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People: Meeting with an Australian Nobel science prize winner and other tales of Scientific Rebels…

I also met Peter C. Doherty who is one of Australia’s Nobel Science Prize winner at a talk in London at some point. That was really interesting because I got to watch some cells explode….I think it was mitosis? Or something….

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Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore.Video going viral!

Generally speaking, before administering Medicines to the world as the “Watch-dog” of the world…it is very important to follow one’s own prescriptions for healing one’s own illness first. No wonder this video is going viral!

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Cecilia’s take on Permaculture, Urban Gardens, Hydroponics and Hobby farms! Chi Seen!

Originally posted on CONTAINER GARDENING:
Please have a look at my newest video (the English version of the former in Spanish) : Sustainable food aid at home – PART 1…

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England: iVenture with The Four Seasons’ Needle Workers

I am sure the models wearing it will blush when they find out it could be their grannies who knitted it especially the Asian ones! Top secret, no blabbing! 🙂 It is “ART” when we do it! (in-joke)

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Yearly Chinese New Year Forecast! 蛇年快樂, 家和萬事興! 2013 Year of the Water Snake

Yearly Chinese New Year Astrology forecasts! This year 2013 is the Water Snake! 蛇年快樂, 家和萬事興!

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