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2017雞年行大運! #HappyChineseNewYear #HappyCNY #HappyYearoftheRooster #hongkong #china #overseas #chinese #RoosterYear #rooster #rooster2017 #cny2017 #CNY

恭喜發財! 新年快樂!! 萬事如意!!! 祝大家心想事成, 2017雞年行大運. Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and family. Have a healthy,happy and prosperous year ahead of you!


I had the most wonderful Chinese New Year. Thank you so much! I met up with an old friend whom I have not seen for nearly 8 years and we caught up and had lots of fun. I also met his life partner and I am very happy to see that he is happy and in a loving relationship.


We went out and did lots of traditional chinese things. The hotel was very kind to decorate our suite for us with auspicious chinese new year colors. We had traditional Hotpot. The next day we went to see the Lion dance in China town.

It was convivial and happy. Normal, decent human passtimes. No drama. No Strife. A household of Continuance; a wish that is well expressed in this poem by the Earl of Surrey centuries ago. But these sentiments form the basic definition of happiness and contentment in the Cantonese Culture for over 3000 years. 🙂


Happy Chinese New Year and May you never live in “interesting times” like many are in the USA of Trump/Pence Intolerance! 🙂

MARTIAL, 1 the things that do attain
  The happy life be these, I find:—
The riches left, 2 not got with pain;
  The fruitful ground, the quiet mind;
The equal friend; no grudge, no strife;         5
  No charge of rule, nor governance;
Without disease, the healthful life;
  The household of continuance; 3
The mean diet, no delicate fare;
  True wisdom join’d with simpleness;         10
The night dischargèd of all care,
  Where wine the wit may not oppress.
The faithful wife, without debate;
  Such sleeps as may beguile the night:
Contented with thine own estate         15
  Ne wish for death, ne fear his might.

“The Means to Attain Happy Life 

by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517-1547)



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