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From Jan 2012 I’ve said: “Pro-Life, Pro-choice or Just Pro-Compassion?” Wake up World!

This is a very controversial issue and will only get more so as different political lobbies try to use this to mobilise their followers in the Left and the Right…and everything in between.

I want to do a quick summary of my personal position on this issue because I have wrestled with this for a long time for the following reasons:

a) I am postmodern feminist and I had a lecturer in lawschool who was one of the top Feminist Legal reform lobbyist in Australia who made us read every possible cases on the legal issues of abortion & proprietary interests in human tissues.

b) I am also brought up a little bit of a Europhile and I had a constitutional law Upper circuit Judge for a Professor in Sweden who told us about all the things that were done to his colleague by pro-life extreme lobbyists, to get their points across in the USA.

c) I have members of my family who are employed by the Vatican. Yet I have been brought up both Catholic (mom & aunties), Protestant (dad & uncles), Buddhist & Shaolin (grandmother & her side of the family), Taoist (grandfather & his side of the family) and Hindu (the one nanny I had that was not chinese).

d) I am personally very sure that this issue would not really affect me as I live in a world where were I to become pregnant, I would never be left to be an abandoned single mother because the men in my world take parenthood so very Seriously, sometimes a decade of life-planning goes into the final decision to “have a kid”! Yet ironically they also live in a world where many alpha females are choosing not to have children or choosing to delay having children until their 40s.  So the reproductive choices for most of the women in my cosmos, are very much in the hands of the alpha ladies. Its lends a certain objectivity to the decision when one knows one will be supported.

This is my summary of the issue:

I believe:

In the ideal world, as far as  Pregnancy goes: Seahorses got the whole thing sorted out the right way…♥ Fascinating stuff: female deposits her unfertilized eggs into the male, the outer shell of the eggs breaks down, and tissue from the male grows up around the eggs in the pouch. After fertilizing the eggs, the male closely controls the prenatal environment of the embryos in his pouch. The male keeps blood flowing around the embryos, controls the salt concentrations in the pouch, and provides oxygen and nutrition to the developing offspring through a placenta-like structure until he gives birth. ♥ ♥ ♥

I think there is a lot of social pressure for women to want to have children. Funny though, no one ever asked me why I don’t have kids. Once they just see the Giant note I framed from one of  my ex-bf l that reads: “CECILIA, if you forget to feed the bunnies, they WILL DIE! REMEMBER! FEED THEM …EVERYDAY…AT LEAST x1 or 2!!!!!!!!! ”

P.S Its not cruelty I’m just that absent minded. I have a Bunny-sitter for my pet rabbits.Lee picks up & delivers , mani-pedicures them and spends quality time with them..cos I don’t…:P

I do acknowledge that sometimes people say some pretty silly things to pressure women into bearing children. ( Possible Rebuttal to Silly things people say?”

I believe Given the choice, most Intelligent Post-modern empowered women make the Right choice for what is best for themselves and is the lack of trust and need to control that screws up lives, not having “choices”. ♥

That’s why “I agree with Camille Paglia” (Camile article link) and would not like to see too much legal legislations into Women’s sexual choices and/or reproductive freedoms between consenting adults.

Roe v. Wade was a well-considered decision that  balanced the different interests and at the end of the day, it is important to keep a pragmatic approach. Legal or Illegal, Abortion happens in real life.  It needs a REASONED approach and not the hysterical NEEDS of men who want to protect their patrilineage! It is not Faith when you are just trying to protect your “proprietary rights” over 50% of a feotus you created…that of itself is a Propreitary analysis..and I agree with OBama on this issue, it is not about Proprietary interest.

I also think there is Merit to the other side of the debate, that seeks to “counter-leverage & balance” the competing rights, as long as it is based in Rationality and not Emotive hysteria! I don’t think its about supporting Abortion. I think its about supporting Individual decisions based on Compassion and I don’t believe in taking away decisions of others in order to support my theological ideals. I give  Father Frank Pavone my respect because he is trying to take a socratic approach to his side of the argument: He is Correct here: A slogan is not the same as an  in-depth Analysis. He is allowed to state his opinions without being villified or labelled as “women hating”,  in the same way as I do not expect anyone of his supporters to villify others as “child killers”. That is not a compassionate approach to other human beings that are already born!

But I would like to stress that objectively, he seems to be overstating his particular example that are not comparable e.g. Boarding a plane and child-bearing being imposed on women externally in a legally sanctioned way. A truer comparison is Slavery!

I arrived at this conclusion because: We are not here to look at Proprietary rights on human tissues. We are also not here to make one side the devil. We are here to try to take the most compassionate approach possible on a case-case basis.  Generally in law, it is much much more difficult to confer a right that does not exist then it is to moderate an existing right that protects people’s freedom of choice (within limits), so to seek to overturn Roe v. Wade would take away women’s rights irreparably AND create a precedence for looking at Human tissues, foetus etc. in a proprietary way. That is the basis of Slavery. In the same way, having an external entity, be it church, government or just social pressures to protect the patrilineage claim of a man so as to impose a decision on a woman, not just for 9 months but in fact for life is also a form of False imprisonment and sets the precedence for a kind of Benevolent Paternalistic Slavery.

I do not think that is acceptible. I understand  why some men who feel the biological pressure to reproduce and understand why many men feel grief and distress and even RAGE at the idea that women do not want to participant!!  But until such a time as the Seahorse situation can be created, ultimately it is undeniable that because of biological reasons, the act of child-bearing imposes much greater interference on women’s lives than men. It is a greater burden of responsibility. In my humble opinion, she who bears the greater burden of responsibility, must in all fairness be given the greater responsibility of Choice.

I would also like to add that it is not the job of any Feminists ideologies to tell other women what to do, no matter how sure one is right or wrong based on any kind of political  “isms”. I believe this is a case-case individual decision, and the best any kind of feminists lobbies can do is to ALSO refrain from emotive over-statements and stick with the Tasks of protecting Civil liberties from a point of view of compassion.

Ex-bf was more concerned about a bunny with Dirty Feet than I ever was!

4 comments on “From Jan 2012 I’ve said: “Pro-Life, Pro-choice or Just Pro-Compassion?” Wake up World!

  1. Laci
    April 2, 2012

    A pregnancy calendar is developed right after years of research. They reveal the adjustments that occur in your body throughout the entire pregnancy period. However, you could not want to follow a pregnancy calendar religiously due to the fact every single pregnancy is unique. So, you will at risk in real life from what the calendar says….accidents can happen.


    • ceciliawyu
      April 6, 2012

      Laci, I gather you are talking about the good old Catholic rhythm method ????? Yes you are. My dear, you are 100% right, this is not a responsible way of dodging the issue. It does not protect you from VD and HIV! You are right it is not the compassionate choice to advocate this, the better! Please for the sake of all our sanity, please practice Safe Sex in an informed way. Use a condom! I have projects with children in Africa where an entire slum area have 65% of their children born with HIV! Use your conscience! love Cecilia


  2. Rowwhees
    March 22, 2012

    Some of this could relate to the fruits of the earth or your body or the substances which pass through your body. They are emotional baggages you can carry around even when the baby is not with you. I am a Gemini; is one of the four Mutable signs. I see both sides.


    • ceciliawyu
      March 22, 2012

      It is okay to see all sides. I agree, compassion is not about pro-life or pro-choice. Yes, there are serious emotional baggages. Thanks for your honest response! (CC)


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