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Beijing Olympics 2022 Zero Protests allowed…except…Protest Art found a way…

The reality of the Beijing Olympics and the diplomatic boycott speak for itself. Zero Protests were permitted. International Journalists were side-lined and some reported being dragged off the camera mid-Live Broadcasts.

Yet it is a credit to Human ingenuity that Protest Arts still prevailed and found a way to be seen. For this reason, I would like to showcase the works by a Hong Kong born, Australia based protest artist named 巴丢草 badiucao ! His or her work can be seen in overseas International Media and featured in syndicated reports for Beijing Olympics worldwide.

Freedom of expression and Creative Free speech are priceless! For those who think only Chinese people are silenced, I hope Beijing Olympics 2022 make it clear for  you and your governments, the level ofcontempt CCP China harbours towards Western Democratic Values.

The following images are self explanatory.

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This entry was posted on February 14, 2022 by in Innovation & Creativity.
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