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Fluk Factory: School of Eco-tecture works with the Hunar Foundation !

I have undertaken to mentor a number of gifted Eco-tecture students in the future as the Director of Creative Designs. It is a very challenging tasks to stimulate future ecotects to “think of the Impossible” and then combine that with their technical know-how, “Make it do-erable”! That is at least my personal ethos in undertaking the mentorship program for the future. This is where Fine Arts meet Functionality, on a practical & culturally sustainable level.

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Griffin Charitable Trust : Keeping Music firmly rooted in “Community”, empowering youths in Jamaica!

The gift of the musical instruments will enable our own children at the Sanctuary to learn a new musical skill and this will empower them to help other children. Unfortunately and fortunately, because of the limits of resources, our kids will be sharing the donation with Mustard Seed Communities Dare to Care Home for children infected with HIV/AIDS. We would love for every child to have their own musical instrument one day! In the meantime, the aim of setting up a shared experience is so that they will have a joint Musical Group in the future!

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GCT: “Spirulina to Permaculture: Superfood Super-healing Jamaica! Thanks, Christopher Hill Foundation!”

On a more personal level, I was intrigued by the idea of spiritual development through better eating habits with John. This is a vision that we both share through our legacy and connection with Eastern Medicine. I think there is a lot The Christopher Hill Foundation can offer to the world in terms of enhancing this vision of Sustainable Permaculture. Likewise, Griffin Charitable Trust has been working hard on starting a Permaculture Farm at The Sanctuary for the last few years too!

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