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Un-official Olympic torch Relay Photos: Sponsors got more airtime than the torch itself! London, 2012 indeed! :)

So the Olympic torch came past the church place where I have my art studio!

Ho-Hum. It was 3mins of excitement and about 10mins of Official sponsors message!

Here are the pictures, oooooh….look at the Bling-bling British Gold Torch…….Happy Happy Mighty Blighty… We just cut all the education in this area of schools so now all your kids no longer get science labs and art classes…Happy, happy! 🙂

Brought to you by Coca-Cola, Samsung and Lloyds bank……

Notice the Diversity that was NOT represented in the Union Jack waving version.

See the futility of the Local Croissant Commies trying to “take a stance” and ended up making the whole place look “fuller” in counter-productive fashion…because as Anglo-Crossiant Commies they wore the Union Jack…and that boys and girls is why Croissant Communism in Britain is just done by spoilt little knobs with some theories about Marx/Red/Socialist/whatever who don’t want to work and are happy to Air-fist on the DSS money they swindle out the system! Once they were the “backbones” of the Empire, now they are just “fish-bones” that occassionally gets a croaking….

I got a free bottle of Coke Zero with an official Olympic Logo so all is not lost….FINALLY London 2012 Olympic has given me something…..well…my kitty-cat beg to differ….

It looks nice when you take a close-up shots but in fact the street was very empty……

There were almost as many police representatives as there were people greeting the torch….

We had no idea who is this guy carrying the torch….?????????

What’s more…in a way….no one really wondered in the situation…..though those rounded up all took the 10mins out to take some photos and just checked out the spectacles on the street…and this is what sponsors rely on to get “their money’s worth”! …see how Croissant Commies managed to give the impression that they are supporting the whole thing because they wouldn’t know how to Innovate if Karl’s grave depended on it! lol.

So Walk the line, Toll the line or just Cross the line……Welcome to London 2012 where an improvished Britain will be here to convince you that they are doing alright and can still afford the Olympic…they can’t….

And this was brought to you by the Happy Deeds of Lloyds TSB and the rest of their banking friends who interestingly made a killing inflating share prices, created an economic bubble, encouraged your British government to turn a blind eye to China’s human rights violation in order to secure more contracts and had a very very good time in China’s Olympic 2008….

and Samsung…..

But now…as you can see…the only LOCAL business benefiting from all this International Fanfare is this Ice-cream van who followed the trail of the torch and hopefully sold a few soft-cones! 🙂

I promise you tomorrow in the news, there will be Great Big Union Jack Waving crowds saying that the Torch Relay was Loved by all and Extremely Crowded and Successful! 🙂 I know I was seriously “pushing” past all those who Worship the Olympics….One Pommie Nation under God, Queen, Sell-out Trade Unionist, brain-dead Reds, Asbo kids  and Coca-Cola (the official sponsors of London 2012 (c) trademarked, not to be sold seperately)

I was challenged by Royalist John (:) just kidding Mincing my words) to find the torch-bearer on the Official Olympic website to curb my cynicism…. guess what, John?  I can’t find the specific guy here!!! Do you know why????

They decided that with the 8000 names, they will only do Highlights of whoever they decided they felt like doing highlights of and guess what? Funny how all the photos are the ones that look “happy happy blighty mighty”….and the rest can just…”shooooooo…yokels….shooo”? 🙂 Seriously…..Funny how they didn’t forget to put up the entire lists of sponsors thought?

Well you tried and I tried….but I’m not really feeling Gold about the over-domination of Corporate Sponsors… Life goes on….

7 comments on “Un-official Olympic torch Relay Photos: Sponsors got more airtime than the torch itself! London, 2012 indeed! :)

  1. liquid chocolate £1.99!
    November 16, 2012

    greetings I’m Sara and I was watching this! I’m such a silly girl but I still really loved your writing and your crazy advise about chocolate sauce! Lmfao.


    • ceciliawyu
      November 16, 2012

      Sara…yeah I know its you! lol…I never told you to get the £1.99 for 2 litres version…I said that would probably be a VERY BAD idea! I suggested “Less is More” and told you to at least go for Lindt…but no…no…no….somebody has to go for the cheap/cheerful and scary version! hahahhahahah.


  2. l m j honey
    July 10, 2012

    If you want to accurately accuse bodies of swindling money out the system look to the banks.


    • ceciliawyu
      July 10, 2012

      No accusations needed. I’m aware there’s something with Barclays recently in the UK. But I’m just saying: “hey, it is moronic to cut education to pay for a one-off event that effectively doubles as yet another Trade fair for branding only.”

      thank you for your comment. All the best. CC


  3. Mincing My Words
    June 25, 2012

    There’s a list on the Olympic web page of all the people carrying the torch and it gives the reasons behind their nomination. The guy I saw was a 73 year old who has spent 30 years raising money for leukemia research and he was over the moon to be taking part, my cynicism evaporated! Just sat having a Nature Valley bar now, it’s the official cereal bar of London 2012, in case you were wondering!


    • ceciliawyu
      June 25, 2012

      Hi Mincing my words. Thank you for that! I am sure every person carrying the torch achieved a great deal in life. Please don’t get me wrong..I’m not bashing those who work their whole life to achieve excellence in sports, charity etc…..

      *** What I am saying is, the official sponsors with all their Logos, detract from the efforts of those who selflessly do what they do to “further the human race”.

      It is very straight forward, there are different ways of sponsoring….I’ve worked with many charities where sponsors do not feel the need to dominate the situation ….

      We can enjoy the sports and the excellence without having our minds BRANDED by Globalised sponsors who in fact take away from the overall health of a local, regional, country economy while professing to “support” it.

      I recommend everyone read Naomi Klein’s No Logo, if you are interested in this issue.

      Lets not let the Glamour detract from the fact that many of those kids lining the street had their school fundings cut to a point where my local church is providing supplementary art classes and science labs to make up the short fall. I don’t give to charity in order to get something back and I certainly don’t expect 2mins of torchbearer preceded by 15mins of sponsor’s vans!


  4. You have a very nice collection of walkin wardrobes or closets. The room with the sloping ceiling is very nice.

    Reply from Cecilia: Hey daniel, I know why you said your comment disappeared…You put the comment in the wrong comment box! haha. Well thank you for reposting in the right one! cheers. CC


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