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Groupon Horror Story : “Naked, covered in Chocolate + shouted at by rude Proprietor and Staff”! Lol.!

An update to this horrendous Story! August 2012, Groupon Continues to Advertise the service of these people in spite of being notified of the long files and history of abusing customers and complaints against the Business in question! Anything for a cheap %?

 Why do they abuse customers and make racist allegations when confronted with their lack of service? Why do they steal my mobile phone and commit Assault?  see groupon page

We use Groupon whenever I want to check out a new place because you don’t want to risk paying full price for a massage or spa treatment that may not be ideal.  Over the years, I’ve found some really good places to go to, especially when I move to a new city. One Spa I used for 2 years regularly once a month  after being introduced to them via a groupon deal, until the main massuer who did my Deep tissue massage left and I felt I had to shop around for a new one!

Comments from Groupon UK: Groupon has The Groupon Promise’ which means that if your experience using your Groupon ever lets you down, we’ll make it right or return your purchase either as cash or as a Groupon UK credit. Groupon takes customer and partner satisfaction very seriously and we’re very sorry to hear about a disagreement between one of our business partner’s and a customer. We have been in touch with both of the parties involved and we would like to encourage them both to communicate offline in order to resolve their issue in an amicable way. We would also like to stress that the views expressed here are not the views of Groupon UK

Unfortunately in the course of my Shopping around,  my latest experience  with Groupon was so Bad, You could not even imagine it in a movie!

I am going to Let my Letter to Trading Standard Tell this INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUSLY BAD GROUPON EXPERIENCE!

I know Groupon was really apologetic, gave me my money back and extra vouchers for use when I book into a different groupon service. BUT GROUPON!!!! YOU LEFT ME NAKED, COVERED IN CHOCOLATE, BANDAGED LIKE A MUMMY AND ABUSED BY the Proprietor & her abusive staff,  WHO ridiculed the state of undress, Looked at files ON MY PHONE AND THEN HAD THE NERVE TO TRY TO BULLY ME WITH THE COMMUNITY POLICE! You are joking!?!? Lol. 

No, I did not look this “hot” smeared in chocolate mud! 🙂

But it was very Unnatural, Wrapped up like a Mummy..having a nut-case shouting “XY @# ” abuse at you! lol.

My Letter to Trading standards: You have to laugh or you will cry!!!

16th June 2012

Dear Trading Standard

I just had the worst, most disgusting salon experience of my life!

In the middle of me standing butt-naked, getting a chocolate body wrap, the owner of the business  ran up to the treatment room, shouting at her worker claiming we were talking too much.

We were happy until the owner started screaming at people!

I find that really disgusting because to provide a service to a client, if we choose to talk and we are happy while for the most part a client is naked, feeling a little bit exposed; it is not the right place to reprimand your staff.

On top of that the salon was in a disgusting state of disrepair. There was no door on the treatment room. It was cold. The pillows were being re-used without a towel over it. The wrap-suit given to me to put on subsequently was dirty and re-used. The whole place looked like a junk yard. The polite masseur tried to apologise and explained that they were renovating. So I over-looked it.

Yes, the chunky “creature from the “beauty salon” of Hell REALLY called me a “F*ckin’ groupon muppet”…Classy hey?

But when I politely asked the owner to refrain from Abusing her staff in front of me and barging into my treatment room, she threw into a blind rage! Then she asked another personnel to come  up and started harassing me with abuse, claiming they wanted to throw me out wrapped in chocolate and bandage!

I was shocked and as the rather chunky troglodyte  (lol.) came towards me threateningly shouting, “You are just a groupon muppet! F*ck …blah-blah…f*ck you…”

She claimed that I was video-taping her when I answered a phone call from my friend whom I phoned in Distress and was trying to return my call.  On hearing the male voice on the other side of the line, S the owner and her 2 other staff snatched my phone from my hand, STOLE my phone and started looking through all my files in my phone, claiming they were going to delete whatever alleged video I was taking.

I told them they had just commited Assault and Battery. S said, “It is your words against ours. You have had half your treatment, you are not getting your money back and you are not getting the rest of your treatement. Get the f*ck out or I will call the police and there’s 3 of us so the police would believe us over you.”

Her thug-like assistant continued to go through my phone while hurling Illiterate abuse at me. They were looking at pictures of my cat, my home and snap shots of my friends having cocktails. I found that really disgusting!  It was like they were getting some sort of Kinky pleasure out of this invasiveness!

I found that the entire manners of S and all the “staff” disgusting, Illiterate & abusive. They locked my friend out of the salon so that I was locked into their place. When the police came, he explained that it was a trade dispute. I said, “I feel violated, exposed and psychologically raped by these people shouting at me while I was naked wrapped in bandage.”

BUSINESS Success was DEFINITELY NOT where “The Salon of Hell” was heading!

The community police said he would give them a warning but said he did not see that arresting people would improve the situation or change how these individuals behaved. I found that a very strange reaction.  As we walked out calmly, the very helpful salon owner and the staff next door told me that these people had done this before to other customers  REGULARLY!

We reported these disgusting and abusive people to:

Groupon Trading standard

Health department in the local council

(c) Caron B London

When I called the community police, I was embarassed and the police woman said on the phone,” Can you just give me a second to check with my superior, in 10 yrs of doing this job,I have NEVER come across an incident like this! I would not know what to advise you!”

Then she came back and gave me the place to contact Trading Standard! I complained that the business should not advertise as a Female-only environment if they have workman fixing something at the stairs and “other” people around with no door on the treatment room!

The Group-on deal they were full till October!!! 😦 I worry that this kind of bullying will happen to others just beacuse the owner & staff had “another bad day”!

Don’t anyone dare to say PMS? lol. Cos according to that theory All of Paris would be in a perpetual state of Pre & Post MS…Oh please! Seriously? Don’t even go there, dear readers! 🙂

I strongly recommend anyone who does not wish to be given treatment in a DOORLESS room & have their personal privacy invaded , to just get your money back via Groupon. It is like being given a massage by the entire Cast of the TV series “Shameless”. Groupon customers should be aware that some business are just out to make a quick bucks providing a service that is cheap, nasty & sordid. It is very unfortunate. But I have to admit,this is the ONE andONLY time I’ve had a negative experience with Groupon. The last few years had been positive, so Yes, I think it is THIS SALON specifically and not necessarily the Groupon process.

Yes Alarm bells came up but I ignored it thinking, “Oh this is a local business so I could give them a chance in difficult economic times.” But clearly, some “local” business need to end, when the owner is dishonest, abusive and extremely unsympathetic & rude to me as a woman standing there naked, covered in chocolate! No one should be treated this way when their friend gave a relaxing experience as a gift! Perhaps the ONLY Groupon Muppets are those whose business sense is so poor, they feel they are making a loss by having customers and felt the need to vent at the customers instead of …I don’t know….Learn Maths?

yours sincerely,


RESULTS: Trading Standard is investingating them. If the owner of this Salon and her staff had harassed you or your partner in the past, please ring Trading Standard:

The Salon has been reported to Trading Standards and I have been promised that they will get a visit from the local office. If you are worried about things that proprietor  and his staff had done, please report the incident using this reference REF: CS10422707  Trading Standard Phone number is: 08454040506 as advised by the community police.

If you want to talk to Groupon about your past experience with this “business”  or get your money back.

Groupon Phone: 08444962434

I talked to Groupon and they gave me an apology, 100% cash refund + vouchers towards next purchase so I am Happy with Groupon and just hope that they would do more Quality checks on their vendors.

*****Feel free to leave a comment if you would like more information about this incident! Just know that you are not alone and there are Many others who had been rudely abused by the Proprietor of this Salon !

*** The whole point of this blog is to make sure that People are not Treated that way by the Proprietor and the staff of this business Again! BUYERS BEWARE!

*** I am advised to not publish the Direct details of the business owner  just in case this puts the  Staff at risk since MANY  unhappy customers may have partners who did not realise the Groupon present they booked for their girlfriend/partner/wives were delivered by these rude and obnoxious people making inappropriate representations of the environment of delivery of service!

This blog has been modified at the polite request of the Community Police so as to protect the identity of the individuals because of the nature of the Equal Opportunity Law that covers gays, lesbians, transgender & sexual protection. At all materials times, the intention of this blog was to highlight the atrocious service, physical intimidation and bullying I received using one vendor via Groupon. There is a fine balance between Free Speech v. Social Civic Responsibility. I do my best to get the balance right but when one is bullied unfairly…by hysterical & unreasonable people (no matter what colour, creed, race or sexual orientation they are)….it is hard to not call a spade a spade in this world where some of the things we are asked to swallow is not just counter-intuitive, it is painful to those who believe in the Socratic method and critical thinking. But one must accord the same rights to the banale & under-developed as to those who work hard to keep others safe ! In a way, I do it out of my personal respect for the graciousness and difficult job the community police have to face. They have to deal with some awful troglodytes and had their funding cut by the government so they have to pay for their own tea/coffee in Britain, in the meantime places like Scandinavia are putting on MORE police/teachers/health care workers….go figure? Life is not fair sometimes.

However I am prepared to keep working on the right balance as more and more complex issues appear in the Blog-a-sphere of Sustain-able! We are blessed for that and I thank the universe for its graciousness and my readers for their discernment & their refinement.

On a different note, another fellow Melbournite Julian Assange has done a runner because of Wikileak….well bon voyage Jules, we think Ecuador will be fab…think of all the “marvellous” chocolates! 🙂 But do rethink, poor Ms.Khan will lose her £20000 bail deposit she paid for you. Julian, you really are a country Victorian Bogan! hahaha. We love Wikileak…but for goodness sake, PUT on a condom! lol.
Anyway readers, unlike Wikileak, this modification to my blog will ensure the identity of the individuals are protected even the rude & the banale. Namaste. XOXO. 🙂


15 comments on “Groupon Horror Story : “Naked, covered in Chocolate + shouted at by rude Proprietor and Staff”! Lol.!

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    • ceciliawyu
      January 3, 2013

      hahahahaha. Thank you…but I doubt very much that the Hairy Troglodytes business will be “floating” in the stock market anytime too soon and we both know that Groupon shares are nose-diving faster than the USA fiscal cliff….but if you are a hedge-fund baby…then don’t send me links to your Russian Roulette disguised as stockmarket…just send me 10% of your daily pirating…..(use donate button to the right) and I promise I will convert it into completely un-hedge-fundable things like Sustainable Arts/Culture , Dance therapy for Rape victims and others things that won’t make your children cry and your wife leave you! 🙂

      This is not a movie, this is a documentary! Too bad you can’t “short” groupon for me for the ultimate Sino-Russo Revenge! hahahhaa.

      Oh Gosh, forgot…..we can! hahahha.


  2. Carol
    October 8, 2012

    hey nice article, sorry the shop keepers are such freaks! thanks for your work to warn others! Groupon really lied to you!


  3. Mike H
    September 6, 2012

    Since living in England, I have found the police to be less than useless. Even when they witnessed an attack, they didn’t see who attacked first punch so they couldn’t charge anyone, despite one person lying in the bushes, scratched and bleeding profusely. They generally take the route of least resistance. In some ways, they want to be more effective, but their hands are tied by the courts. I’ve also been lied to by the police, apparently it IS illegal for my neighbor to call my work, harrassing me and trying to get me fired.

    When they took your phone off you, their fingerprints were on it. You should have demanded (despite the inconvenience) that the police take it in as evidence and have it fingerprinted. This would have supported your story and proved them to be liars. No proprietor would have any reason to handle your phone.

    Once your despute is resolved through trading standards (which are not as ineffectual as the police), I hope you publish the proprietors information. Free speech and public safety are major concerns. The illusory threat to the business is bogus at best. If someone did go down there and do something about their behavior, it would have been as a direct result of the business’ actions, not that fact that you published their information. If anything, not publishing it protects groupon from having to pay out refunds, and allows the business to continue harming the public. As a member of Which?, I’d be interested to make sure they are suggested by Which? Local.

    Good luck and be careful. If something doesn’t seem right, err on the side of caution.


    • ceciliawyu
      September 6, 2012

      Hi Mike, nice to meet you. Maybe you got here from

      As for your issue, I’m not sure why you said that the police lied to you?

      ANYONE working in a Public councils, police force etc. When a police/public servant steps out in a uniform he or she represents the institution during working hours and in some type of positions even when they are not on duty. So if a person is in that role making racist and violent comments, he/she needs to be reprimanded and the only way that can be done is if Members of the public affected by this make the appropriate complaints. That is not harassment, that is straight-up Normal Complaints procedure. I am not sure why this is not Obvious unless someone is illiterate and cannot understand simple administrative and ombudsman procedures.

      Complaints procedure for UK police is here:
      Complaints procedures against any Political office and Local Council is here:
      Complaints procedures against Local Council workers just do a quick search online and they have to provide the avenues of complaint.

      Some places like Islington council will try to do a cover up with fake allegations of harassment to cover up their mistakes. (i had this with a mental health asylum seeker living near me who got dumped by the council of islington with no heating in the middle of winter.) But concerned neighbors all got together gathered these pieces of papers from the individual false accusations because her case worker wanted us to just not make a fuss while the girl was stuck in a flat with not even a blanket crying her eyes out! We send it to the press and forward it to all local mps in the area and office of those in westminister. Dont forget to cc. a copy to the department concerned and bcc. The press. You never know…it could end up in a european union mass action.

      *** Anyone who uses the police or any other position of authority to abuse others and then prevent them from complaining should be directed Immediately to the press and the overseering legislative authorities like the ombudsman, just fill in the complaints procedure form online and if there is a departmental cover-up and/or failure to investigate, the information about what they did sent to the press! This is all explained in their complaints website. Just google the information.

      In this case, I chose to work with the police on a revised copy of this blog that is acceptible because the idea of millions of people around the world reading this blog might have worried the vendor (but seriously, boohoo, if you are such an illiterate troglodyte that you join your skanky workers to abuse customers, maybe you just need to get an education and stop wasting your life on waxing your own and other’s hairy crotch?) so I just made the adjustments as requested, it does not change the substance of the complaint but Groupon didn’t care!

      Somehow the local police gave me the impression that the vendor felt extremely publically humialiated. But this person had a track record of violent outburst towards women…so yes…failure to investigate is helping an unscrupulous business low life like that victimse others…that is why many went forward with the trading standards complaints!

      Well…maybe low lives preying on others in their businesses should stop thinking every asian woman is an easy target to bully and will just keep quiet and take it out of fear?

      Groupon on the otherhand just don’t care or else they wouldn’t re-use this Vendor again and put more women at risk! Then again it only makes it easier for a mass action against groupon now that they have been notified. So in a way, it is Groupon that ended up encouraging this type of situation as they make the most money out of it.

      Thank you very much.


  4. Blob Blobb
    June 23, 2012

    Like when u got stuck in Poland in a Sauna with big Giant hairy Polish steamy buns! Where was this?
    London@Cockfosters????????????? LMFAO.


  5. Dr H.D. Yu (MD)
    June 22, 2012

    Email the details. I will send you some medical references. Call your aunty. She tried to call you.


    • ceciliawyu
      June 22, 2012

      Thanks. I’m fine! Am talking with founder of medical charity HOW now. I will call her after we take the rescue Kitten to church 🙂
      Yeah the pesty ear-mites are still there. I don’t know what to do.:/ Might have to call Erika the vet! hahahaa.


  6. Groupon UK
    June 21, 2012

    Groupon takes customer and partner satisfaction very seriously and we’re very sorry to hear about a disagreement between one of our business partner’s and a customer. We have been in touch with both of the parties involved and we would like to encourage them both to communicate offline in order to resolve their issue in an amicable way. We would also like to stress that the views expressed here are not the views of Groupon UK


    • ceciliawyu
      June 21, 2012

      Groupon I received your refund and the vouchers. I really appreciate how fast you got the money side of this resolved.

      The matter is now left with Trading Standards. No one wants to revisit the matter as it is highly embarassing.

      ***At all material times, I am expressing my direct experience of the situation and do not represent the views of Groupon; however I would hope Groupon take this matter more seriously in the foreseeable future….given there is a history of customer abuse if one bothered to google search and check the location of the vendor.

      all the best. CC


    • pam
      November 26, 2012

      Groupon, you may be very sorry but you’re still allowing them to use your services! I I have just been on the phone to your customer services due to a hideous experience I’ve just had, leaving my nails wrecked and me in agony. I will be going to trading standards as well.


      • ceciliawyu
        November 26, 2012

        Sorry to hear that. Be careful those unreasonable troglodytes in that beauty salon from hell can be prone to violence as you can read from my experience. Make sure you are not alone if you deal with them And we also complained publicly in groupon facebook page….and make sure you get 100% of your money back.

        This is my artist impresssion of what those troglodytes look like when they were yelling and behaving like hairy animals! 🙂


  7. helpinghow
    June 18, 2012

    Holy mother of god !!!!!! Hahaha and my very favorite American saying “eeewwwwe”!! That is some scary shit!!! And also “chocolate wrap” really???? Oh myyy!! I knew there was a reason I don’t “groupon”!! Mr. Dat says “you pay peanuts, you get monkey’s” very fitting here!! Xoxo


    • ceciliawyu
      June 18, 2012

      Nooooo! hahhahaa…the chocolate body wrap was nice until the Horrific owner interfered with the deranged angry screaming!

      If she had not, I wouldn’t even notice anyone had a “STAFF ISSUE” (cos I’m soooo observant that way! lol.) and I would have just had my chocolate detox facial AND chocolate mud body wrap!!! But the place was disgusting and they shouldn’t have to have a repairman at the stairs of the 2nd floor if they take me up to the 3rd floor and there’s NO DOOR! I think they changed their names Many times to avoid Trading standards closing them down because of other complaints online! We were told they used to be called something else.


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