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Artist@Work: Theme Developing. 20s East/West. Race/ Sexuality

Photo on Loan from Pascal Brault’s personal photo, portrait (c) Karl Lagerfeld for

I had to explain myself to  this week about how I am developing the “Unrequited” collection and I

Ended up listening to the Heart sutra sung by Anita Mui, in Cantonese (the language Heart sutra was translated in from Sanskrit in the 12th century from India).

Photo (c) T.Yeung, Hong kong 2010

ended up writing: “ In our telephone conversation I suggested “Race & Sexuality” because many theorists that deals with Cross-firing of lobby groups have often drawn parallels between the Systematic marginalisation based on “race” as having similar style to “sexual preference”. Early feminist theory that talks about female sexuality & gender stereotypes also plays with this notion. This is what I am thinking about at the moment ie. A Post-modern art response, preferably collaborative mixed media (can be multimedia) to what I called “The Twilight of Modernity”; A generation of modernist that resulted in Barbara Hepworth & Henry Moore……but 🙂 “I come to bury Caesar..” The 20s in Eastern & Western culture that were very much the “shadow” that Modernist tries to “stuffed down”:


My greatgrandparents built this Free trade metropolis, my job 2010 is to keep it “Free” for creative expression

Aunty T’s “Big City”, Copyright T.Ng, 2009 Exhibiting Photographer

e.g. 20s Film Noir; a certain exploring the darkness, excavating mourning & angst…….feelings of “Unrequited” collection  (c copyright Cecilia W Yu, 2009) I am working on. It can take me up to several years to narrow down things when I am developing a collection, luckily I have been mulling over this one since 2008.  How did these notions play out in the depiction of Female sexuality in the Far East & Western mass unconscious.”

There was a set-back for me in 2009 developing “Unrequited” because of personal stuff but also because the two works I produced was sold immediately and there is an outstanding commission for 1 more for a private collector. I am back on track now. I told buyers already that they have to agree to let it be exhibited. 😦 I am a flake that way. A bit too “in the moment” sometimes. I might get inspired, create something & then wind up selling it to those who inspired it or an interested person around the situation, before I remembered “Oh god, this is supposed to be for a Show! Duh!”’s all situational around events/galleries etc. 🙂

This Nina Simone randition put against the backdrops of 20s Civil Right movement is a wonder “musical tone”.  It links the sound of the 60s but places it in the context of the Shadow of the 20s in the West.  I would like to go deeper and tap the “emotional level” of that. The theme of Race & Sexuality goes deeper in a Postmodernist response to Modernism.

Rough sketches on canvas starts to form…..the rest is just giving time a chance to mature the ideas …luckily my hands have a life of their own so I don’t get too cerebral.

7 comments on “Artist@Work: Theme Developing. 20s East/West. Race/ Sexuality

  1. pascal brault
    May 30, 2017

    Dear cecilia, I just wanted to have the name of the author of the photo. It’s done, thank you. Link linkedin is not a me, it’s a homonym … I work for chanel (the best)!! lol. Take care. Pascal

    Liked by 1 person

    • ceciliawyu
      June 9, 2017

      So….how is Chanel “the best” doing these days ….not as good as Trump’s “America” …. I hope ….lol.

      Well…..this too shall pass……xo


  2. Pascal Brault
    May 23, 2017

    I appreciate very much that you use my personal photo, it was realized by Karl Lagerfeld for a film about Chanel. Could you have the courtesy of quoting the author and my name. Or I will be obliged to ask you for compensation for copyright. Thank you.Cordially.
    Pascal Brault

    Liked by 1 person

    • ceciliawyu
      May 24, 2017

      Absolutely Pascal. I will correct the source so it is linked to you and your former employer. I will also add you to the list of VIP contributors my blog:
      And pls note that everything in my blog is Creative commons 3.0 not for profit.
      Your copyright is 100% yours. I make no claim to the visual contents that are linked from contribution by other artists.I am not using your creative work in any exhibition as this was merely used as a style guide.
      Pls provide a link to your official website so I can do the backlinks. If that is okay?

      If you are still unhappy with this please let me know and I will remove your image straight away.

      Thank you for your kind feedback.


      • ceciliawyu
        May 24, 2017

        Pascal I looked online for an official website of your work. There is not one! Is it okay if I linked your photo to your linkedin?
        If I do not hear from you, I will do that.
        Thank you for letting me know.

        **** Please note, I have a “no logo” policy so I do not place clickthroughs of brands unless your former employer offer to pay me…:) But I am unlikely to accept as they have nothing to do with Sustainable Arts and Cultural development for the Creative Free speech future of this planet! lol.
        Bisou! Big hug. X ❤ C
        P.S really sorry about the LV brand profit being associated with the preferred Gifts of Corrupt Big6 Communist Chinese officials. That must be hard! 😦


  3. Lee-Anne van Dongen
    July 23, 2010

    Thanks for sharing Cecilia.
    Good job on the Blog and range of topics you covered. and Of course the Art.


    • ceciliawyu
      May 26, 2017

      Thank you so much Lee-Anne! I just saw this and I really send my best wishes to you and congratulations on Oscar representing Canada! XXOO


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