong Kok to split the public. (Photo source: HK Golden Forum)

Eyewitness: Peaceful protest encountered pepper spray by police

12.10am photos Peaceful protest crowd gathers

umbrella revolution arrest 1


12.15am Ordinary citizens gather for peaceful protest



(12:15 AM)

Teargas and Pepper spray equipment introduced by police




PANG: new police officers “” the Hong Kong Police, and you should be proud of it! You more than rounds of tear gas and large cloud of pepper spray failed to clear. Support you today by a group of thugs, purposefully organized “spontaneous” has done for you. You came home from work today, children can tell you: “look, baby, ours is a civilization with mutual assistance in police and city! In a beam under the wise leadership of the Chief, you see, how many tattoos uncle to come forward to help us organize the cityscape. 」





(0:30 AM)





(1:10 AM)

Translation: Local residence offer to let protestors recharge their cell phones for free as a show of support so that protestors can stay safe amidst police round-ups and co-ordinate their efforts.

(PT Cellphone pic)




(2:05 AM)

PT 1-4 (pic)

“Mr Huang Yumin’s solemn declaration”, strongly accusing the police of condoning the rogue organization, violence against peaceful protest for students and members of the public, thief, regardless, desertion, “getting rid of” the spirit, degenerate into outright fascist!Two fascist police Director Chief Superintendent must step down immediately to anger! Third, 10th, 3rd in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, three areas, let the mob by the police attacks on peaceful demonstrators and the students events, not only failing to stop the violence, nor the arrest of perpetrators.The SAR Government must take responsibility for reporting back to the public, the Legislative Council should set up a Select Committee to investigate the incident immediately, and accountability. Four, if the appeal is not possible, the enemies of the regime and the people in Hong Kong, we have to punish him, pro-democracy legislators need to totally boycott this session administration, paralyzing government operations. In order to set things right, started by the people on the street movement incessant, a national co-operative movement and it will definitely not occur.




4th October: Instagram compilations from MK journalists Siu MiNg Ngan


4th October : Anonymous HK disrupts Government websites in support of Hong kong democratic protest

Anonymous Asia已經正式攻破政府新聞網。(2:20 AM)

Cecilia Translator’s note: As to the reasons for the current 800,000 strong protest crowds, I found this comment shared amongst facebook trusted circles by Gary Pollard much more useful than the biased reporting I saw from the mainstream newspapers. Gary spent many years working in Hong Kong Media and the fact that he is no longer working in this field, meant that I trust his expression of the average “word on the streets” of Hong Kong away from agenda speculations of outsiders who do not know anything about Hong Kong society and speculates based on their provincial world views that infers reasons onto the citizens of Hong Kong that are simply not present.

So Well done Gary! Well said!

“The overseas news reports keep trying to explain why so many Hong Kong people are so dispirited and angry, and they keep only scratching the surface.

Start with this: that the parents or grandparents of most Hongkongers came here to escape the politics and chaos and lawlessness of mainland China.

Today, they look at a local government made up almost entirely of people chosen for their loyalty to the PRC, irrespective of their ability or their personal ethics. Almost every government minister has profound “communist” sympathies or former DAB or “leftist” connections. Some are not so “hidden” Communists.

It feels to many Hong Kong people that they are trapped, ruled by these people.

No one voted for them. When the public DID vote a prominent leftist out of the Legislative Council, the Chief Executive just appointed him to the Executive Council, which has MORE power. Screw your democracy.

That would not seem so bad if the Legislative Council could impose restraints on the government or achieve any progress. But too few observers understand or care that the Legislative Council is half made up of functional constituencies who are either kowtowing to Beijing or to big business. There is a split voting system where legislation must be passed both by geographically elected legislators and these special interest legislators, who are basically lobbyists. The public did not vote for them. Small special-interest groups did. But they can veto ANY legislation aimed at controlling the government or supporting grassroots interests. Motions raised by elected legislators are not binding on the government.

That is why, for many democrats, Legco becomes solely a space for political theatre. Because democrats and pro-grassroots legislators can achieve nothing there.

No worthwhile legislation the government does not like can be passed. Ever.

It feels to many Hong Kong people that they are trapped, ruled by this system.

More and more young people feel they can’t have children. Many cannot even afford to get married. Rents sky rocket. Homes of their own are too expensive. Prices are being driven up by property developers and mainland investors. The government and the CE hate the idea of rent control or seriously changing this.

If you send your kids to public school, the government wants to feed them a propagandist version of history. The compulsory application of this is blocked for now, but some schools are doing it anyway. If you want to send them to a good private school, forget it. You probably can’t afford it.

It feels to many Hong Kong people that they and their next generation are trapped, ruled by these circumstances.

Rent seekers are destroying innovation and local business. Young innovators can’t survive. Any successful business has its rents pushed up until the owner is working for the landlord. Hong Kong home grown business is dying.

Altar of protection for protestors Hong kong 2014

The media could help. But look at the people given pride of place when the tycoons went to Beijing. And you know that the media are not inclined to help. Hong Kong has about one and a half papers that do not toe the line. Its commercial TV stations are both perceived as pandering to political interests. Self censorship is rife. Local broadcast media are turning away from international English-language programming, which lowers HK’s profile worldwide.

It feels to many Hong Kong people that they are finding no help there, so they turn to social media instead. But they feel the forums for debate are shrinking.

And then there’s the influx of mainlanders. This is nothing against the mainlanders themselves, but Hongkongers do feel they are being used as a deliberate tool of assimilation: to mainlandise their home and remove it of its identity.

Hong kong protest art1

So, international press, look deeper. This is NOT just a petty argument about public nomination for the Chief Executive. It’s about having room to breathe. It is about a sense of complete despair, of seeing no direction open.

Hongkongers are not stupid. I do not believe they would choose a Chief Executive that the PRC has the ability to reject anyway. They just want to breathe and not feel they are being boxed into an ever tighter and tighter corner where someone is about to turn the lights out for good. This is no rebellion. It’s desperation.”


Hong kong protest art2

8th October I want to urge all those inside China under the communist dictatorship to please please please exercise caution when copying Hong Kong students protest activities! We have 1country: 2 system…..we have a rule of law in Hong Kong…you are at a greater risk than we are! Please please cover your faces when you do these posters! We don’t want you to get hurt by the Communist Gestapo police and your families too! Please think before posting pics like this inside the great firewall of China!!!!!! Please tell them to spread the word…..cover up faces before posting!!!

Chinese inside China supports hong kong protest 2014

20th October That goes without saying! thank you New York….you are not as annoying as I make you out to be…sometimes…haha! from‪#‎hongkong‬‪#‎humanrights‬

New York supports hong ong protest 2014


World support Hong kong protest 2014London suports hong kong protest 2014

 22nd October 2014 Hong Kong’s Civil Servants from every department showed their support for Hong Kong’s Right to Universal Suffrage!


23rd October 2014 SpiderMan Protestor climbs Lions peak to express the wishes of he ordinary people (traditionally poor and working class) living Under Lions peak by hanging a protest Banner that read,”Universal Suffrage for ALL”

lions peak protest 2014 hong kong1 lions peak protest 2014 hong kong2 lions peak protest 2014 hong kong3 lions peak protest 2014 hong kong4 lions peak protest 2014 hong kong5 lions peak protest 2014 hong kong6 lions peak protest 2014 hong kong7 lions peak protest 2014 hong kong8



Gallery of all the photos featured here and a few extra others!

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