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2012: Trends that keep on going…..the bad and the truly ugly! lol.

I have to be honest and say 2012 is all about being “authentic” rather than trying to be perfect. But this does not mean we accept every bit of brain-farts that come out of the world. There are a lot of frustrated people around. Many of them have legitimate causes; some do not. Some are just angry because they are not getting their own way in life, out of a sense of Entitlement!

To those I say: Get Real! Try to look past “what’s in it for you” for once in your life and try to see that maybe there are just a hell of a lot of people needing inspiration and your little easy solutions really will not cut it!

Easy solutions work in many ways. You can decide to air-fist for politics or whatever and “sell” people your easy solutions or you can decide to not even bother to read any political ideas and just “air-fist” for recreation and entertainment because the world is not working in the way you would like it to!

Lets take a look at some trends that are just crazy-wannabes and why even in fashion, you have to at some point, decide to be your own person!

1) Trend A: Annoying Gangsta low-hauling pants look!

The FAD: I know it is all trendy and stuff for ages. I know everyone decided it is either amazing or just plain stupid. Some even suggested that the reason why Gangstas donned this look in prison was because it originated from bisexuals or homosexuals in-mates signalling “sexual available” (that would be the  ” hate it” side) and then there’s the ones that love it because it is how it has been done on every known Music video in the world.

The Reality: Author Yusef has been to prison and I think he is quite right to comment on this trend in an AUTHENTIC way:

With the older dope dealers living right upstairs from me, I would sometimes wear their pants, which were always a little too big. This style of dressing would become a fad all over Black Ghettos throughout Amerikkka, one that exists to this day. Many people have suggested that sagging came from the prison culture of guys wearing their pants off their asses to invite a man to them. I have been to prison and disagree with the particular position that men in prison wear their pants below their asses to entice other men. Furthermore, throughout my nine years of incarceration, I never witnessed anything to support the position that those who were “sagging” were targets for sexual assault by other prisoners. If a guy was a homosexual, he made every attempt to dress feminine, applying Koolaid like rouge onto his face and wearing the tightest pants he could find, not the loosest. If an individual was a weak minded-person, more than likely he would be preyed on by other prisoners, especially by those who had been confined for a number of years. These types of prison predators didn’t care if you were Black or white, big or small in stature, wore tight clothes or loose. All they had in their eyes was sexual lust.

Cecilia: So what you are saying is: Maybe there is no “conspiracy” was just that you were a poor kid in the ghetto and you wore the pants of others and or bought what size you could afford? That does not surprise me! Your explanation of this fashion trend Author Yusef Shakur is way more interesting….its amazing how by the time the trend makes it from Street to Runway…we don’t know where it came from anymore! Thank you!

2) Trend B: Vaginas, Vaginas & lots of Vaginas to show what a brilliant feminist you are! Lol.

On the issue of Vulvic art: I’ve seen one done by a male silversmith artist (Bill Dawson) that is very intricate and welldone with the clitoris as a raw pearl….and apart from the victorian locket that was “kinky” because it would be a miniature model of her’s for “his eyes only” ♥. There were and are usually something intelligent, humorous, saucy & exquisite about genuine vulvic art!

Yes I know..think Georgia O’Keefe but so much more….lets not be cliched!

But I can’t see why a woman who respects herself would wear her vagina on her forehead…its like why would a guy capable of “thought” wear his own Penis as a hat? lol…Oh Stalinist-femi-fascists … Being sex-positive as consenting adults also involve understanding what is “titillating” and what is just plain ” low brow & desperate!”….Art is Art….it has its own STANDARDS!

Where did the trend come from? 60s feminism had a whole lot of exploration of one’s sexuality as a way of getting women to self-empower. That was great. It was needed and it is still needed now judging by how many places in the world where the Vagina Monologues are still banned! But there was a PURPOSE to that!

£12.99 Buy it or you are not a feminist? Skank!

What I find, not just crude but completely ridiculous is the copy-cats feminist who decide to divorce the ACTUAL Vulvic ART from the PURPOSE and from the very concept of ART so you end up with crude, stupid little kitsch numbers in their wannabe craft stalls just so they can try to sell you some poor quality hand-made cross-stitch for £12.99! That is called Prostituting Feminism hypocritically for the sake of promoting one’s mediocre craft store. It is both Hypocritical and essential counter-productive to Feminism as a whole when you consider there is a Context to discussions about Vaginas and that is not just to be frivolous or shocking for the sake of being fake & trendy!

That some of these  wannabes would dare to say “buy my poorly sewn Vaginas or you are insulting Feminism” , show how little they actually care about Feminism and how much they are just making stuff like that to get a bit of attention for their Kitsch low-brow craft! Don’t do it. Have a little bit of respect for other Women and try not to dishonour feminists who “Actually” used these art to empower rather than to hmm….”sell crap at Hackney market “! Lol. I find this totally pathetic and would urge some of these anglo-feminism-cross-stitch-low-life-pushers to refrain from using images of African women to “push their shit home-made hand-stitched Kitsch” and instead try to find out what “black women really really want”!!! I doubt very much that they are going to say,”What I really really want to help my life as a Black woman, is a white femi-fascist bureacratic low-IQ tramp, who lives in an inner city mansion, making  handicrafts out of my vagina so that she can sell it for £12.99 but donate £0 to helping any of the colored women she claims she is making these VAGINAS in protest for….cos we are so oppressed and she is here to make £12.99 out of our oppressions, show off to all her white femi-fascists (equally as ignorant) friends about how much they are empowering & educating “oppressed black women” !”

Some people just have no ability to examine their own natural born xenophobia! The best thing to do when you see a white ignorant femi-fascist profitting in this way is to “burn her crap”!

In short. Get a life! If you are REALLY doing Vulvic art in the name of REAL Feminist ideals, please at least read a little about the artistic aspects of it. The point is not to make hideous crude low-brow little jokes….you would go nuts if Guys start wearing their Penis on their heads to “Fist for Patriarchy”, why the hell are you doing the same unless it might actually be “ART”? NO!  Not all faux vaginas are  made equal…some are beautifully made by artists…some are done by well-intended educators…some are done by opportunistic femi-fascist skanks who want £12.99 out of you!

3) Trend 3:  Pandas v. Polar Bears Supermodels of Wildlife conservation.

Years ago the World Wildlife fund picked a Panda as its symbol because it was a really cute & goodlooking endangered species for its “poster child”. Now China has taken this on and Panda lending has become some sort of extended diplomatic arms of the CCP Government in Beijing to “reward” countries that ignore its human rights violation!

In the meantime, Polar Bears are way “in” and extremely endangered because of the Climate Change. But Siku the polar bear from Denmark is not getting any news coverage because of some the hot-potatoes issue that Siku bring about. Even though Siku the polar bear is no less cute & no less endangered than the chinese Pandas (which by now are so over pampered, they have their own genre of “porn” named after them; films made in Thailand to encourage Pandas to “breed”).

I am all for highlighting the issues of endangered species but it seems ridiculous to use it as a diplomatic tool & to politicise the very nature of species’ endangerness. I don’t think that is really furthering the cause of world wildlife conservation. I think it is giving a few governments very good PR in the global media.

This is an extremely Ugly Trend. If we have to be honest, the most ENDANGERED species in China is no longer the Panda, it is the “Freedom Thinker”…everytime an artist, writer or anyone in the arts do anything, their families & they get locked up or disappeared! Nobel Peace Laureat Liu Xiaobo and his wife LIu Xia are still locked up and/or nowhere to be found! When Liu Xia was pregnant, chinese government had thugs harass her on a daily basis in the hope that she would miscarry as a punishment to Liu Xiaobo for penning Charter08!

So if we are really serious about protecting Endangered species in China, maybe we need to start with protecting the nearly extinct “Liu” and countless other “Freedom Thinkers”! Similarly while Siku is a gorgeous supermodel of a Polar Bear, maybe Siku’s fate is tied in with the failure of nearly ALL countries to meet the Kyoto Accord (ironic that it is an “accord” if they all just paid lip service to it and then went on polluting for the next few decades anyway!). So again, if we must find something to politicise, probably the Kyoto Treaty on Climate Change will not photograph as well as grunting, sleeping, slurping and farting Siku the polar bear…but it is EQUALLY at Risk in 2012!

4) Protest & Media Whoring via social media prostitution!

This is not going to be a popular commentary to say that there is too much of a “default lifestyle” made out of the Protest movement, especially in London! There are far too many people media whoring, just wanting to get their 20sec worth of fame in the name of “I’m doing something to bolster my political CV since I can’t get a job just with my degree now the economy has gone bad.”

Protest is not a trendy lifestyle. It is not an impromptu free party where you can get into a bit of a scuffle with the police, get on television shouting & air-fisting and suddenly your troubles are over. I appreciate the reasons why people want to step out and protest. I applaud their exercise of Free speech in a democracy. BUT I am not here to support Trendoid dickheads wanting to horde a bit of media attention with X-factor Protest! The desperation and the low-brow tactics with which these social media protest prostitutes try to turn themselves into overnight temporary protest celebrities has been desperate & counter-productive.

Hopping on the nearest trend does not make you an activists; listening to pointless rants of any political agenda without thinking for oneself does not make anyone an Occupy-Warrior! It makes you just trendoid, desperate and playing the “fame” game. Like prostitution, being a protest celebrity who can shout the loudest in front of a camera really does not require skills. Being a deep-rooted lobbyists, feeling the different pulses and responding to the different “calls for changes” require a little bit more than the ability to “just show up and “air-fist”, pick a fight and get into an altercation with the nearest police”! Any low-IQ idiot can incite violence and you know “pee” on a policeman’s leg to feel like a hero in the moment!

Actually it just shows what a coward the person is! To REALLY stand up in the corridors of power, well-prepared, with a reasoned, rational & yet impassioned voice, articulating clear strategies and a vision for change in practical ways …are the ONLY stuff that REAL lobbyists are made of. If a person can do that, it doesn’t matter who is looking or filming or not…and it doesn’t matter what they called themselves! I for one, am happy to call myself  “Asian Protest Barbie” if what I do, got the laws changed or defended Constitutional protections of civil liberties…actually I don’t care what name anyone gives themselves as long as they got the message heard in the right places!

(c) All rights reserved by Irene / Scottie, Photo Credited to Science and Society Library

So in 2011, while Social media Prostitutes whored it around the social media, gathering large numbers of easily manipulated angry & at times, desperate people to turn themselves into temporary cult figures, I took the advise of those I know who has consistently produced World changing Results from their lobby efforts. The message is simple: “Say what you want and then go about getting it done….in the most influential & deep-seeded way possible. You won’t be a cult figure but if you “for real” about the issues that you feel passionate about, then you don’t want to be a media whore. You want to know that YOU Changed the law and/or proposed workable solutions with the power of your brains and the convictions in your Hearts! Be Strategic, Act quickly by all means but think slowly…Don’t hop on every Protest “party” plan.”

The people I got such advise from have decades of achieving functional, intelligent & effective results advocating for the Grassroots. They don’t win every battle, but they get something advanced in the right direction in the long run!  I am not about to hop on the nearest Fade, even though in many ways I am honored that I was notified of the Occupy Wall St movement and different Effective protests efforts a few months ahead of time. One has to learn to be discerning. One needs to DROP the Protest Social Media Prostitutes and instead listen to the REAL grassroots.

One will not be wasting one’s time in 2012, on those whose only credential in ANY protest movement is to say,” Hey look, I got arrested & was on television. Interview me! PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE…” …:) One might occassionally sharpen one’s sarcasm and wits on them when one is waiting for something important in REAL life to happen….but only if they are deserving of it.

I am happy to leave such “whoring” to those who do not have the strategies, the long-term visions nor the ability to articulate tangible solutions in a genuine way. Fist away, if it entertains you from being retrenched and by all means, let out all your aggression 24/7 making innane Protest statements copied & pasted (stolen) from other people’s social media pages! By all means, start a million different facebook groups PRETENDING to mobilise others in “solidarity to media-prostitute together” OR you can consider this:

1% of the world do 99% of the critical thinking! Don’t hop on a trend just because it gives you an avenue to express angar and frustration. Being a minion is not very rewarding….being  a minion to a Temporary Protest Cult is just sad & tragic!

Ask yourselves, in the long run, What is this protest trying to achieve? What are they REALLY asking for? Do these temporary cult figures REALLY offer a sustainable solution or are they just rousing you up so they can “take advantage” and maybe spew a little bit of Hate and work out their personal life problems to their fan-clubs?

Successful Lobbyists work with complexities, Social Media Protest Prostitutes give you easily packaged soundbytes to get you to FEED their Media whoring. Caveat Emptor- Buyers beware!

*** Camel turds shine like Silver in the sun…..there is no Honour in being on TV for 20sec! If you took off all your clothes and ran naked in the middle of Traffic twiddling  your nipples, probably you will get you on TV AND probably you achieved just as much as the desperate whoring of Social Media Wannabe Protest Prostitutes..and possibly you displayed more skills & finesse in your “twiddlings”!

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    2012: Trends that keep on going..the bad and the truly ugly! lol. This Blog is an outstanding share. Thanks for this writing.


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