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Kel1st and Yu Aug 2014 updates: Art v. Artists

Randy Rodriguez and Cecilia.W.Yu would like to send our best wishes to the artist we know as John,

whom neither one of us met in person. But John’s creative energy facilitated the meeting of Kel1st and Yu in London 2012. We thank John as fellow artists and hope his art is free from exploitations.

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I am honored to receive the “Woman of Action” Award, like Hillary Clinton!

A celebration of women honours me as a “Woman of Action”. Thank you for this award for female leaders but I would like to dedicate it to those mentioned who trusted in my ability…

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Pakistan Center for Free education and skills training

Originally posted on Education and skills for every Girl:
  Thanks to my friends with whose help I was able to take a place on rent for our center. So…

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My latest Project: Akili School, empowering Youth through Technology in Kenya

You asked me to continue reading your blogs and links for opportunities and that you observe groups for 2 to 3 years before you can help. I wanted to let you know that we are doing well, many things have changed since then. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THE FIRST ONE TO DONATE IN OUR CAMPAIGN!! YOU HAVE BROKEN THE ICEBERG FOR US!

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Kel1st and Yu, offered $43K Sponsorship to Attend Art Masterclasses In Italy

In Jan 2014, “Kel1st and Yu” was offered a sponsorship by an Australian Art dealer and very progressive Art Lover so we could take some Masterclasses in Italy by learning from their art schools of Antiquities. It is a life-long dream realised!

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Cairo, Egypt: Christmas Art Show 2012 Samia Kamel +Cecilia Yu@Al Hanagar National Opera Art Gallery!

You are cordially invited to attend the Opening of the “Reflections between the past past and present ” exhibition at Al Hanager Arts Gallery-Opera House on Monday, the 24th of December, at 7 p.m.

The Exhibition will be held until the 29th of December from 10 a.m to 10 p.m.

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Japan: My “Postcards still Touring after 3 years! – 展巡回 南相馬市立博物館での開催のお知らせ” is in Tokyo

I’m honored to be part of “Postcards to/from Japan 2011-2013″ touring non-stop for 3 years in Japan as part of the effort to restore the long-term Sustainable Culture to an area of the world that was devastated by a natural disaster. My warmest wishes goes out to those who suffered loss in Japan…… ~Cecilia.W.Yu

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Kathmandu, Nepal: Our KEBS Schools, Hospitals + now Undergraduate college!

Pursuit of academic excellence is the sole purpose of life. With this belief, KEBS offers an educational environment that enables students as well as parents to understand the real education. That is how KEBS strives to create and keep a perfect academic atmosphere. It is a private co-educational institute meant for promising to develop the creative global citizen for the world. KEBS aims at offering students ample opportunities through multifarious activities to discover, enhance and refine their innate talents. All these facts give KEBS a vow to meet and maintain its aforesaid vision with its motto “Education for Social Transformation”.

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Prestigious Point Art Monaco inaugurated by Prince Albert

Originally posted on Monaco Reporter:
Nineteen reputable art galleries reunited under one roof The 4th edition of PAM – Point Art Monaco – Fine Art Fair was inaugurated yesterday under…

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Monaco: My Artist with an injury trip to PAM 2014. (Monaco Fine Art Fair)

I went to Monaco Fine Art Fair (Point Art IV Salon Monaco 2014) PAM 2014 but I was nursing an Art related muscular injury so I wish I could see it when I was in better form! Personally I thought it was rather Bohomian…as Bohemian as Monaco can get!

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Kel1st and Yu, Florence Italy Masterclass Week 4: Art for Art’s sake.

Did we uphold this simple Latin Motto: ARS GRATIA ARTIS (ART FOR ART’S SAKE)…If we may be so bold as to venture a guess…We think most of us who are truly artists in our souls, gave it our Finest efforts.

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Urgent – Must Read: ABC News is Censoring & Deleting Reader Comments at its website under article about Bundy Ranch – regarding relating issue of Harry Reid, China, and land for solar energy!

Originally posted on The Lantern Journal:

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