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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

My response to Kyiv University’s delayed International conference #NobelPeacePrize 2022

Dearest H and colleagues, @Kyiv, #Ukraine Thank you for letting me know.  I am so sorry to hear the unfortunate news. I send my deepest respect for all those working tirelessly … Continue reading

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I am writing for an academic conference at Kyiv University : Winter is here. #SlavaUkraini

URGENT UPDATE: 5th Dec 2022: Message from Ukraine Dear Cecilia W Yu! We would like to inform you that due to the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, … Continue reading

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We Co-Won Nobel Peace Prize as Civil Society. Got cyber attacked by #Putin!

Dear all I will be offline for a period, due to the unfortunate times we live in. I am sending everyone my warmest regards and ❤️ for Freedom! As part … Continue reading

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UN #WorldOceansDay 2022 : Cecilia presented a #SDG17 Environmental #Art + Case Study for #SDG6 #SDG14

Cecilia: Thank you for inviting me to present. Thank you for this beautiful certificate. In the wonderful spirit of Transparency, so valued within the UN systems, I would like to share my presentation and my sincere gratitude….

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#NobelPrizeSummit Day 1: My attendance notes from Cecilia.Yu #transparency #sustainability #sdg #Climatechange #corporatesocialresponsibility

The following is a transparent access to the notes I took during the #NobelPrizeSummit 2021 online under #Covid19lockdown. Sharing with UNFCCC COP26 Africa Pavilion Climate Negotiators for Global #Sustainability

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Sci-fi Fiction/Black Satire by Cecilia.W.Yu: “Manifesto of the “invisibles” is a striking Unity Day 0064 Festive Interior Ornamental Feature! “Trendset Space, Asgardia edition”

This is a sci-fi work of fiction by Cecilia.W.Yu (c) 2020. A contribution to the Asgardian Unity Day Writing Project, an e-scifi book for a launch in Space! @International Space station to start with!

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We brain-stormed with #RobertKennedy #Foundation #RKFLA , supporting #RobertKennedyHumanRights since 2013 #Kel1st #Yu #CYu (Part 1)

In between the…speeches, the dark rants facing momentary setbacks or the frivolous fun… are the USEFUL brainstorming juices, that …contribute significantly to global humanitarian policies.

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Cecilia Yu honored by the Invitation to join Poet W.B.Yeat’s Arts Club, Ireland

The United Arts Club has since its foundation in 1907 been a centre for people interested in the Arts; literature, music, painting, drama, film; and good conversation.

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Japan: My “Postcards still Touring after 5 years! – 「 ポストカード展」ゆりあげ港朝市メイプル館での開催についてのお知らせ, Maple Kan Museum, Natori, Japan

I’m honored to be part of “Postcards to/from Japan ” touring non-stop for 5 years in Japan as part of the effort to restore the long-term Sustainable Culture to an area of the world that was devastated by a natural disaster. My warmest wishes goes out to those who suffered loss in Japan…… ~Cecilia.W.Yu

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I am honored to receive the “Woman of Action” Award from Canada!

A celebration of women honours me as a “Woman of Action”. Thank you for this award for female leaders but I would like to dedicate it to those mentioned who trusted in my ability…

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RIP 前輩顧嘉煇 Hong Kong Composer Joseph Koo Kar-Fai MBE

RIP 前輩顧嘉煇 先生 ,一路好走。 多謝你給香港黃金時代 美麗貼切的歌曲。

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…a random Tang dynasty poem…in classic chinese….

I can’t be bothered explaining this old poem Tang dynasty poem ….its complicated…..just google it. ❤️

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In Faith…I do not… Sonnet 141 #Shakespeare

In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes, For they in thee a thousand errors note; But ‘tis my heart that loves what they despise, Who, in despite … Continue reading

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So we’ll go no more a roving …

…so late into the night….

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My doctoral upgrade panel: Robots and E-cupcakes

Zaphod Beetlebrox, Just eat the Fairy cake the art force served up! 😎

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RIP Your Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), Monarch to Hong Kong (1841-1997)

RIP 😇 Your Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) , Monarch to Hong Kong (1841 to 1997). Thank you for upholding the symbol of Democracy, Rule of Law and Free … Continue reading

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Happy Autumn Moon Festival 2022 願 人月港長圓!

願 人月港長圓 ❤️ Happy Autumn Moon Harvest Festival to all my  friends in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Chinatown worldwide fr Liverpool London Paris Amsterdam to … Continue reading

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