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Transcript of secret meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt

A secret five hour meeting between WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.. and Google CEO Eric Schmidt….listen to it here…

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Updated 6/4 2013: Hong kong: Integrity…says MORE than a leaking Rubber Duck! XXOO

Is it Fair that inside China…1.6 Billion can only discuss Tank Man and Tiananmen Massacre by making a Hong kong Rubber Ducky Meme go Viral? All other images, words are censored inside the Great FireWall of China…yet Millions find a way to get pass Censorship because they feel the Injustice and the insanity of the situation! Go Rubber Ducky, Go!

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Title: “Liverpool. Trip.” A new work by Cecilia.W.Yu

“Liverpool, Trip” copyright (c) Cecilia.W.Yu, Liverpool, 2013
All rights reserved.

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