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Spotlight on Street Photography Blogs

This is exactly what I had in mind today…when I see how some of the people I’m mentoring with very little formal arts education are busting their guts to learn something new! I see too many cliches (photocopies of photocopies of others ideas being replicated ad naseum online!) ..and I wanted them to look at something beyond the cliche. But in order to do that, you have to start with the generic cliche of what is being passed around online!

Sorry  but some of the choices of blogs  made above are pretty much from an artistic sense, a photocopy of many many many copies of National Geographics stuff. But  I thank you for compiling it so that I can show my Student what is the “norm” in order that they may break away from it.

I know  wordpress is here to encourage others with an “Anyone can do it attitude” but in the art realm, its a Quality control issue. Excuse the fascism of the precision that it takes to explore new grounds but we are not here to make replicas of great work done in the past……my comments are not here to offend…but I would like to  blog beyond the middle of the Bell curve. So thanks for a visual reference of what is “ordinarily of interest”…..

I hope my students strive for Excellence which may be of “no ordinary interest”….

One thing I say there is in common…I like the Never Quit attitude!

I keep telling them there is a reason why they stood out amongst so many who try to get attention….they just NEVER QUIT…and they have talent that could be developed more! 🙂

This is NOT a cliche and it is hard to explain why …mostly  it is in the precision of the execution of details & aesthetics: News

Public places, candid snapshots, fleeting moments captured. That’s what street photography is all about, and the following eight blogs do it beautifully:

Jimmy on the Run

365 From the Archive

Über die Webbographie

Sami Alramyan

Without an H

Perpetuum Mobile

A Walk with My Camera

Bones, Mugs & Harmony

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    August 8, 2012

    I��m glad that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing, greetings fr DK


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