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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

Hello world!I have 20+yrs of experience as a Social Entrepreneur!

Well, Okay, it is true I have 20+ years of putting together unusual partnership into different 3rd world development projects & charities. I did not know there was a name for this…a Social Entrepreneur. I was lucky I was introduced to the world of 3rd world development and philanthropy as a teenager in Australia. The first grassroot project that I ” banked on” which started with picking up 4 streetkids  turned into a multinational Swiss based charity with over 170 + project sites around the world. Since I was just a school kid at the time, the amount spent was not very much, that was how I learned that “A small bit of money goes a long way in the 3rd world…but a lot of trust & faith goes further than what any money can buy!”
In 2009, after reviewing my work as a professional artist and years of working with Charities/NGOs I decided to venture into starting a Social Enterprise with the purpose of pursuing opportunities to create pattern-breaking change in inequitable systems by fusing MBA level Sustainable business principles with Cultural Sustainability best practices of The Arts, UNICEFs & successful NGOs.
Areas of development are:
i) Import-Export Fair trade (product & market development) opportunities
ii) PR & Marketing for Global ideas-changing strategies
iii)Macro-Cultural & Trade Sustainability Strategies on UN/UNICEF project scale.
iv) East-West Trans-cultural bridging: Consulting, Research & Mentoring Partnerships.
v)Using  the Arts & New Media in Global Diversity & Innovation
 But I cannot separate Sustainable Business via a Social Enterprise from the fact that I am my own person, artist & social activists with NGO projects in 3 continents spanning the globe. Gone are the days where I would want to fracture my own identity in the world by not integrating every aspects of my person. This blog is about the journeys I am taking in being an artist, an activists, a published feature journalist, a writer, a student of ancient Buddhist texts & a modern Hong kong chinese-Australian residing in Europe, advocating freedom of expressions in both the Eastern & the Western world that I belong to with its wealth of traditions.
Yes, I am happy to be a social Entrepreneur and I hope you will join me.
It is a different way of looking at the world, a different world context & we are all learning together:

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