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Kel1st and Yu visits the Art class of Ronald & friends at Raise Uganda Now, RUN 코리아 in Africa

Art classes for 45 RUN Ugandan orphans…..May I just say the reason why the children were at RUN was that their parents died of AIDS but by some miracle of Mother Nature, they were somehow born HIV- and AIDS-free.

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Cecilia #Yu ‘s Arts Salon and #CYu Keynote Speaking: International Conference of #Physical #Education, #Sports, #Recreation, #Arts and #Dance, #NeoTechcampus #NisantasiUniversity #Istanbul 2018

Over 200 research papers were submitted for publication at the International Conference in Istanbul and I am glad that my research was published as part of all that endeavors to pursue knowledge and independence of thoughts! I decided I would like to do something more creative and laid-back which I believe was more conducive to innovation and creative brain-storming. So in the end I suggested that an Arts Salon.

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UPDATE 2018: I am honoured to represent PEPA with #UN #Ecosoc Special Consultative Status to address humanitarian crisis in the #CONGO

I am honoured and hope I can accept the challenges inherent in this role as PEPA Ambassador to represent the Humanitarian interests of all those under the care of our many projects, in order that their voices are heard and represented on a UN level.

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Studio 8 @ The Hive, our new office. 

Welcome to our new Office @The Hive! Thank you for all your supports! 🙂

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Kel1st and Yu honored by membership to Poet W.B.Yeat’s Arts Club, Ireland

The United Arts Club has since its foundation in 1907 been a centre for people interested in the Arts; literature, music, painting, drama, film; and good conversation.

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Japan: My “Postcards still Touring after 5 years! – 「 ポストカード展」ゆりあげ港朝市メイプル館での開催についてのお知らせ, Maple Kan Museum, Natori, Japan

I’m honored to be part of “Postcards to/from Japan 2011-2015” touring non-stop for 4 years in Japan as part of the effort to restore the long-term Sustainable Culture to an area of the world that was devastated by a natural disaster. My warmest wishes goes out to those who suffered loss in Japan…… ~Cecilia.W.Yu

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Kel1st and Yu, offered $43K Sponsorship to Attend Art Masterclasses In Italy

In Jan 2014, “Kel1st and Yu” was offered a sponsorship by an Australian Art dealer and very progressive Art Lover so we could take some Masterclasses in Italy by learning from their art schools of Antiquities. It is a life-long dream realised!

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Cairo, Egypt: Christmas Art Show 2012 Samia Kamel +Cecilia Yu@Al Hanagar National Opera Art Gallery!

Cecilia.W.Yu art co-exhibition at Al Hanager Arts Gallery-Opera House, National Cultural Center, Cairo Egypt on Monday, the 24th of December, 2012 at 7 p.m.

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Beyond the Infographics: The Dilemma of #LiuXia ‘s “No Free time” from an objective bystander’s perspective.

Without Discretionary Time away from the media to JUST BE, Liu Xia is not free as China alleges. Leave her BE!

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給余文生律師的一封家書: A letter to incarcerated human rights lawyer Yu from his beloved wife Wensheng

【給余文生律師的一封家書】 【A letter to incarcerated human rights lawyer Yu from his beloved wife Wensheng】(English version below tran) 親愛的老公: 當我知道,余文生被以涉嫌煽動顛覆國家政權罪和妨害公務罪,被逮捕時,我為他們這樣對待你感到憤怒! 當我知道,余文生的案件被徐州市公安局延期時,我對他們拖時間的不人道做法表達譴責。 你現在好嗎?你現在失去自由狀態,又怎麼會好呢? 祝愿你不要遭到酷刑、每天可以吃飽飯、身體不要生病、現在看守所裡的你學會自己照顧好自己、是我現在最想對你說的話。 雖然你現在聽不到我的祝愿,但我相信你會感應到妻子的關愛、感應到大家對你的關注與幫助。 2014年,你因涉嫌香港佔中失去自由。當時你是大陸唯一一位因涉嫌香港佔中失去自由的律師。聽說,當時香港的朋友們為了營救你,集體喊出了你的名字:“余文生”。 後來,你回家了。 3年來,我知道你一直最想到香港去旅遊一下。可惜,你被限制出境,一直沒能到達香港玩玩。 在你回家的這3年多里,我也知道,你一直被他們打壓,生存不易。 可你在自身處境艱難的環境下,還在法律範圍內繼續代理維權類案件,努力去幫助一些人。 然而現實是殘酷與不人道的。你的當事人王全璋律師還沒有回家,你作為王全璋的辯護律師又失去自由了。 維權的道路非常艱辛。我們一家人原本生活的比較優越,現在,你失去自由了。 … Continue reading

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PEPA NGO in special consultation with UN ECOSOC since 2017, about procedural fairness of funding applications for ECOSOC programs

In the interest of Transparency, the following questions were sent to all NGOs with UN ECOSOC consultative status, so we published our recommendations in a 100% transparent way here. The … Continue reading

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Invitation to International Federation for Peace & Sustainable Development Conference ( #IFPSD) #CSW62 Empowering Rural Women & Girls

Members of Voices of Women are cordially invited to the following event at the UN Plaza, New York, NY. Since my research into Sustainability as part of my MBA … Continue reading

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Voices of Women Worldwide NGO and CSW62 Forum Event on #SaudiArabia #Women #EqualRights #InternationalWomenday2018

As far eastern representative of Voices of Women Worldwide, I am happy to announce that our work with Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW62) continues unfettered in 2017. … Continue reading

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