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Reblogged & Translated: From China’s Jasmine-netizens! Walk for Freedom! 茉莉花革命2011年3月6日公告

China Jasmine Revolution March 6, 2011 : Come join us for a Walk for Freedom! 🙂



Jasmine Revolution in China
March 6, 2011 announcement that we will continue to walk for freedom!


We know democracy is not a gift (it has to be earned) and it does not depend on heroes. To achieve democratic rights for all citizens, we need to rely on our own efforts! We will walk for our  rights to be free. We walked on March 6 so now we will continue and keep on walking, walking  & walking! ”


Please note, as ordinary people we are still allowed to “walk & meet” !  Sure, there are major points (about Freedom & Democracy) that make us  determined to “Take a walk” !! The more we “walk” in the large cities (of China), the more we get our real point across peacefully!

So Please come “walk with us” here:

01. Beijing (meeting point: in front of McDonald’s Wangfujing; Walking Point: Xidan Shopping Centre – KFC)
02. Shanghai (meeting point: in front of Peace Cinema; Walking Point: Nanjing Road East Building entrance road in Yunnan and Tibet Road between the entrance of the Pacific Department Store in Xujiahui)
03. Guangzhou (meeting point: People’s Park in front of Starbucks; Walking Point: Tianhe Sports Center main entrance)
04. Chengdu (meeting point: Tianfu Square, under Chairman Mao; Walking Point: Chun Xi Road, in front of McDonald’s)
05. Hangzhou (meeting point: Hyatt Regency Lake Road to the music before the fountain area; Walking Point: Yan’an Road Intime market entrance)
06. Xi’an (meeting point: North Street, the entrance of Carrefour; Walking Point: Kaiyuan commercial tower entrance)
07. Nanjing (KFC Xinjiekou Kingland Xintiandi Store)
08. Changsha (new Dah Sing Wuyi Square entrance)
09. Tianjin (tower down)
10. Shenyang (KFC, Nanjing North Street entrance)
11. Changchun (Happy Cultural Square West Democratic Avenue entrance share the supermarket)
12. Harbin (meeting point: Central Avenue Central Mall; Walking Point: Sophia Cathedral)
13. Wuhan (Liberation Avenue, World Trade Plaza, McDonald’s entrance)
14. Jinan (Ginza Shopping Plaza ago)
15. Qingdao (May Fourth Square, opposite the city of wind sculpture)
16. Jilin (meeting point: Century Plaza; Walking Point: North Branch Town Square, Jilin Street, International Trade Building)
17. Dalian (meeting point: Zhongshan Square; Walking Point: Xinghai will be Habitat, Qingniwaqiao)
18. Zhengzhou (meeting point: Erqi Plaza Erqi tower; Walking Point: Erqi Road Department Store ago)
19. Guiyang (People’s Square, Wal-Mart shopping plaza ago)
20. Taiyuan (Taiyuan Wuyi Square Cinema ago)
21. Nanchang (Bayi Square Department Store ago)
22. Fuzhou (city of Wuyi Square in front of books across the ocean)
23. Nanning (Chaoyang Square)
24. Lhasa (Jokhang Temple in Barkhor Square)
25. Urumqi (meeting point: People’s Square; Walking Point: Building the Way People cinema entrance)
26. Shenzhen (Huaqiang North Road, McDonald’s entrance)
27. Chongqing (Jiefangbei Road McDonald’s entrance)
28. Hohhot (Xinhua Avenue New Century Plaza, in front)
29. Shijiazhuang (People’s Square Books Building Xinhua Bookstore ago)
30. Lanzhou (Dongfanghong Square in front of KFC)
31. Kunming (Dongfeng Square, in front of the New World Department Store)
32. Qiqihar (肯德基爱格 shop front)
33. Hefei (City Hall square in front of Xeikon digital)
34. Xiamen (Zhongshan Lukendeji door)
35. Wenzhou (College Road in front of KFC)
36. Hefei (Huangshan Road, crossing the Yangtze River)
37. Ningbo (Tianyi Square)
38. Xining (central square)
39. Hong Kong (Bauhinia Square, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)
40. Taiwan (Freedom Square in front of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall)
41. New York (Times Square) (GMT 11:00)

01. 北京(集会点:王府井麦当劳门前;散步点:西单商场-肯德基)

02. 上海(集会点:和平影都门前;散步点:南京路东方商厦门口在云南路与西藏路之间、徐家汇太平洋百货门口)

03. 广州(集会点:人民公园星巴克门口;散步点:天河体育中心正门)

04. 成都(集会点:天府广场毛主席像下;散步点:春熙路麦当劳门前)

05. 杭州(集会点:湖滨路凯悦酒店前至音乐喷泉一带;散步点:延安路银泰商场门口)

06. 西安(集会点:北大街家乐福门口;散步点:钟楼开元商厦门口)

07. 南京(新街口金轮新天地肯德基店)

08. 长沙(五一广场新大新门口)

09. 天津(鼓楼下)

10. 沈阳(南京北街肯德基门口)

11. 长春(文化广场西民主大街快乐购超市门口)

12. 哈尔滨(集会点:中央大街中央商场;散步点:索菲亚大教堂)

13. 武汉(解放大道世贸广场麦当劳门口)

14. 济南(银座购物广场前)

15. 青岛(五四广场五月的风雕塑市政府对面)

16. 吉林市(集会点:世纪广场;散步点:北奇城市广场、吉林大街国贸大厦)

17. 大连(集会点:中山广场;散步点:星海会居中心、青泥洼桥)

18. 郑州(集会点:二七广场二七塔下;散步点:二七路百货大楼前)

19. 贵阳(人民广场沃尔玛购物广场前)

20. 太原(五一广场太原影都前)

21. 南昌(八一广场百货大楼前)

22. 福州(五一广场越洋图书城门前)

23. 南宁(朝阳广场)

24. 拉萨(八廓街大昭寺广场)

25. 乌鲁木齐(集会点:人民广场;散步点:建设路人民电影院门口)

26. 深圳(华强北路麦当劳门口)

27. 重庆(解放碑路麦当劳门口)

28. 呼和浩特(新华大街新世纪广场门前)

29. 石家庄(人民广场图书大厦新华书店前)

30. 兰州(东方红广场肯德基门前)

31. 昆明(东风广场新世界百货门前)

32. 齐齐哈尔(肯德基爱格店前)

33. 合肥(市府广场赛康数码广场前)

34. 厦门(中山路肯德基门前)

35. 温州(学院中路肯德基门前)

36. 合肥(黄山路长江路口)

37. 宁波(天一广场)

38. 西宁(中心广场)

39. 香港(香港湾仔紫荆花广场)

40. 台湾(中正纪念堂前的自由广场)

41. 纽约(时代广场)(北京时间上午11点)

10 comments on “Reblogged & Translated: From China’s Jasmine-netizens! Walk for Freedom! 茉莉花革命2011年3月6日公告

  1. Lachlan Coolores
    November 24, 2013

    Hi! I love Jasmine! Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? I want to reblog you but first this glitch: My blog looks weird
    when browsing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this issue. If you hae any suggestions, please share.
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    • ceciliawyu
      November 30, 2013

      I don’t know Lachlan. WordPress just do all the updates for me effortless. I switch on a button and it is mobiole friendly. I renew a theme and suddenly I have continuous improved scrolls. All this for free….so I want to send wordpress a great big hug for helping me reach 100K a year effortlessly. That is very generous and decent of them to do it this way and I don’t mind the ads because they don’t put really stupid ones …they match it to the key words in the blog. Nice! Goodluck. sorry I can’t help. I dont’ know anything about apps and I never used an iphone…I bypassed it and went straight to an Android cos Hong kong’s technology cycle got 4G before anyone else on earth about 3 years ago!


  2. 名古屋
    September 10, 2013

    ADD OIL! 財安


  3. Scott
    July 4, 2012

    I have been reading through it for the historical context to some of your analysis of current news. This benefit me and my friends for our assignment. Ta.


  4. Anonymous
    January 30, 2012

    This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Please tell me, thanks


  5. Anonymous
    January 19, 2012

    Wow! This really is 1 of the most beneficial blogs I’ve ever come across on this subject. Merely Amazing


  6. ceciliawyu
    March 3, 2011

    Its a pleasure Tom. You are aware that I am only translating the information that had the government seize the computers of different reporters in Shanghai & Canton. Some journalists have “disappeared” in the last 48 hrs.


  7. Tom
    March 3, 2011

    Thank you for posting this


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