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About Egypt…a quiet chat with a Tunisian Jasmine Revolutionary

Nadia is part of the intellectual, artistic creatives and bohemian circles in Tunisia…Some of her friends risked their lives publicly in voicing their message for a Democratic Secular Tunisia during the Jasmine Revolution of 2011. Thank you to Egyptian Streets شوارع مصر who recorded a … journey of what is … 72 hours which changed the lives of every Egyptian and possibly many more Arabic speakers on this planet!

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Free Human Rights in China! 509,208 Netizens support

From 4th June -11th June 2012, in
509,208 Users said:
Free Liu Xiaobo! Democracy for China! Free Human Rights in China! We are ALL Tank Man! Justice for Li Wang Yang!

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Reblogged & Translated: From China’s Jasmine-netizens! Walk for Freedom! 茉莉花革命2011年3月6日公告

China Jasmine Revolution March 6, 2011 : Come join us for a Walk for Freedom! Jasmine Revolution in China
March 6, 2011 announcement that we will continue to walk for freedom!

March 2, 2011 · 10 Comments

The Scent of Jasmine……can’t be scared off by Guns…

A few days ago, this message appeared all over the Internet: Message: You all can google translate this and decide if you want to post this and help spread the … Continue reading

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