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Projects in North/South America


EASTCOAST New York: VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE + V0W-TV, I am the Far Eastern Regional representative (Hong kong & China) for VOW specialising in consulting on issues such as “Democracy, Leadership & China” 

is created exclusive for “voices of the voiceless” … and members of VOWW to recognize their own voices … to be heard worldwide. It is a global entity for women, young girls and men who believe in gender equality. The mission is to move beyond global PR and multimedia on the Internet and find solutions to problems by collaboration, joint-ventures and partnerships with NGOs and CSR corporations involved in empowering women worldwide. VOWW & VOW-TV is headquartered in New York, USA and its TV network produces award-winning digital/HD/3-D videos and multimedia projects and programs for global TV networks, WebTV networks, sale and distribution of DVDs, musical CDs, books and other ancillaries – all these being transferrred over to VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE TELEVISION (VOW-TV) as of May 4, 2012.


Exclusive by invitation, membership is open to individuals interested in strong advocacy for gender equality and innovative empowerment, promoting welfare and social justices, human rights, etc.

VOW-TV/VOWW’s website provides a strong inspirational platform via the Internet where the voices of the “voiceless” tell their personal stories and share their dreams in order to create social awareness and discuss solutions to gender and youth causes for changes in global societies. Stories are specifically targeting women, young girls and childen, with the support of some good men – who hold the purse-strings worldwide.

Please click on this link to see a production re VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE + VOW-TV team celebrated the appointment of Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN WOMEN on Feb 26, 201

Griffin Charitable Trust, Jamaica works with “Hush the Guns” program and is a UNICEF funded charity founded by my kindred spirit Moira Morgan. I’ve been working with Moira since 2004 and words cannot express my admiration for her resilience and courage under adverse situations.

A UNITED Kingdom-based civic organisation has commenced a behavioural modification programme, which is intended to help inner-city youths turn from a life of crime. 

The Griffin Trust has adopted the ‘From Boyhood to Manhood’ programme, a successful anti-gun and anti-gang project which was implemented by the UK’s Ministry of Education and under the patronage of Decima Francis, MBE. GCT also worked with UK Trident Programme, as part of their outreach to prevent drugs trafficking and child/drugs related trafficking crime entering the UK borders.

The Sanctuary, Perma-culture Farm in Jamaica is a Safe-house run by Griffin Charitable Trust, located on an idyllic sustain-able eco-farm in Jamaica where many of the children & young adults rescued from various drug gangs can go to rebuild their lives through participating in education, reading, music therapy, learning to work with the land, with animals, planting things etc.

Past Pojects 2001-2014 

SpiralMuse_logo WESTCOAST: I celebrate the achievements of my Divine Goddesses at (c) since 2002. I have been spiralmuse’s Non-executive Director since 2008. It has been a wonderful journey although our activities have gone more off-line e.g. Part of the United Nations 5th Women’s World Conference  and encouraging teleconference for women globally to network and connect : is a sacred web space where any woman can contribute artwork, essays, events & more. We celebrate depth and partnership, health and healing, and each woman’s full expression for all to see, feel and experience. We honor wisdom, tradition and legacy through women sharing stories, revealing each other’s essence and acknowledging our gifts. We invite you to connect with other women and add your unique vision to the evolving canvas of dreams. Together, we are creating a masterpiece of fulfilled visions. We are an expression of woman as muse, authentic femininity weaving itself into a powerful community, a community we call SpiralMuse.

The Spiralmuse House address is located at the heart of Mission district..where there are lots of wonderful ethnically diverse street arts!

 3387 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94110 
cross street: Between Valencia and Gurerro
district: Mission Bay/Dog Patch

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