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Reblogged from “White People, increase your racial Stamina” : Beware of collaboration with Trump’s neo-nazi agenda cos “It’s family”!

I found this article very on-point as I shut down an online alliance a few days ago that went like this:

Trump inauguration, reports of violence and smashed windows caused a whole lot of white Trump oppositions activities to worry and they began to discuss how moderate and loving they are to those who voted for Trump. I thought that was reasonable until things got to a point where they began making excuses for them.

I and several others questioned the apologists nature of this position of “normalizing” of racism.

One of the Administration of the group, decided to have what I can only describe as an emotive “bitch fit”. What did it come down to?

She, a white woman, married to a guy who voted for Trump wanted me to appreciate how hard it is for her to hold a different view to the so-called love of her life.

When told,”You are sleeping with a Nazi and this is not just you asking others to validate your collaboration, you are now steering the group to agree with your agenda and that dishonors those in the group who share their holocaust survivors stories in their families in this group.”

Her, an alleged psychiatrist specializing in Holocaust Trauma (allegedly) as no one really knows who anyone is, really…and she certainly did not have the… shall I put it? The linguistic command of someone with higher education. Anyway, her response was,”Well, this would bite your ass, I am a Holocaust Trauma specialist and I am telling you my partner is not racist, he just had other reasons to vote for Trump!”

I said,”So you are okay with him voting to screw over every colored person, every woman and 20 million poor who will not have healthcare. So because he wants to benefit himself he is willing to screw over millions of people and you, Ms Holocaust Trauma expert, is sleeping with the enemy and being the ultimate Nazi apologist by  “choosing to believe he will change”! Wow, the sooner you reconcile your conscience with this fact, the faster karma will stop biting in your life.”

I just wonder, when will insular white Americans of that kind, comprehend that the Far East does not need them nor have we ever deferred to them for anything, so their line of credentials mean nothing to the Far eastern mind. They are replaceable at any point in the conversation because they do not add enough paradigms to a genuine dialogue if they cannot get beyond their “white ethnocentric presumption about white privilege”.

I terminated all discussion with this person. The message is simple:


I will never collaborate with Nazis so if you are screwing a Trump Nazi voter in your inbred family and you expect me to just “sympathize” with your white view of this situation you are a delusional Nazi collaborator and deserve all that America is today.

The rest of us in the real world will not be giving sympathy to emotive, paranoid tantrums about “the end of the world” because a small group of people are too cowardly to stand up to the fact that they are “sleeping with the enemy” in their own families who selfishly and in the most common Nazi way! So even if  my oldest friends come to me and expect me to validate their fantasies about Trump’s neo-nazis agenda, I would cut them off. There is simply no negotiation or collaboration with Nazism.

In The Subtle Linguistics of Polite White Supremacy, Yawo Brown explains 3 key ingredients to polite white supremacy: Comfort, Control, and Confidentiality. In Allies Who Are Not Allies, Eponymous Fliponymous illustrates the damage that results when…

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