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Updated 6/4 2013: Hong kong: Integrity…says MORE than a leaking Rubber Duck! XXOO

4th June 2013: With the yearly Hong Kong candlelight vigil at Victoria Park attracting record attendance this year, come rain, come highwaters……

candlelight in the rain

Is it Fair that inside China…1.6 Billion can only discuss Tank Man and Tiananmen Massacre by making reference to the Hong kong Rubber Ducky Installation done by a Dutch Artist? All other images, words are censored inside the Great FireWall of China…yet Millions find a way to get pass Censorship because they feel the Injustice and the insanity of the situation!  Go Rubber Ducky, Go!


Dear Hong kong,

Use your conscience!


rubber duck

Press for 2013:

BBC News:

CBS News:

South China Morning Post:

Huffington Post: Reports the use of Hong kong Rubber Duck Meme to get past the “Great firewall of China” so that 1.3Billion can honor Tank Man :

4 comments on “Updated 6/4 2013: Hong kong: Integrity…says MORE than a leaking Rubber Duck! XXOO

  1. Ansley
    January 15, 2015

    He was SUPER nice. When he noticed me, he mentioned, “You are such a cutie!” and hugged me tightly. I really desired to grope him and he smelled so wonderful. lol. But yes, he is rather typical. I went to Walker Stalker Con to find out about him, and he was working behind schedule as I was supposed to take a photo with him at six PM, but because he loves to talk with all of his fans, I ended up with my photo op at 9 PM. He talked to Each FAN that came into the photo op session, and that was why it took so long. He genuinely cares and appreciates his fans. We love Ansley!


  2. Francesco Biasia + な ディオール バッグ 新作


    • ceciliawyu
      October 7, 2013

      P.S I will never buy Dior since they got rid of John Galliano. Sorry. Lol.


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