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Mexico : El peso de la casa no recae sobre la tierra sino sobre una mujer?

El peso de la casa no recae sobre la tierra sino sobre una mujer…The house does not rest on the earth, but on a woman.

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End Sex Tourism! A photo documentation of trafficking: “not Natasha!” by Dana Popa

Natasha is a nickname given to prostitutes with Eastern European Looks. This is a really heart wrenching photo documentation of Eastern European Sex Trafficking!

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4-12-13 Delivery

Originally posted on okie urban greens:
Ironic….housing committee would like me to go down to the allotment tomorrow, knowing full well, my gardening skill is a war-crime……keep an open mind, check these Micro-greens out and also Check out Rick’s info about it!

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Maslow Hierarchy of needs and “Keep on Stepping” shoes!

If my empowered, intelligent, beautiful and witty friends can do that, it is no one’s business if they want to have fun and post pictures of their pedicures and their super-power heels …

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Iron Hag’s funeral day? Watch 400+ “Weak , Feeble” Free “Left-ish” Documentary Films online, thanks Silicon Valley! lol.

For her funeral, I intend to…be all “weak and feeble” as Baroness Thatcher would say, get myself some Vino Argentino Bebida Nacional …and watch some of those Corporate Silicon Valley FREE 400+ “left-ish” documentary ….Thanks Geeks!

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China appropriates Ecaudorian Amazon Jungle for Gold Exploitation

Originally posted on SELVA- Vida Sin Fronteras:
THE AMAZON PINK DOLPHIN’S VOICE “To get the gold, they will have to kill every one of us” The most-storied warrior tribe in…

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Updated 12/3/13 Lifestyle: 30th Floor Compact/ Tiny Living: Eco-Style Fusion Mission!

I set myself a near impossible task of putting it together a list of guidelines for the way I will set about using the space. Actually some people suggested it by getting me to look at “Tiny House” and “Compact LIving” and other such blogs …

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Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore.Video going viral!

Generally speaking, before administering Medicines to the world as the “Watch-dog” of the world…it is very important to follow one’s own prescriptions for healing one’s own illness first. No wonder this video is going viral!

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Cecilia’s take on Permaculture, Urban Gardens, Hydroponics and Hobby farms! Chi Seen!

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Please have a look at my newest video (the English version of the former in Spanish) : Sustainable food aid at home – PART 1…

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England: iVenture with The Four Seasons’ Needle Workers

I am sure the models wearing it will blush when they find out it could be their grannies who knitted it especially the Asian ones! Top secret, no blabbing! 🙂 It is “ART” when we do it! (in-joke)

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