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GCT: “Spirulina to Permaculture: Superfood Super-healing Jamaica! Thanks, Christopher Hill Foundation!”

Superfood Spirulina!

When you move in the world of caring for others, invariably you come across connections that are….well…beyond our own immediate sense of short-time existence…often it is inter-generational!

I want to take this occasion to thank John Hill for his continued work with Sustainable Permaculture around the world via his father’s legacy: The  Christopher Hill Foundation ( I would like to thank him for supporting the Griffin Charitable Trust’s attempt to introduce a Sustainable Permaculture farm for those rescued from the War zone & Gang-lands of Jamaica.

Initially John donated in a very understated way via our appeal. (

It was only when I enquired further that John explained his father’s role in discovering the superfood Spirulina.

 This is how John explained his family’s history & connection to Jamaica for me, ” In the 50s and 60s  Christopher Hills played a major role in the Jamaican art movement, launching the careers of many artists  that are well-known today. His wife was headmistress of Wolmers Girls School and together they were  influential in the social and cultural development of the Island.

Christopher Hills is also known as the “Father of Spirulina” for bringing the algae superfood to the world. He  donated large quantities of spirulina to communities around the world to help alleviate hunger and  malnutrition. For more details see:

On a more personal level, I was intrigued by the idea of spiritual development through better eating habits with John. This is a vision that we both share through our legacy and connection with Eastern Medicine. I think there is a lot The Christopher Hill Foundation can offer to the world in terms of enhancing this vision of Sustainable Permaculture. Likewise, Griffin Charitable Trust is working hard on starting a Permaculture Farm at The Sanctuary for the last few years too!

Keeping kids Healthy: Physically & Spiritually!

I am personally not much of a farmer as I can barely remember to water my own plants, but my Great Grandfather was one of those chinese medical doctors who were able to advance the course of research into Eastern Medicine (especially in herbal medicines) by politically influencing Western medical researchers, at the turn of the 19th century in British colonial Hong Kong.

So deep down, there is a part of me that understands the Gaian relation between “nurturing this planet & all living things in it on a spiritual level via the medicinal nature of plants”.  I would like to see   “deep healing” for those children & adults suffering in Jamaica that begins with promoting their physical & emotional health.

Permaculture@ The Sanctuary, Jamaica

Moira Morgan has always been very understanding of this need. After reading John’s description, she realised there was further connection between Griffin Charitable Trust and Christopher Hill’s legacy. She explained,” John, I was just reading a piece on your father here in Jamaica, it really is a small world, your parents friend Mortimer ‘Planno’ or Cumi was my spiritual father for the last 7 years of his life and he was one of my ‘special’ elders who I took care of personally, specially in those last weeks……I  still miss him. He was always ready with a word of good sense when I needed it, very encouraging and supportive. I have a lovely picture with Cumi and a friend of mine from UK, taken days before he passed away. ”
In addition to the Sanctuary, Griffin Charitable Trust runs  rehabitation and literacy mentoring programmes for adult & juveniles in the correctional centres in Jamaica. GCT is making a HUGE difference to young people.

Maybe one day, through all our work, a new generation of talented people will come out of the difficulties of the past decades; another generation that can carry on the works of visionaries like Mr. Christopher Hill. We hope so!

One comment on “GCT: “Spirulina to Permaculture: Superfood Super-healing Jamaica! Thanks, Christopher Hill Foundation!”

  1. Daro
    March 2, 2013

    Cecilia. I believe your opinions are very fascinating, I love reading about what you create. Aspire to hear more from you.

    from Cecilia: thanks Daro!


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