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UN International Women’s Day #IWD2022 Highlighting “Little Daughters of Lviv” (Art series: Eleutheria 3), #Ukraine

#Poland knows what it is to be invaded and what being a Pivotal point in a war means! Poland also had the worst Concentration Camps in WW2!

I thought this was a beautiful and poignant symbolic gesture from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I got a message from my Godchild and the child’s Mother in #Ukraine. Their eyes had black circles under them from trauma, stress and sleepless nights. The mother could barely speak! The daughter stared at me with Big Bloodshot eyes (from crying!)

(c) Associated Press 2022

*** In 7 days, Russia killed the innocence in a 6yrs old’s eyes. She went from Disney princess pyjamas, bedtime stories and Mickey Mouse Wallpaper, to a Child who knows what is a Molotov cocktail ! 7days of Russian bombing! #Humanitariancorrider Let women and children Leave! Stop bombing Children ! #ukraineinvasion   This is #Warcrime!

#UNwomen International Women’s Day 2022: Did I ever think this photo at World chess Championship in #dubaiexpo2021 taken  with #chess #Grandmaster @AnnaMuzychuk from Lviv #Ukraine would have such a new meaning today 2 March 2022 , only 3 months later? #FreeUkraine #warukraine  #SDG5  #SDG16 #SDG17 sort it out! ❤️ #unwomen #nobelwomen End Rape as a weapon of #Conflict #warcrime #Genevaconvention #UNHRC #humanrights

Fyi. For United Nations International Women’s Day 2022, I did this quick sketch. I wanted to capture the emotions of the last few days as I communicated with Ukraine day and night!


Eleutheria no.3:

“Little Daughters of Lviv” #Ukraine

Eleutheria no.3

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