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She Sang for Obama’s’ inauguration! NOW she Empowers Jamaica! Griffin Charitable Trust welcomes Kaysha Lee!

“Youth Power to Empower, Jamaica!” is what Griffin Charitable Trust (GCT)  is all  about. It is with  heartfelt happiness that we welcome the wonderful Songstress  Kaysha Lee as a Goodwill  Embassador to GCT!  This is all part of our Permaculture  Fund raising effort at online!

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It is said the eyes are windows to the soul. But the windows to Kaysha Lee’s soul are her powerful  voice, introspective lyrics and harmonious melodies.From learning to play piano at age six, to  hearing her dad sing tunes from their native Jamaica, music has always been in Kaysha’s life. It might have been destined then that, at 15, Kaysha began to nurture her singing talent through participation in gospel choirs. Eventually, she toured Canada, the U.S. and France with the Nathaniel Dett Chorale, received a Gemini award as part of the Sharon Riley and Faith Chorale and performed at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

2009 Kaysha embarked on a solo singing career!

Kaysha is everything we would like to see the children grow into;   Modern,  Talented, Educated & Passionate about the world. Unfortunately  for some kids born under difficult circumstances in an extreme context of  violence, this is not always possible. We thank Kaysha for her generosity  in donating her time and her talent to promote Griffin Charitable Trust.

Kaysha’s songs are HERE! website:

Core activities of  Griffin Charitable Trust: Work with vulnerable people. Try to change habits of violence. Care for elders & children. Peace-talks & Mediation through social activities between gangs. Rescue some children from death. Preventative mediation to reduce Numbers killed.

What UNICEF had to say about Griffin Charitable Trust & the Jamaica our children have to grow up in:

Dr.Pinheiro: Earlier in the day, Prof. Pinheiro visited Tower Hill, an area of Kingston that has suffered from gang violence. There he met Moira Morgan, Director of the Griffin Charitable Trust, which supports children and has had success in encouraging gang members to resolve disputes peacefully.

“I was very impressed at the work that the community itself is doing,” Prof. Pinheiro said. “I think the lesson is that you don’t need millions to change the life of people in these communities.”

Dr. Barry Chevannes described Jamaica’s Ganglands: “Just as the political tribe of ancient Greece and Rome was under the leadership of a demagogue so in Jamaica the garrison towns were controlled by the Dons. “Entry and exit to and from these communities are controlled by the so-called “top ranking” and gang leaders who have close relationships with the constituency Member of Parliament, get preferential access to contracts and jobs and function as key elements of the local level community political leadership in both parties in these inner city poor areas. These constituencies are made up preponderantly of these “garrison communities” where organised political gangs with high powered M-16 and A.K.47 assault rifles and sub-machine guns control clearly defined political boundaries and territories where political protection insulates them from the reach of the security forces.”

Founder: Moira Morgan’s Description of the Trust:

The Griffin Trust had already been working on the volatile, gang infested streets of Kingston for seven years, empowering young people through grassroots training and education projects, day care and home care for the elders, gang mediation and peace initiatives when The Sanctuary was born.

Out of the needs expressed in the community, it was necessary for a safe space to be established for lone elders no longer able to manage, for women escaping domestic violence, for young girls escaping sexual predation and for children in need of care and protection.

Beginning in a small 2 bed house in Kingston, The Sanctuary opened it’s doors to 2 elders in need of life end care, 4 children at risk, including 3 siblings and 1 mum with 2 children escaping domestic violence, peaking at a household of 2 seniors, 12 children and 3 mothers fleeing violence.

Now based on 2 1/2 acres in rural St Catherine, we have 7 children including 2 sibling groups and 1 senior with a staff of 6 including 3 volunteers.

In our current property we have the potential to care for up to 16 elders, 24 children and provide refuge for 9 at any given time.

The refuge is aimed at providing the mothers and children with a safe space for up to 6 months whilst they heal from their experiences and learn an income-generating skill in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and their value added products, gain small business skills and a grant and loan to get them going when they move on.

We are working towards our own sustainability with Ackee and Orange orchards, goats and an organic vegetable garden and plans for aquaculture and chicken coops, we also seek to install an alternative integrated energy system.

Every year the Sanctuary could provide the opportunity for

1) 24 children to live a life free from violence, sexual predation and abuse, with a bias toward sibling groups enabling them to remain together in a family oriented environment,

2) 28 families to start a new life free from violence with the skills and capacity to sustain themselves

3) 16 elders to receive the TLC, the care and the dignity their years entitle them to, in a family oriented environment where they are valued and can share their skills and knowledge

“Some of the kids in The Sanctuary were not exactly born in Disney’s  ideal world but we are doing our best to give them the Hope and the Practical help needed for the future!  Everychild deserves a Proper Childhood!”

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