Sustain-Able 余 : ♥

….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

Fluk Factory: School of Eco-tecture works with the Hunar Foundation !

Fluk Factory has been working with the Hunar Foundation to educate, train and innovate towards a more Eco-sustainable style of Architecture using traditional & modern green materials!

As part of Sustain-Able Social Enterprise, I have undertaken to  mentor some gifted Eco-tecture students in the future as the Director of Creative Designs. It will be a very challenging tasks to stimulate future ecotects to “think of the Impossible” and then combine that with their technical know-how, to “Make it do-erable”! That is  my personal ethos in undertaking the mentorship program for the future. This is where Fine Arts meet Functionality, on a practical & culturally sustainable level!

The Hunar Foundation (THF)  is a non-profit organization that took root with the objective of finding a solution to the problems of livelihood for the youth through quality vocational training of international standards. They offer one year courses in various trades followed by internships in industry or commercial organisations.

Apart from professional training, THF aims to create better human beings by teaching work ethics, social and moral values. We are specifically focused on these critical aspects of social conduct so as to produce a high quality, skilled workforce of integrity, and who are readily employable locally and abroad.

We know this is a step in the right direction to ensure the future Eco-sustainability & Cultural sustainability of Karachi. This is a very exciting new ground and Sustain-able as a social enterprise hopes that with our involvement, more and more Women in Pakistan will  attend Fluk Factory! With more Women as  the Eco-tects of tomorrow, we hope they will bring their own visions of the world, balancing feminine with  masculine sensibilities for a Culturally Sustainable future.

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