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Cecilia Yu honored by the Invitation to join Poet W.B.Yeat’s Arts Club, Ireland

24th September 2016, I do not give my legal permission for the UAC’s advertising & social media managers to use my intellectual copyrighted blogs, art or material for the purpose of “for profit” Business style marketing. Any unattributed quotes, comments, photos of art work etc, will constitute a breach of my intellectual copyrights and punishable by law. I believe Arts Club should be for the arts, the artists and those from all socio-economic classes who are there for the arts, as it was intended by the Founders of the Club, Poet W.B. Yeats, Countess Markievicz and their dear creatively spirited & independence minded friends. There are ample Guilds for Businesses to conduct marketing advertising without involving the quiet artistic integrity of a tiny bit of world cultural history. UAC is free to use my blog in a Creative 3.0 not for profit, attribution, no derivative capacity. Thank you.

As an Art entity, Kel1st and Yu was nominated to  membership of the UAC United Arts Club in Dublin, Ireland.

We are honored and would like to take this occasion to introduce others to the wealth of creative history and culture that such arts club around the world represent by taking a little historic tour of the creative history of UAC and its affiliated clubs.


(For a lists of other like-minded Arts Club around the world, Please refer to the extensive listings from the Royal Overseas League )

The Players new York club

Message From Cecilia: ” At first I was very hesitant about this as often these clubs have very elitist connotations but as I took a closer look at the people and the wealth of history, I changed my mind. One of the reasons I  was honored to be nominated and seconded by two of UAC’s incredibly talented female artists to join the club was because I liked the reasons why Mr Yeats and his friends started the club. They wanted to make access to culture and the arts less class-based. They wanted to give culture and education to those who were barred from the elite universities in the 1900s. On further examination of other UAC affiliate clubs, I found there was such a wealth of historic significance in the cultural landscape of their ages, Kel1st and Yu would be fools to miss out on such an incredible opportunity to be a part of their membership.

United Arts Club Dublin

The club that stood out for me was The Players New York City Club who not only have its link with Abraham Lincoln’s assassination by a member of the Booth family (see New York Times humorous explanation about the historical differences between The players, the Lambs and the Friars club), which to me is incidental to the club’s accomplishment of being a Club that respected De-segregation of the Film and Theatre industry by inviting Mr. Sidney Poitier to the club’s prestigious membership. The club, of course, had many famous members in the american and world stage. But I was most impressed with that!

The Players New york club2

My understanding is that each club has its own emphasis, The UAC in Dublin is definitely one for Poets and Visual Artists. I am honored by the women who were my “proposers”. They are Kel1st and Yu’s grandmothers age but they are women of great creative substance! I am proud to know that the UAC was so ahead of its time that it was one of the few clubs to admit female artists into full membership at its inception, where other clubs of its time, treated women as the most undesirable and unnecessary part of the arts.


Although I am a little sad to say that in 2015, women continue to be marginalised in the arts in different, perhaps more subtle ways. I am proud to join the men and women who were so ahead of their time as the UAC. Deeply honored.”

UAC book

From Kel1st and Yu during one of our weekly Tuesday discussions:

In the process of our acceptance to membership Kel1st and Yu would like to share this latest dialogue between us with the world because we believe it is not through Certainty of Gender roles but through our willingness to explore our uncertainties that we can best further innovations in the arts!

Cecilia: “Have you been to prison?”

Kel1st: “WHAT????!!!!!??????”

Cecilia: “….some silly non-arts people asked that of me and I got upset about it, so I am asking you now…”

Kel1st: “NO! Yes other’s around me did but Kel1st started off as a bad boy, yes! But he was a good boy enough at the time and didn’t want to end up like the rest of them, so changed his life, went to Art school, worked at New York Printmakers, paid his student loans by doing art and design work for Fortune 500 companies when he grew up and lived his life!”

Cecilia: “….It upsets me that no one asked this of my posh friends but they ask this of me about you!”

Kel1st: “I am used to it. I’ve been called a lot worse names….do you want me to just show everyone a photo of me dressed up in a typical Hiphop outfit …..(laughing)….that will shut everyone up!”

Cecilia: “…no it won’t….”

Kel1st: “I am used to it…”

Cecilia: “I am not…and things like that do not happen around me! I will not tolerate it! I defend you so much and you don’t even understand it!”

Kel1st: “….What are you talking about? You keep calling me a neurotic Art Monkey in public!” (crossed)

Cecilia (laughs): “That is defending you! If you don’t “get” it …that’s your problem!”

Kel1st: ” ….”

uac chess room

Cecilia: “….”

Kel1st: “Puerto Rican society are very polite even if you think Americans are not and my biggest trouble with you is always that you can sound so mean….:( ”

Cecilia: ” Cantonese culture are only mean to people we are comfortable with. If I was all nice and overly polite with you, everyone will think something is awfully wrong and blame you for me having to be unnaturally formal! They will think we are enemies! That’s how we treat enemies, all formal and polite! …besides how do you think women in the world like being called “dumb and blind and don’t see what you see” by your mate Warren G in his hiphop song ?”

Kel1st: “That is not about you! You didn’t have to be so mean about it!”

Cecilia: “I was not mean. I was merely translating Cantonese profanities….:)”

Kel1st: “Then there was the “Graffiti Whinge Master” award thing in New york! You know I told you stuff because I saw us as friends!”

Cecilia: “It was a leaked in-joke. You do remember other in-joke of mine that got leaked to the Guardian. I was plagiarised by a moron! That wasn’t nice but in the case of our leaked in-joke, I included you in the award acceptance speech and I saw it not as my award but “our” award. So why are you whinging now?”

Kel1st: “Fine. I won’t tell you a thing even if my arm dropped off…. from now on…”

Cecilia: “Because our art x2 like to creatively synergise, even if you don’t tell me a thing…the art x2 will blab all sort of things about us to one another. I just think you are “compartmentalising” against a force of nature…but fine, we can try that if you like…(noise)…..I can’t hear you now…”

Kel1st: “helloo……helloo………what’s going on….?”

( Conversation disrupted because a whole bunch of people in formal dresses wearing black ties with Unicorn Masks and women in formal evening dresses wearing Black Lace Masks entered the room!)

Cecilia (in staccato…): ” …about 150 just showed up at the reception…….formal….cocktail thing……really noisey…………….(loud noises of laughter at cocktail party)…….why don’t these people do this in their own suite…I can’t hear a thing…they are using up all the Bandwidth….taking photos and videos of themselves! Damn it!!!!!…”

Kel1st (laughing): “…Unicorns!…(laughing and line faded away…”

United Arts Club Dublin

The United Arts Club (Article From Merrion Square Heart of Georgian Dublin)

The United Arts Club has since its foundation in 1907 been a centre for people interested in the Arts; literature, music, painting, drama, film; and good conversation. It is a place to unwind, meet and make friends, encounter acquaintances and enjoy art. Situated in the heart of Georgian Dublin, the Club provides an oasis of tranquility in the centre of the city. Every month we run a diverse programme of events for our members and guests. These include art exhibitions, concerts, recitals, discussions, lectures, lunchtime theatre, poetry readings and literary lunches & dinners. The Club, steeped in history, occupies an important place in the artistic and social life of the city.


Our members include painters, sculptors, movie-makers, musicians, playwrights and poets, novelists and journalists, architects and designers, academics, diplomats, professionals, scientists and students, all with a keen interest in the Arts.

Lively interaction, discussion and debate on all aspects of the Arts  continues to this day. The United Arts Club membership has numbered many of Ireland’s most distinguished Artists and Writers among its members. Many of these have been a major influence at home and abroad in the promotion of the Arts in Ireland.

Over the years the Club became a vital social amenity attracting not only artists from all disciplines but also patrons of the Arts. Thanks to the generosity of some of the painters and members the Club has a small but important collection of paintings donated over the years.


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