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Art Update: Cecilia’s art studio space in the old Church building. ♥ to finish 2013

Sept 2012: I am a little sad that my art studio space will be converted as of  2013 to affordable residential spaces for people to live in over the entire period of 2013 with improvements and renovations! How exciting for the church in the future! 🙂 I’m not sure how many studios they can create out of the large rooms but I really wish the church the best and would like to be thankful for letting me use the space to develop art for Liverpool Bombed out Church Exhibition and for work with Team Robbo at their London Team Rex Exhibition. Thank you to everyone at the Church.

**What this means is that I am looking for a new space and I am hoping it will be more permanent one. 🙂

A sneak peek of one of the Cells in my new art studio…its quite a big space with 4 rooms and a small space for a darkroom if I want go all retro and actually use printed photographs.There is also another room for Screen-printing if I want to set it up…

But that is unlikely as I hate doing the cleaning up with the silkscreens…when 🙂 I am  in a proper Professional printmaking facilities…..there are “helpers”….:P….and you know lots of technicians so I can’t destroy my own equipments…..and knowing what I am like with any kind of “cleaning”……

I miss Edinburgh Printmaker so much…you can see the ex-bf in the Mauve Green Smiley T-shirt in this photo for one of their open days. I have no idea how he got into the picture! You can’t see me here! This is just as well as I definitely did not look glamorous when I was working in there! 😛 Usually I was covered in paint , even in my hair.

However I do ♥ ♥ ♥  the new art studio because it is a place of my own and not a shared an open-plan print studio. I had some great art studios in the past in Melbourne ( Australia), Portland Oregan (USA), Kathmandu (Nepal) and Edinburgh (UK) but this one has a different kind of character. It is not amongst loads of musicians and artists. It is set in an old church.

and it has its own kitchen and stuff…not that  I cook, so mostly the sink is used for cleaning brushes….

and Bigger Bathtub/shower for washing down “stuff”….or dye stuff…but I promised I will repaint the bath-tub back to a white color if I start dying stuff and might stain the white enamel….whatever…:P

So I can make all the mess I want because there’s pretty much space for most things and if I need more space..there’s always the Giant old gym with those gorgeous old oak floorboards.But I think Bikers4jesus have some pretty expensive heavy workout equipments in there, right now ! 🙂 But my little studio space is nothing compared to the size of the gym and the high ceiling and the skylights!

Hmmm….I did not have the heart to remove the hideous Yellow Tartan curtains in the Sewing room left by Bikers4Jesus (who were very proud that they contributed something “girlie” to the place for me….they are brand new :P..OMG…hahahaha…I replaced the “other” set with Beige curtains asap in the painting room under the excuse that I need an all-white blank canvas room to paint in!)

You can’t see it in the pic but Upclose the yellow tartan curtains look like this….:P…..yes, I know I’m obsessing again….I can’t help it….Thank goodness the windows are big and there’s an old tree outside …..

This is the only way I can paint at the antique wooden desk….Yellow tartan curtains drawn aside….:P When it is not so cold…there are “actually” green leaves on the Tree just outside…I have no idea what type of tree is it? How would I know?…its green, its big, its old…its a TREE! ….:/….if you really want to know, which I must say it is not my “thing”, please go and ask the person who does the gardening for the old church….?

I am glad it is one of those old church that does not have dead people buried inside the church ground, cos that would suck when I have to work there late at night! …:) The stainglass windows in the main building are very nice…it has some sort of history….I think it has something to do with the usual Sectarianism in English history…..personally I don’t believe in denominations and/or institutionalisation of any faith (east or west) except for the one that hired my relos….then, I try to give some “due care”; to be supportive to extended members of my family!

I think that is fair enough….I think Bikers4Jesus have the right ideas…go out to do some decent things ….and then people will decide to follow your example if they want to and don’t if they don’t.

Good for Bikers4Jesus (not their real names!) The ones at the old church use a different name but the concept is the same. They set up all sorts of gym equipment in the big old gym space and do counselling work in their local community ….something about getting hoodies to stop doing stupid things for/with drugs? I did not get the details as there’s also a registered Circus that use the space to teach people how to juggle and do “clown” stuff to help kids with learning disability or something….either way…good for them! 🙂

This is the “Blank canvas”….no yellow tartan curtains….:) Sigh…I can paint again! ♥ the wooden floors….wished they were more beige though…but nevermind…don’t think they are about to rebuild the old church for me just to accommodate my need for a Pure White Cube to paint in! 🙂

I don’t think it is a bad effort since I’ve only been in the space for about 2 weeks, I will get there….it took some time to get the walls as white as possible and I have to put in a lot more reflective surface and much better “white” spotlights…..

As I said the old wooden floor, there’s nothing I can do about that…….the good part is  that the local Indian and/or Parkistani shops sell loads of stuff and if coerced they will deliver “just for the church”…lol…so I should be able to keep drinking their Indian Guava fizzy sodas! Lol.

But things are getting painted…..this one is not finished yet by a long shot….

Found all these empty jars in the studio’s kitchenette so put them to good use….as water jars….Recycling, indeed!

Personally I can’t wait to convert this space into a proper storage room and a place to have a little bit of a nap! 🙂 I am going to put shelves in this room so I can store Everything in there, books, film stock, fabrics, paintings, modelling stuff, Dvd, music, magaizines etc….

P.S If you use a modelling wooden figurine…remember to invest in a proper one! I have seen some cheap imitations floating around recently…its completely the wrong proportions and if you use that to do your perspectives…you will end up with figures that look like the Michelin Tyre Man. Yes, real modelling figurine costs more….but you won’t end up with a Blimp!

e.g. the proportion on this one below is slightly wrong…you can see that…it is OBVIOUS. :P…yes, I’m obsessing again! 🙂

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