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Reblogged from “White People, increase your racial Stamina” : Beware of collaboration with Trump’s neo-nazi agenda cos “It’s family”! even if my oldest friends come to me and expect me to validate their fantasies about Trump’s neo-nazi agenda, I would cut them off. There is simply no negotiation or collaboration with Nazism.

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Valentines Day 2015 Dublin + Wicklow National Park, Ireland

Guinness Lake estate… some tourists who asked,”Is the guy who owned this place married?” “Yes, he is in his 70s, married to a princess from India, runs a recording label and they do not have any kids.” Happy Valentines 2015!

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Free e-Transcript: Roe v. Wade : Primary Document!

I don’t care whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, it is so irresponsible to lobby without READING the primary source of YOUR LOBBY EFFORT! That is un-educated! Don’t be a Lobby Thug….READ!

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