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Social Projects@HIV Slums in Uganda, bombed during World Cup Finals.

Slums of Kampala, Uganda

A MORE RESULTS driven version of Hope children foundation africa youtube promo video featuring the music of Storme , produced by Giles Evans. Yes, I’m the Director of their board, please pass this youtube link on!!!

Kids living in the slums of Uganda

Kids living in the slums of Uganda

I am frequently surprised by the politics of HIV alleviation. I was disgusted with the idea that during the Bush administration, US Aid giving made it a condition of giving to certain African countries that they MUST teach abstinence as a superior course of action to the use of Condoms!

I think without insulting anyone’s right to their Faith & individual choices, there are some pretty sound arguments for Scientific based Sexuality education. Give people an open informed choice & proper information instead of using money or 1st/3rd world disparity as a way of imposing one’s cultural/religious imperialism onto others. Bush’s policy was just another form of fundamental fascism.

Appropriate Science based Sexuality Education goes a long way towards Positive Prevention of HIV in some of the poorest areas of Uganda.

The Events of that night at the bombing of Kampala slum during the World Cup finals, from Kenny, an eye-witness:

“Bombings in Kampala Increasing a Number of Orphans

Everyone wanted to watch the World Cup Finals 2010, even in the slums...

On the Sunday (11th/July/2010) Everyone was very much eager to watch the Spain & Netherlands in the FIFA WORLD CUP finals. Some musicians arranged music shows at different places where they also had to broadcast the match alive. Ugandans are people who love gathering together to celebrate and or if there is an event going on , so I decided to join the people in Kampala. We watched the match as it begun and at the second half I bored since there was no score and decided to leave, go home and hear the news in the morning about all the results. 3 minutes before the match ended, 3 bombs exploded!

World Cup South Africa 2010

One was at a Restaurant in Kabalagala and two others at Kyadondo Rugby Ground at Lugogo! 64 people were reported dead and about 100+ people were injured and taken to the government hospital , Mulago Hospital Kampala.

PDF to Science-based HIVE Alleviation Education for Africa,  Desperately Needed! PDF File-link here: comm_hiv_counseling_testing_handbook


Kampala Bombed while the world celebrates & dances to Shakira's Waka Waka....

On Monday and Tuesday things became worse, people having heard that another bomb exploded in Mengo and another one was also about to explode at another sports club in Makindye where the owner became suspicious after seeing his Public Payphone wired and called the Police immediately which helped. Kampala is now on Security on all roads where every vehicle entering or leaving the town is checked.

Lots of children have become orphans and mothers are now widows  in Kawempe.  I am just seeing people gathering in Taxis/buses going for burial.”We really have to do something”, OC.Kennedy from

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