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Updates Feb 2013: (Blog June 2012) Ansar Dine? Who? Not another Talleban! Freedom for Queen Tin Hinan’s People! Protect Women in MAURITANIA !

Mali women

Feb 2013: French troops move into Mali…….(see UN official statements)….Oh well….At least they will be beautifully atired int heir Beige uniforms and cornflower blue beret. lol. Sorry, with this level of humans rights and Taliban related crimes against women and sustainable culture, if you do not make a joke, you will cry! 

UN Statement in full (click here): Excerpt:

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Statement of the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide on the situation in Mali (New York, 1 February 2013) Mr. Adama Dieng,  Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on
the Prevention of Genocide, warned today of the increasing risk of reprisal attacks against ethnic
Tuareg and Arab civilian populations in the Timbuktu, Kidal and Gao regions of  northern Mali.
“While the liberation of towns once under the control of the rebel and extremist groups has
brought hope to the populations of northern Mali, I am deeply concerned at the risk of reprisal
attacks against ethnic Tuareg and Arab civilians. There have been serious allegations of human
rights violations committed by the Malian army, including summary executions and
disappearances, in Sevaré, Mopti, Niono and other towns close to the areas where fighting has
occurred. There have also been reports of incidents of mob lynching and looting of properties
belonging to Arab and Tuareg communities. These communities are reportedly being accused of
supporting armed groups, based simply on their ethnic affiliation,” said Mr. Dieng.
“I call on the Malian army to discharge its responsibility to protect all populations, irrespective
of their race or ethnicity,” stated Mr. Dieng. “I am deeply disturbed by reports of violations
committed by the army, and by reports that the armed forces have been recruiting and arming
proxy militia groups to instigate attacks against particular ethnic and national groups in northern
“I urge all actors, including the Malian army, to adhere to international humanitarian and human
rights law. Targeting of ethnic or religious groups in an armed conflict and if such abuses are
carried out in a widespread and systematic way, could constitute atrocity crimes,” stated Mr.

BBC news


The Independent

Al Jazeera

South China Morning Post on Mali

Tragic! WE talked about this in June 2012, now finally today, Reuters report on it! Omg! Are they not paying their sources enough money? lol. 29th September 2012 !!!! Reuters are ONLY 3 months behind the REST of the world as News source?????? OMG!

18the June 2012 Queen Tin Hinan, it is time you rise up and SLAP the little moron Ansar Dine if his followers want to attack women in public! Are these people a new Talleban? Ansar Dine? Who? Something about some sort of Sufi and Women hating group that wants to rip down historic sites and destroy cultural sustainability?  Who are these people? Why should we care?

WEll in theory as a chinese person I don’t in 2012…but as a Chinese person And a global citizen who cares about our common goods AND 5000+ historic sites, I definitely do. These people tore out ancient tombs that can NEVER be replaced! It would be like if they come over to the Middle Kingdom and try to tear down the Great Wall of China, one brick at a time! Well, good luck, people… this point in time you are going to have 1.3Bilion chinese ready to Bash you AND if even 10% of those are Chinese women, you better run back to the Gobi because WE are REALLY REALLY bad tempered!

An average Chinese guy can forgive a wrong after he finished about 5 generations of your descendents, but an average chinese woman expects to be Able to Verbally Abuse you for the entire time it takes for us to have  a go at you, your kids, your kids’ kids etc..etc….The smartest thing my brilliant Trade Guild friend in London said to me was,”First lesson you learn when you get to Trade Guild, NEVER EVER cross a Chinese in a trade….they will keep on going and it never ends…they will TAKE everything and then some if you try to Cross them….we let the cow boys underestimate them and think they are quiet, easy walk overs….we learn to never underestimate them and we have been around since the 14th century!”

🙂 I would like those who did THIS to a historic site that was part of the Ancient Silk Road I & II from China to Constantinople to THINK ABOUT how upset we might get if you decide to touch ANYTHING THAT WE DECIDE IS PART OF OUR SILK ROAD HISTORY! I AM NOT JOKING.

“On May 4, 2012 armed men from the Islamist group Ansar Dine desecrated the mausoleum of a 15th century Sufi saint, Sidi Mahmoud Ben Amar, in Timbuktu. One man wielding a gun declared worship at Saint Sidi Amar’s tomb to be haram (forbidden). Their actions sent shock waves around the globe, raising fears for the future of Timbuktu’s many cultural treasures. The threat to Mali’s cultural heritage brought to mind the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. The tomb of Sidi Amar is sacred to many and is a symbol of the golden age of Timbuktu, the City of 333 Saints, once a center of learning that reached its peak in the 15th and 16th century. Its ancient mosques and tombs are beautiful examples of mud-brick and wood architecture of the Sahel. The tomb, and the entire town of Timbuktu, is a UN World Heritage Site.”

 I like to hear the story of Queen Tin Hinan. Lets Hear it for Queen Tin Hinan Power! Protect Women in MAURITANIA !

Tin Hinan is the name given by the Tuareg to a 4th-century woman of prestige whose monumental tomb is located in the Sahara at Abalessa in the Ahaggar or Hoggar region of Algeria. The name means literally “she of the tents”, but may be metaphorically translated as “mother of the tribe” (or “of us all”) or even “queen of the camp” (the “camp” maybe referring to the group of tombs which surround hers). She is sometimes referred to as “Queen of the Hoggar”, and by the Tuareg as tamenoukalt which also means queen.


Now they’ve torn it. No man, not even the allegedly brutal soldiers of the Malian army (you remember, the ones 300,000 refugees reportedly fled from in terror?) has apparently raised his hand against a woman in public for sixteen hundred years. For it was in the 4th century that Queen Tin Hinan ruled the tents of this land, and no violence against women is tolerated, that’s how the story goes. The old gal will be spinning in her tomb, unless that too has already been desecrated by Ansar Dine militants.

Not once, but twice, the Ansar Dine thugs attacked a protest in the centre of Kidal staged by women who refuse to be cowed by their rules. The first time, the shocked observer reported, was in broad daylight. Unspeakable and unconscionable barbarity! Well done ladies for coming out again in the evening to show those opportunistic interlopers what’s what. As for Iyad ag Ghali, he already has…

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8 comments on “Updates Feb 2013: (Blog June 2012) Ansar Dine? Who? Not another Talleban! Freedom for Queen Tin Hinan’s People! Protect Women in MAURITANIA !

  1. dreamfable212
    February 2, 2013

    Cecilia, now that French forces have, in late 2012, early 2013, united with the Malian military to drive the radical Wahabbist Ansar Dine from Timbuktu and other key cities and towns in Mali, how long do you think it took for the Chomskyites to complain that the French weren’t there to fight the Islamist radicals (who cut off peoples’ hands and heads, and demolished ancient wonders of the world in Timbuktu, including mosques dating to 1400? No time at all. No, in the sterotypical droning of the Chomskyites, the French are being “colonial” again, trying to secure Mali’s natural resources, this time before the Chinese get to them. If the Ansar Dine were in any way a front for the Chinese (which they’re not), then why would the Chomskyites and neo-Maoists sympathize with such pillaging, barbaric Genghis Khans, given their brutal atrocities? Only because they’re non-Western, no doubt. These privileged “radicals” type their cynical online remarks against the “West” from portals of comfort in New York, London, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, D.C., etc. The Ansar Dine/Sunni Wahabbist Qutbists are far more upset about hair, music, art and the female body than they ever were about “colonialism,” and don’t deserve the misplaced sympathy of the blame-the-West fringe.


    • ceciliawyu
      February 3, 2013

      Chomskiyites…are just Commies living under the fear of America’s McCarthy-ism. Darling….Let them eat cake, cos under Mao…they will be eating one another!

      Have I have been thinking of Mali alot the last week as you and I caught onto the human rights violation so early, we tried to tell the world in each our own way, and yet we are doomed to see history of oppressions repeat itself.

      I am sad for Mali and I send my love to the people of Mali and wish we could do something to protect their Sustainable Culture and Human Dignity.

      and yes I am sure according to those loser-nutcases apologists to commie crimes against humanities, the french should not have interfered with hitler in africa either!


  2. ceciliawyu
    June 21, 2012 segregation very bad at the moment in the USA? Probably because all the bigoted and illiterates can voice their opinions 24/7 inciting hatred online in the name of …..heaven knows what?

    If it was up to them, they would burn down historic sites and I don’t know…Douglas Adam’s style….turn all of earth into Hairdressors! hahahahahaa. Though necessary (the good ones) cos I swear by my London Hairdressor, he is so ace….I think they are not a necessity on this planet…I mean I can always braid my own hair! hehehe. Seriously…wouldn’t it be better if these extremists you talk about spend less time destroying other people’s cultural heritage and more time…I don’t know….thinking of interesting way to grow a rosebush, re-construct the hanging gardens of babylon, read a few good books or paint a picture or something instead of being so banale about telling others how they should or should not live?

    I am sorry the States its so nutty at the moment..But have the Nashville music award, for that I’m jealous! 🙂 hehehe.


  3. dreamfable212
    June 20, 2012

    Cecilia, I like your ripost to the very idea of “some sort of Sufi and Women hating group that wants to rip down historic sites and destroy cultural sustainability.” Unfortunately, the radical Sunni Qtubbists attack any open expression of/by the female, or Sufi (in this case both), or Shi’a, and certainly all things cultural–art, music or ancient tombs (the radical Sunni bury the dead now without grave stones. This may be one of the motivations in attacking Shi’a funeral processions, funerals being one of the ancient Muslim observances that the “reform” minded (sic) Qtubbist-radicalized Sunni have forbidden in the bin Laden era. The same type of Qtubbist-Sunni extremists, Ansar Dine, who are creating “grave conditions” in the areas of Mali they control, follow the same script in these threats against Sufi Muslim women (not considered Muslim by radical Qtubbists of the bin Laden flank) and any “pre-Islalmic” ancient cultural treasures. The Qtubbists’ world is flat, nothing nor anyone who existed before some imaginary point in the 7th Century AD is worth any study, so they are still out to destroy. Through CNN, on 5 April, “Grave conditions reported as rebels capture northern Mali” in which: After the March 22 coup, Mali, long a shining example of democracy and stability in Africa, plunged into crisis. Amnesty International said northern Mali was teetering on the brink of disaster. Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu have experienced days of looting, abductions and chaos since they were occupied by armed groups late last week, the human rights group said. “All the food and medicine stored by major aid agencies has been looted, and most of the aid workers have fled,” said Gaetan Mootoo, Amnesty International’s researcher on West Africa. “Women and girls particularly are too terrified to leave their homes. People are describing an atmosphere of near total lawlessness,” Mootoo said. In Kidal, Ansar Dine, an Islamist faction of the secular MNLA, has asked women to wear veils and destroyed a nightclub, Amnesty said. Ansar Dine is intent in imposing Sharia, or Islamic law.In Timbuktu, Ansar Dine arrested and detained people accused of robbery and looting. Amnesty said it was concerned the group would mete out punishments in accordance with Sharia. “The town is emptying out,” a Timbuktu resident told Amnesty. “People are going to the south or to Mauritania. They are using all means: by car, by motorbike or on the donkeys.”
    Remember the reports in early 2001, when the Afghanistan’s oldest cultural treasures, the tallest Buddhist statues on earth in the Bamiyan provence, were destroyed by Taliban by rockets and dynamite. They dated to the 2nd Century, when the region was a Buddhist center before Islamic conquerors invaded around 1.400 years back. Islamic and other civilizations there and elsewhere have respected artifacts of the past (witness Egypt), but not the “reform”-minded (sic) fighters inspired by Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian Sunni fundamentalist scholar and polemicist against all things civilized, who was hanged in Egypt in 1966. We all must follow the tragedy in Mali, once a beacon of democracy, and the threat to its neighbor Mauritania. I hope Ansar Dine & other violent 7th Century “liberators” in Africa meet the fate of Afghan Taliban leader Mulla Mohammad Omar in May 2011, who in early 2001 ignored protests even from other Sunni leaders, including Egypt’s top religious leader, Mufti Sheikh Nasr Farid Wassel and two top scholars, Sheikh Yusef al-Qaradawi and Mohammad al-Rawi, returned empty-handed from Afghanistan. He directed the Taliban to destroy the Bamiyan Buddhist statues: ‘KABUL, Feb 26 (AFP) Afghan Taliban leader orders destruction of ancient statues– “supreme leader Mulla Mohammad Omar on Monday issued a decree ordering the destruction of all statues in Afghanistan including ancient pre-Islamic figures. “Based on the verdict of the clergymen and the decision of the supreme court of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) all the statues around Afghanistan must be destroyed,” said the decree.’ Here are the photographs from Before, During and After the destruction, at which point the statue site looks like a bleeding woman… The site is maintained by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), who work toward liberation and safety of women in Afghanistan, and who, in their website archive, keep us from forgetting the tragedies, human and cultural, that have raged across Afghanistan since the Taliban incursions beginning in 1992 through today’s fighting


    • ceciliawyu
      June 20, 2012

      Wow Carter. Thank you so much this is a very well written exposition of the issue. Way better than my “Who are they? I’ve never heard of them. Should we care?” 🙂 …I can see where your past Music journalism with Billboard magazine really came into its own! I hope the Human rights group doing the blogging take note of of your very well considered responses. They may not be able to fully explore the “islam” issue. These days I suppose everyone is slightly “gagged”…..okay…not me because there is no point asking me to “do not write about this or not”……if I’ve never heard of “this or that” before….telling me not to write about it…would hahahhahahaha. Effectively be introducing my brain to something that has NEVER occurred to me before!

      And therein lies Big6 Ministry of Propaganda’s difficult tasks with many Hong kong chinese, if you keep quiet and stop telling us “don’t do this”….it would NEVER occur to us to do it! Its really that simple! Or better still….don’t do it yourself….then you won’t have to tell other people to refrain from talking about you doing whatever it is that you did that you would like others to refrain from talking about you ……

      So simple…..hehehe.


      • dreamfable212
        June 21, 2012

        You would love an early 1970s rock record, might have been called “Signs” (?), with the line, “do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs,” and all the “admirable restraint” that is so, well, admired these days is allowing extremism to gain ground. In the U.S. House of Representatives, today, a bigoted extremist faction of Republicans held the Attorney General in contempt–it hasn’t happened in history–and this committee’s vote, along party lines, will of course be put before the full House next week by the equally rabid GOP House chair. The regular corporate media is “balanced,” as in, “tonight, we hear from both sides of the segregation issue: should a black attorney general be forced from office because of his race?”–because this is what it actually is all about. As for Islam, it is a million things, but the main branches have been in conflict since the 7th Century. In the 1800s, a “reformist” and conservative branch of the Sunni, the Wahabbists, eventually came to dominate the Sunni population–except that most Kurds are not Wahabbists, and therefore are targeted by the Iraqi Arab Sunni Wahabbist attackers. On it goes, based on disagreements over alleged incidents in the 7th and 14th Centuries, etc., hurt feelings among Mohammed’s in-laws, descendants, and so on. Think of the Protestants who don’t know that “John the Baptist,” who was not literally called “John,” was Jewish, not a “Baptist” (Baptists didn’t exist until the 1700s). And I could start a fight not far from here if I said it aloud.


  4. Giri Ramgopal
    June 19, 2012

    Islam is not only the fastest growing religion and it is also exporting the fastest growing fascist dictatorships. Destroying the history, culture and lives of poor indigenous people everywhere.

    To Western isolationists I say get interested. History has taught us appeasing an enemy while it arms and expands strategically is cowardice and moronic.


    • ceciliawyu
      June 19, 2012

      I’m not sure what they think they are doing…but then again…there are people in Nepal calling themselves Maoist who also had no freaking idea what the hell they think they are doing….as getting your most powerful neighbor annoyed with you for picking the wrong cultural symbols of theirs to use and then hassling projects where There ARE actual chinese people working on it….who are just not that huggy-wuggy in life due to their Daddies being involved in wars alot…probably indicates it is not good for their health or their children’s health….

      and yet…..morons…try…..even when you tell them, “This is a really bad idea…a great deal of carnage (experienced most by you in the long run) will come out of this…” They just don’t believe it and then it is too late when they “feel” it. hmm….


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