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Travel Light! 21 items fit into MY Tiny Eco-Sustainable Gold purse! :) I made it myself!

Its been a very VERY Heavy Week so here is a FUN BLOG !!!!

People go on and on about Women carrying too much in our purses! I always thought  this was complete bollocks!  I TRAVEL VERY LIGHT

Some would say snotty little comments like,”That’s because you make everyone else carry the rest!”

That is not true, so I am here to prove it! 🙂

All this fits in that gold purse. The above  21 items are all the things I need for a weekend away. Haha. Can you  figure out how it all fits in the tiny gold purse…is it a mystery?

Think 🙂

A list of all the items:

  • Iphone
  • Solar powered universal charger
  • city car club that lets you rent an eco car (usually a Prius ) all over the UK for a few hours at a time.
  • Heena Fancy Bindi Body Jewellery
  • Eyeliner
  • Ear-plugs
  • Eye patch
  • x2 Keys
  • Panic Alarm
  • Anti-histamine
  • Dior lip gloss x2
  • A Bracelet
  • MasterCard
  • Small Change
  • Toothbrush
  • toothpick
  • Tissue
  • Water
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental Floss
  • Windproof Waterproof Survival Matches

Give you a clue:

The green solar charger needs to  face a light source and it is the same size as the back of the purse!

The lipgloss x2 is a Dior + bracelet and it connects nicely to the Assault Alarm I got from the community police for free with my keys.

The overnight hygiene pack with toothbrush, water, dental floss & matches, tissue, toothpaste, toothpick & straw can collapse further making room for eyeliner & anti-histamine & earplugs.

The eyepatch folds down and does not take up any more space than the  gold satin lining of the purse….so does the Heena Fancy Bindi (decorative body jewellery)!

Its simple! 🙂 …after doing 2 years of back-packing around the world, you learn to travel light and compact! Enjoy!

The Citycar card that opens the eco Prius rental deal & the tiny MasterCard & small change pack down really easily since they are  flat.

…and I am doing my bid for the environment…:)

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