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I have been quoted and reblogged a fair bit so I lost track of some of it. I will try to keep a lists but you know that is very time consuming!

23 September 2016 Okay, I am sorry, I have been even more busy than I thought so I really didn’t update for 4 years!!!! OMG!!! The time flew by!

Hmm…again it is just from memory, I was quoted during the Umbrella Protest in Hong Kong to a few press: Huffington, some Wall Street Journal Blog, the Epoch time of course (they are regulars), Independent Human Rights press, some Independent Cantonese Press.

I did an interview with someone by Skype at some point and forgot where they are from but it was about The rise of racism in the western world, which later on prelude the whole #blacklivesmatter thing! I heard that got quite big in the mainstream!

Some of eulogy was quoted in Hollywood Reporter and another Industry write-up, and also with some UN radio news in Africa.

I did some strategic work with those inside the African Pavillion during COP21 in Paris. They were lobbyist for Africa (the continent) Climate Justice! Peace and Power!

There were some coverage in the Graffiti scene but mostly because the partnership with Kel1st became official and he did some stuff with judging Graffiti competitions in the London scene remotely.

There was a South China morning post lady who got in touch. I cannot remember what it was about, I think it had something to do with Hong Kong’s first “not so” democratic election! Power to the voters! Goodluck, Hong Kongers deserve universal suffrage! We are the future of the Chinese people in fulfilling Dr.Sun Yat Sen’s vision of a Chinese Democratic Republic where we are free to elect our own representatives transparently and free to get rid of them. Simply put: A communist dynasty is no different than an imperial dynasty to 1.7 billion inside Mainland China!

I was quoted in some official country site in Africa as expressing views which are not feminine by suggesting women can wear miniskirts. It was….a place with a dictatorship…in Africa…..hmmm…I can’t remember. Anyway, their First Lady’s view about how women should not wear trousers and miniskirt because is against the bible is laughably wrong, get a life! I am honored to be used as an example of “Modern overseas Chinese immorality” by suggesting women should be allowed to wear trousers, miniskirts, burghinis…whatever they want! I had to laugh because it was so stupid! I wished I remember which dictatorship in Africa it was! I love their sense of humour in quoting me against their first lady of oppression! Thank you and may you obtain your liberty as a democratic country very very soon!!! xxxoo

Which reminds me, I was linked by Catholic news online, for some reason? I still dont know why but it wasn’t negative like from the website of the First lady of Oppression, it was just a “keep an eye” on her updates and linking some of them; positive things! Sometimes I get news about the latest pope from them. I adore the latest Holy See, he said some phenomenal things about poverty, true christianity and tolerance for diversity. So I am honored to receive updates about him !


2012 Update:

Maybe this will help as a starting point, a Random day in this case 4th June 2012 showing where in the world people are logging in to read my blog!

Where I’ve been quoted (I will fill this in slowly as I can’t always remember , thanks for being patient!):

September 2012: I think I’m more proud of marking the collaboration with Team Robbo at their :  It is Art for Art’s sake! X

July 2012: Ironically decided to set up a review page titled about my rant against the Communist China human rights violation apologists whom I called “wannabe-Marxist-losers”! In a way I’m shocked that they would want to quote me! But hey, 5000 hits/3mins = what? 86 Million hits/year? Well, thanks for the interest, but no thanks re: Karl ! 🙂 Strange but okay, they linked back, they respected Creative Commons 3.0…it is all legitimate.

June 2012: blog by Jermey Hobbs, the director of oxfam (

4.1million Mega-adventure blog:

Paper li, Human and Animal rights daily (

CNN feed for Protest Art

Soldiers for Peace International Blog Radio

San Francisco Media Hub


..and a lot more I have not had time to post here…like..

Eastern Express Hong kong

South China Morning Post

The Age Australia

Monash Student Union Paper

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