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I am writing for an academic conference at Kyiv University : Winter is here. #SlavaUkraini

URGENT UPDATE: 5th Dec 2022: Message from Ukraine

Dear Cecilia W Yu!

We would like to inform you that due to the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, massive missile attacks, and, as result, a critical situation with the electricity supply in all regions of Ukraine, the organizing committee decided to postpone the 4th International Scientific and Practical Online Conference “Health, Physical Education and Sport: Perspectives and Best Practices” from 15th December 2022 to May 2023.

The organizing committee asks for your understanding of the situation. We look forward for our further fruitful cooperation and your participation in the Conference in May 2023.

Please, let us know, if you intend to attend the Conference in May 2023.

Best regards

zastupnyk dekana z naukovoyi roboty ta menedzhmentu mizhnarodnykh proektiv
Fakulʹtet zdorov'ya, fizychnoho vykhovannya i sportu


 Vice-Dean in Science and Management of International Projects, Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports

I will post my response later…

What feels like a lifetime ago , Antonio Robustelli  and I sat on a balcony to a spectacular view, wine-tasted  and talked about geopolitics that affected our management colleagues! Did we think for a second in that moment that our Creative and Sports ICH Academic research life will be utterly changed by our Humanitarian and Education-based Interventions with #Ukraine, offering our service to victims of #warcrimes a few months down the line?
Some things in life are swept up by a Force Majeure…. Omnia Vincit Amor et nos cedamus…#lviv + #kyiv #university #nobelpeaceprize 2022

#education #creative #research #engagement #performance #arts #sports #ethics #legalgovernance #integritymatters  #universitylife #universitystudents #performancecoaching #inspirationalwomen #sustainabilitystrategy #nobelpeaceprize #2022opportunities #management #opportunities

After the Kyiv University conference on the 15th December 2022,  I will be talking to a Global Female Leadership Empowerment network of some 3million thought leaders in 190+ countries…..

I chat with Kyiv almost daily and sometimes they have a situation where they receive a message but have no way of answering….. #cyberattack and interferences are so vile!

To distract myself, I’ve gone full Aussie and regressed into just Partying a lot till late, dancing till dawn etc.

Perhaps, the nightly #Worldcup party  I’m experiencing ending with everyone doing the WAKA WAKA the last 10 days is part of the Research? After last night’s 3am rendition, I am genuinely suffering WAKA fatigue!

Yes, its rough out here in #sustainability #leadership Frontline! It is both literal and metamorphical that ….

(c) Shakira, 2010

“We do the Waka waka for #globalsouth while armed + being chased by PIRATES!”
#COP28 maybe…”THIS TIME for AFRICA?” cos I don’t FEEL #COP27 delivered the #reparation to ANYONE’s SATISFACTION!  #UNECOSOC #PanAfrica Never surrender! #research #africa #climatejustice

I can’t say my heart was fully in the partying….I feel distracted and otherworldly…but I tried and went to the theatre as much as I can….

In the same moment I was singing to “Non, je ne regrette rien”,  my colleagues from PEPA L’Humanitaire sent me our submission to UN ECOSOC about #Humanrights and #LegalGovernance #SDG16 #SDG17 at UN Geneva !!!

It was French Folie Bergere night …so even the audience wore tricolore : Red, White and Blue…I thought there was a Poetic Synchronicity there that few modernists in Academia want to comprehend ….well, I appreciated the “gestalt”….”vive la liberté!” #Climatejustice #Panafrica

Still well done everyone…even though I had to stop my Public Ambassadorship for a year, to attend to the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 civil society PR ….

Still I do not know what to say….I tried to talk it over with an Australian career bureacrat over in Canberra and his wife, who ran with Labour for the last Queensland election…..

They are both very astute….but all they suggested was,” Congratulations! You know a Melbournian like you are trained for the kind of diplomacy that is above our Queensland pay grades…lol.”

This made us all laugh as Balinese Wayan (looking very posh in his tux)  brought us more Champagne at the very crowded event….

The laughter was much needed. Thank you so much. 😎 ❤️

(c) The Guardian, 2022

As soon as I got a few days of happiness… I see THIS (photo of Ukrainian struggling with food shortage in the snow) in Kyiv and realise my deadline is looming…and I still don’t know what to say!!! This is not something anyone “trains” for! #Nobelpeaceprize2022 #Ukraine #SOS #SlavaUkraini ….

Meanwhile Supermacro Sports Jocks who run or ran countries adopted, at full throttle, a “This is Sparta” attitude towards Putin’s war crimes! There’s a lot of this type in democracies because people like to vote for jocks ( see ex PM Alexander Stubb from Finland) !

I am an artist and a Supermacro UN Pragmatist! I fully acknowledge how untrained I am to face something like this! I only agreed to speak up because as soon as the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 was awarded to Ukraine, Putin pelted the country with such brute force for 10 days nonstop, determined to kill as many Ukrainian civil society Nobel Peace Prize cowinners as possible!

Then there was the vicious cyber attacks for months that affected me personally by making me look like a “woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, causing serious distress to those around me while I was oblivious to it all and wondering why everyone is being weird to me! Basically by just delaying and jumbling messages, like at all UNFCCC COPs, it was easy to get people to fight by obfuscating messages and chats! Anyone who has worked in Sustainability Research have experienced this, so at least such cyber attacks didn’t have the impact that it hoped for.

As I was listening to a concert last night, I don’t even remember what was the aria (some double suicide ending so typical of European melodramas!)….but as the music wafted in the darkness, it dawned on me…

I only took the job to speak up because many of the Survivors of Putin’s war crimes are not in a safe place to speak up!

Everytime Ukrainians and Nobel Peace Prize 2022 are mentioned in the media, Putin starts pelting Kyiv with bombs like a spoiled, entitled and melodramatic villian in his own twisted Opera!

I am not the best person for this important Nobel Peace Prize public engagement task but the job needed doing, no one else inside Ukraine could do it without getting bombed back to stone age!

I can’t abide by bullies who kill and torture Nobel Prize winning Laureates, which was how I ended up with an invitation to PR consult when Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo got the peace prize in 2010! History repeats itself!

My dearest friend and colleague, and all those Sustainability, Health and Sports Management Academics like her who defied Putin’s war crimes, are the true Nobel Peace Prize 2022 cowinners, but Putin is determined to Murder them all!

So that is why you are all stuck with me, telling the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 story imperfectly; raw and unedited. It is the least I can do so their legacies of courage, resilience and thirst for knowledge, do not die, no matter what happens in the winter of 2022-2023!

Omnia Vincit Amor et nos cedamus amori …

Cecilia.W.Yu 余詠詩


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