Sustain-Able 余 : ♥

….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….


  For more details & work:

    The Accidental Orient collection was inspired by 3 years in the far East (visits to Bhutan, Nepal, India, Tibet & Western China). With it I began to explore the interface between painting/embroidery and the most valuable commodity to the ancient kingdoms “Silk”. Accidental Orient collection became the basis of my Solo show at Edinburgh Art festival titled “Love without a Heart” with Tracy Emin Heading the 2008 Festival and Glenmorangie Brewery sponsoring my solo show.

My Limited Variable Print edition “Floating; The price of prosperity” explores an underlying fusion of Egyptian & Chinese concepts of Wealth, was used for the Best of Modern China, pre-Olympic ChinaNow promotion in 2008.

Eventually we will all be Middleclass?” was a Graffiti-fusion project where we sprayed ironically in Surrey (the richest county in the UK) challenging issues of Money & Class. It was exhibited at Climate Forum in Copenhagen during COP15 United Nations Climate Change Summit.

A recent piece of East-west punk inspired fusion: “Punk Dog, Glam Rock” ended up as the first permanent installation for the future (to be rebuilt) Museum of Art, Iwate, Japan.(Part of a 370 piece postcard/art collection) It is currently touring Northwestern Japan & Tokyo sponsored by the Japanese Embassy & British chamber of commerce.

Currently I am working on “Chi / Seen“, the next collection for another solo show about “Oppositions / Connections”.

Education Summary: Cecilia studied with Traditional Chinese Brush Art Masters(private tuitions) & western art classes since 2 years old and western techniques with various private teacher (exhibiting artist) in oil, acrylic, gauche, watercolours in Australia and also textile designs (e.g. Indonesian Batik). Her College art experiences covered a wide range of medium. Visual arts was part of her Monash University, B.A (Visual Arts, Media & International Law). 2004 St.Martins short design course for industry professionals fashion design.2006 Cultural Residence exchange for 6 months to Beijing,China. MBA research in Media. MBA (Sustainable Media JV)

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  1. Sipla
    March 20, 2012

    Nice writing in Sustain-ArtCulture. I liked reading this article. If you like, please visit my website.

    from Cecilia: I would love to, but you forgot to include a URL! 🙂 Send me one and I will have a look! lol.


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