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Griffin Charitable Trust : Keeping Music firmly rooted in “Community”, empowering youths in Jamaica!

Griffin Charitable trust received a number of musical instruments donated by Canadian music supplier Long & McQuade for our music therapy sessions! Thank you Long & McQuade for your support!

Spokeswoman for Long & McQuade (weblink) Sheri explained why they are supporting our music therapy work,” Long & McQuade  has always believed in the power of music. That’s why we’ve  raised almost $100,000 nation-wide for music therapy  programs at children’s hospitals across the country, and why we  often lend a hand to both grassroots and established    organizations, at home and abroad, that use music to help and to  heal.”

That’s great because Music  is deeply entrenched in the Jamaican  culture, in fact Jamaica has produced some of the world’s  greatest singers and musicians. Not the least of which is our  lovely & amazing Youth embassador Kaysha Lee ( all about  kaysha click here  ). She will definitely make some very good use  of the donated musical materials to begin the therapy &  healing. Music is more than just expression of feelings, but of  healings.

What a talented music teacher for the kids at The Sanctuary we have in Kaysha:

 Our  children at Griffin Charitable Trust  have not had the best start in life! They were  exposed to gang  and domestic violence on unimaginable levels. The conscious and unconscious trauma of their  experiences have played out in their personalities and their social skills.  Music has an incredible  healing  effect in allowing them to express theirs feelings and to triumph over the negativity in their    lives.

The gift of  musical instruments  will not enable our children at The Sanctuary to learn a new  musical skill and this will empower them to help other children of the future. Unfortunately and fortunately, because  of the limits of resources, our kids will be  sharing the donation with Mustard Seed Communities Dare to  Care Home for children infected with HIV/AIDS. We would love for every child to have their own  musical instrument one day! In the meantime, the  aim of setting up a sharing scheme  is so that the kids will have a joint Musical Group in the future!

So Our heartfelt thanks to Long & McQuade  for making this gift to our children; enabling and empowering through music.

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