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4-12-13 Delivery

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Ironic….housing committee would like me to go down to the allotment tomorrow, knowing full well, my gardening skill is a war-crime……keep an open mind, check these Micro-greens out and also Check out Rick’s info about it!

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Cecilia’s take on Permaculture, Urban Gardens, Hydroponics and Hobby farms! Chi Seen!

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Please have a look at my newest video (the English version of the former in Spanish) : Sustainable food aid at home – PART 1…

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She Sang for Obama’s’ inauguration! NOW she Empowers Jamaica! Griffin Charitable Trust welcomes Kaysha Lee!

Kaysha is everything we would like to see the children grow into; Modern, Talented, Educated & Passionate about the world. Unfortunately for some kids born under difficult circumstances in an extreme context of violence, this is not always possible. We thank Kaysha for her generosity in donating her time and her talent to promote Griffin Charitable Trust.

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