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Valentine 2014: Reclaiming the Power of Love – Friday’s Full Moon in Leo, Square Saturn

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painting by Susan Seddon Boulet The Full Moon in Leo – the sign of love, romance and celebration – lights up Valentine’s Day this year…

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3 months and New Moon Muse Circle: Taurus Meditation Altars

“Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the Moon so much, He died every night to let her breathe.” Lol. Honestly? Eclipse is good…they get to compete and co-exist but it is hard on the bystanders watching the cosmos bicker about the sky. So we made our Altar first in England to the New Moon in Taurus with a Scorpio Sun.

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Diane Keatons androgynous look

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Diane Keaton is one of my favorite Hollywood ladies. I really admire her sense of style. She is known for her androgynous look & when…

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