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Interesting Transforming Stuff into other Stuff! Yeah!

Love it but not sure about the ergonomics of it…..I mean….unless the front bit is bendy Silicon with some sort of Absorbant Sorbathane but breatheable High-tech fabric so it does not make feet smeel and are like Ballet slippers, in which case….WOOO!!!!!! Yes I would love this ….One in EVERY color thanks!

I love things that convert from one thing to another! 🙂

heels converts to ballet slippers !

I think this is very clever with it is done with the same degree of ergonomic design sensibility as an Italian Sports car or a Bang and Olufsen ergonomics….but I think it is still missing the final bit of John Galliano Flair…..

Speaking of Transformers…..what else transforms from one thing to another?


Some are more functional than others…I mean look at the frame to table…the end of the legs will get all scruffy and the picture won’t look so nice with guck on it!


This looks like a great backpacking idea until you actually backpack like me for a few years around the world and find out that…the reason why you pack x2 of shoes, one walking and one sandal is because….you want to alternate so if one gets wet, you use the other one. Or wash the other one oryou need the sandal to get wet to go into bathrooms whatever…etc….


This one I like..because that was what was missing in my smart car the ability to carry bigger items or a spare person or two. 🙂


Furnitures Galore….but problem is….you will never transform it …you will only end up setting it up one way…and then the rest is just time spent showing off to friends about how it transforms…please….it is not worth the price.



This is very interesting….but it too odd looking, I need it to look better designed than This! 😛 It looks like a maladjusted Giant Breadbox! NO!


Looks pretty enough but honestly, you would either have it out or packed….no one runs around packing up their furniture all day long…seriously!


I don’t know what to make of this?????? Am I on a plane and are they all trolley dollies???

It would make sense on a plane in first class….but in an apartment…tell me honestly…why do I want all my furniture packed into 3 units????

Unless I suppose the apartment is the size of a toilet….and would probably cost you about $3million in Causeway Bay, in which case…..Move out of bloody Causeway Bay Hong kong and move to somewhere better for your health….like Australia or Canada or Hawaii? lol.

kichen-open kitchen-shut

Ditto to this White number…..WHY???????


This is a very antique version of the same concept….and I ask myself …WHY do you need your clock to turn into a ?????? weird chest???????? Are you that bored??? In which case, try to volunteer or work with some people who have nothing in life and don’t have to spend Gazillion asking clever Swiss Artisans to transform their Silly French Clocks to somewhere they can hide their French Porn???? hahahaha.


Okay this one I like and is clearly Scandinavian in design and functionality…it makes moving out from one place to another very simple. Great for Student dormitory when they all play musical room anyway! 🙂


I am not sure what the point of this is, other than to look slightly pretentious with solar power?

transforming solar lamp

The transforming room is ace but it will cost more to install than for you to just buy a place with 1BR or rent one! lol.

transforming_apartment rooms

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