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蟹农场 Hong Kong …All IN for Edward snowden!

Honestly! So Regina IP says Edward Snowden should leave Hong kong…that is a good enough reason for Hong kong to keep hiding him! hahahaha. the Red Skank Pig is a disgrace in denying 6’4 and anyone with a conscience should make it our reflex action to do the opposite of anything that “Scarlet Harlot” suggests Hong kong should do! hahahaha. cheers this cartoon is hilarious! 


Actually we really don’t care who the hell is Edward Snowden or Julian Assange (except that he is thick-as-thieves with some CEO from Google, which makes him an honorary Hong Kong citizen because we LOVE anyone who hangs out with people who owns a wad-load of stuff! )!

Don’t listen to that Julian giving you advise about where to hide, if he was so good at it, he would not be stuck in a basement in London for 18months! 

Relax mate, let Hong kong help you….ignore the Bogan’s advise….you made a good choice to come over to us! 🙂 


Chinese world couldn’t care less who Edward Snowden is! Our media barely acknowledge your existence! If that dum cow did not blow the whistle on you in the chinese media, we wouldn’t even know you were hanging out in Hongkers! lol.

But now that we know, it is more important to us that if Red Skank Regina IP decides to ask him to leave because Beijing wants him to leave, then Hong kong should have him! 

Afterall We are really used to hiding people persecuted by Commies…we don’t care if they are done by Mao or Ma-Obama…..we just like to hide people who like to exercise their free speech especially if they annoy commies or that type! hahahaha.


So Please Hong kong, Lets keep “Edward Snowden” the poor piglet from Harm afterall….it will really make Regina IP go the same color as her cheap, illiterate, media-whoring skankiness…aka RED ! hahahahaha. And in Hong kong we all know….”Better Dead than…”

It is better Edward Snowden, you are stuck in a Hong kong hotel than Ecuadorian Consulate...we have much better chefs and our services are worldclass! Enjoy HK!

It is better Edward Snowden, you are stuck in a Hong kong hotel than Ecuadorian Consulate…we have much better chefs and our services are worldclass! Enjoy HK!

THAT is a good enough reason to move him from Hakka boats to Hakka boats…..C’mon Hong kong, we know how to do that! hahaha. Just negotiate him like a cargo by weight! We definitely know how to do that!!! 

Quote from Snowden (source ) said that he chose Hong Kong because the city has “a spirited commitment to free speech and the right of political dissent”!

You did the right thing, Edward! 🙂

XXOO Cecilia

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