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#Iceland, Iceland….Wow, Iceland!

Greeks were having an Economic Melt-down but the Icelandic had done it already a while ago and Lived to tell a happy tale! 🙂

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Beautiful and Damned: On Growing Up with F. Scott Fitzgerald

Originally posted on Cody Delistraty:
With the writers we read again and again, our interpretation of their stories and legacies tends to change over time. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is buried at Saint Mary’s…

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#GreekCrisis: From the perspective of an ordinary woman living in Athens….

The systemic use of the resources of the public sector to benefit the elected parties’ constituents, were based on promises for the vote to power.

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A Poem for #Grexit 2015: The Isle of #Greece by Lord Byron

And musing there an hour alone,
I dream’d that Greece might still be free;
For standing on the Persians’ grave,
I could not deem myself a slave.

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I am sharing this opportunity to North American Women, born before June 1 1975 who would like to get genuine film industry mentorship for their scripts.

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Cecilia Yu honored by the Invitation to join Poet W.B.Yeat’s Arts Club, Ireland

The United Arts Club has since its foundation in 1907 been a centre for people interested in the Arts; literature, music, painting, drama, film; and good conversation.

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Winners of Voices of Women Worldwide Successful Achievements Award 2014

Thank you for this award. I am honored. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the other winners of Voww.TV’s 2014 Successful Achievements Award and many more winners will be featured in a special Voww.TV e-magazine.

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Nominated for the Profilo Donna Award for Entreprenurial Excellence In Italy 2015!

So too, like Clarissa Burt, I encourage all women to “step up” to be counted for awards that through our modesty and humility might be overlooked, when clearly so many women deserve the joy and sense of confidence from being nominated!

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#NL2B 2015 Liverpool: Enter the Dragon + Freedom Art #Umbrellas for Chinese New Year

#NL2B BOmbed out Church is a place of … cultural resonance … “Enter the Dragon” ..and “Freedom” art installation… appeared during Chinese New Year Celebration of 2015

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Valentines Day 2015 Dublin + Wicklow National Park, Ireland

Guinness Lake estate… some tourists who asked,”Is the guy who owned this place married?” “Yes, he is in his 70s, married to a princess from India, runs a recording label and they do not have any kids.” Happy Valentines 2015!

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