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From Jan 2012 I’ve said: “Pro-Life, Pro-choice or Just Pro-Compassion?” Wake up World!

I arrived at this conclusion because: We are not here to look at Proprietary rights on human tissues. We are also not here to make one side the devil. We are here to try to take the most compassionate approach possible on a case-case basis. Generally in law, it is much much more difficult to confer a right that does not exist then it is to moderate an existing right that protects people’s freedom of choice (within limits), so to seek to overturn Roe v. Wade would take away women’s rights irreparably AND create a precedence for looking at Human tissues, foetus etc. in a proprietary way. That is the basis of Slavery.

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Art Update: Cecilia’s art studio space in the old Church building. ♥ to finish 2013

Sept 2012: I am a little sad that my art studio space will be converted as of Feb 2013 to affordable residential spaces for people to live in. 🙂 I’m not sure how many studios they can create out of the large rooms but I really wish the church the best and would like to be thankful for letting me use the space to develop art for Liverpool Bombed out Church Exhibition and for work with Team Robbo at their London Team Rex Exhibition. Thank you to everyone at the Church.

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2012: Trends that keep on going…..the bad and the truly ugly! lol.

I have to be honest and say 2012 is all about being “authentic” rather than trying to be perfect. But this does not mean we accept every bit of brain-farts that come out of the world. There are a lot of frustrated people around. Many of them have legitimate causes; some do not. Some are just angry because they are not getting their own way in life, out of a sense of Entitlement!

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10 Things I LIKE about US!

In response to the joke facebook page created by my on-off-on-off-on-bf aptly titled : “Lists of things Cecilia doesn’t like…” where he humorously tried to enlist all sorts of random people to provide endless things on earth he decide I don’t like….

My Best Friend & occassional BF…here’s 10 things I like about us! XXOO.

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Danny Chen: The 2011 “Santiago”? USARMY: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

Danny Chen is “Santiago” in “A few good men”. He was seen as a weak link. It is my personal belief that the race issue was only the tip of the iceberg. There is a systemic and pervasive INSTITUTIONAL RATIONALISATION in the US Military that have strayed from any Honorable Code of Conducts for over a decade now and beyond! Danny Chen’s case is a microcosm of what happened in “A few good men”.

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The 12th Insight by James Redfield


What a human world. Look at it. At first glance, all we see is conflict, competition, and the old habit of demonizing those who seem to be opposed to our ideas: in order to make ourselves feel correct and more important.

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Happy New Year : East and West!

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1min 一分鐘 Campaign Li Ka Shing Foundation, Hong kong: Occupy your brains!

**** We chinese get some things right every so often, not everything..but something…but unfortunately we have a tendency to only say these things amongst ourselves and not to outsiders who do not speak chinese. So in 1min, I translated this into english for you! Enjoy! Occupy your brains in 2012!

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Updates Feb 2013: (Blog June 2012) Ansar Dine? Who? Not another Talleban! Freedom for Queen Tin Hinan’s People! Protect Women in MAURITANIA !

Originally posted on @lissnup:
Tin Hinan is the name given by the Tuareg to a 4th-century woman of prestige whose monumental tomb is located in the Sahara at Abalessa in…

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