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If you want to Free anyone in Tibet, you need to know something about China’s diversity….

United Nations for Free Tibet (UNFFT) forum discussion inspired me to write this. Over the years I have noticed certain types of posting that usually starts with “The chinese are….” … Continue reading

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Social Projects@HIV Slums in Uganda, bombed during World Cup Finals.

The Events of that night at the bombing of Kampala slum during the World Cup finals, from Kenny, an eye-witness: “Bombings in Kampala Increasing a Number of Orphans This is the link to the youtube promotional video of Hope Children Foundation Africa:

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Artist@Work: Theme Developing. 20s East/West. Race/ Sexuality

I talked to you about is what I am thinking about at the moment ie. A Post-modern art response, preferably collaborative mixed media (can be multimedia) to what I called “The Twilight of Modernity”; A generation of modernist that resulted in Barbara Hepworth & Henry Moore……but 🙂 “I come to bury Ceasar..”

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Hello world!I have 20+yrs of experience as a Social Entrepreneur!

But I cannot separate Sustainable Business via a Social Enterprise from the fact that I am my own person, artist & social activists with NGO projects in 3 continents spanning the globe. Gone are the days where I would want to fracture my own identity in the world by not integrating every aspects of my person. This blog is about the journeys I am taking in being an artist, an activists, a published feature journalist, a writer, a student of ancient Buddhist texts, a misfit & a modern Hong kong chinese-Australian residing in Europe, advocating freedom of expressions in both the Eastern & the Western world that I belong to with its wealth of traditions.

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