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PEPA NGO in special consultation with UN ECOSOC since 2017, about procedural fairness of funding applications for ECOSOC programs

In the interest of Transparency, the following questions were sent to all NGOs with UN ECOSOC consultative status, so we published our recommendations in a 100% transparent way here. The … Continue reading

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Cecilia #Yu ‘s Arts Salon and #CYu Keynote Speaking: International Conference of #Physical #Education, #Sports, #Recreation, #Arts and #Dance, #NeoTechcampus #NisantasiUniversity #Istanbul 2018

Over 200 research papers were submitted for publication at the International Conference in Istanbul and I am glad that my research was published as part of all that endeavors to pursue knowledge and independence of thoughts! I decided I would like to do something more creative and laid-back which I believe was more conducive to innovation and creative brain-storming. So in the end I suggested that an Arts Salon.

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