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Free Human Rights in China! 509,208 Netizens support

From 4th June -11th June 2012, in
509,208 Users said:
Free Liu Xiaobo! Democracy for China! Free Human Rights in China! We are ALL Tank Man! Justice for Li Wang Yang!

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Spotlight on Street Photography Blogs

Originally posted on News:
Public places, candid snapshots, fleeting moments captured. That’s what street photography is all about, and the following eight blogs do it beautifully: Jimmy on…

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Un-official Olympic torch Relay Photos: Sponsors got more airtime than the torch itself! London, 2012 indeed! :)

So Walk the line, Toll the line or just Cross the line……Welcome to London 2012 where an improvished Britain will be here to convince you that they are doing alright and can still afford the Olympic…they can’t….if they have to cut school fundings to get there!

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Love the spirit of Australia! Bucket List Publications by Leslie Carter Thanks You!

Goodluck Leslie. This is not an award, its just my way of saying : “Good on you!” Love Cecilia. Leslie reached 85K of readers a month and nearly achieved 4.6 million readers in its lifetime. I also love that your e-magazine is reaching 35000 hits a day!

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Iprotest because I’m still Standing….:) Liverpool’s Bombed out church

Iprotest because I’m still Standing….:)
4th August 2012, We will be there to say : Iprotest with Creative Free speech for Iprotest Arts Charity. Join us!
source: St.Lukes “bombed out” church, Liverpool.

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Groupon Horror Story : “Naked, covered in Chocolate + shouted at by rude Proprietor and Staff”! Lol.!

I know Groupon was really apologetic, gave me my money back and extra vouchers for use when I book into a different groupon service. BUT GROUPON!!!! YOU LEFT ME NAKED, COVERED IN CHOCOLATE, BANDAGED LIKE A MUMMY AND ABUSED BY the Proprietor & her abusive staff, WHO ridiculed the state of undress, Looked at files ON MY PHONE AND THEN HAD THE NERVE TO TRY TO BULLY ME WITH THE COMMUNITY POLICE! You are joking!?!? Lol.

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Iprotest against President of China Hu Jintao with a white silk scarf….

Iprotest against President of China Hu Jintao with a white silk scarf…. source: Lise Hjorth er idekvinden bag en stille protest mod Kinas opførsel i Tibet.—— Hun opfordrer derfor alle … Continue reading

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Iprotest with my creative energy working creatively with children in Iraq…

Iprotest with the creative energy in my work and working creatively with children in Iraq… Ayub Raoof, 2012

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Aung San Suu Kyi: Iprotest by using my Nobel peace prize to FREE another Nobel Peace laureate!

Iprotest by using my Nobel peace prize to FREE another Nobel Peace laureate! Thank you Aung San Suu Kyi: ♥ Liu Xiaobo is mentioned by the leader of the nobel … Continue reading

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Travel Light! 21 items fit into MY Tiny Eco-Sustainable Gold purse! :) I made it myself!

People go on and on about Women carrying too much in our purses! I always thought this was complete bollocks! I TRAVEL VERY LIGHT!

Some would say snotty little comments like,”That’s because you make everyone else carry the rest!”

That is not true, so I am here to prove it! 🙂

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