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My Accidental Social Entreprenuer Annual Report (2012-2013)!

Companies info update so far…for 2013! This is a combined Report of activities from 2012-2013! Read it and realise this is an Authentic record of how it all got started and where the strategies are heading or where I have been  clueless but very fortunate because I was  supported by some of the world’s most talented people in their area of work. once submitted a companies statement in terms of a Horoscope reading. There are no rules about how any companies do their reporting and nor should I confine my combined statements to boring lists.  Especially as I must in 2013, include being a country rep for Voices of Women as part of my annual updates.

I could break some boundaries and veer away from  a conventional presentation!

CCprofile Cat

yu-tag.jpg   Sustain-able is something that started as a social enterprise registered in the UK in 2010 but over the years, it was   clear to me that a different paradigm was needed so I took it out of Companies House UK and took it to a glocal collaborative project model. So far, it is going pretty well and the long term plan is to go straight to UN with it when there’s enough data for it to be worthwhile for me to do so.

In the past year, Sustain-Able participated in a number of high profiles and also low-key grassroot endeavours and here they are by country/region:

Africa: Jan 2013 with the briliant networks of PEPA L’humanitaire, we ran a weekend workshop of  “My Body My Dance” for victims of Rape as Weapons of conflict in Uganda. The core message being, “No Shame, No Blame!” to the victims.

In the Christmas of 2012, I realised a life long dream of exhibition at the Cairo Opera house gallery with a member of the Egyptian Artist Guild, in the midst of a National protest against abuse of Constitutional Freedom; events which led to the overturning of President Morsi on 4th July 2013.

Asia: Postcard to Japan” for victims of the Tsunami, continued its 3rd year national Tour of various prestigious venues.

I am really honored to be appointed the country representative for Voices of Women Worldwide TV and be asked by Director Vinanti Sarkar Castellarin to be a Producer for her “Women Who Dared: Female World Leaders” production which will feature interviews with some very high-powered top female leaders around the world.

On the last day of 2013, netizons along with engineered a viral protest online against the Brutal Rape of Damini in India, the result was that we reached a minimum of 7million views in 13 hours.

10 years + into our work is my role on the Advisory board of Kebs Group which includes academy, higher education , registration for engineering degrees and hospitals with aftercare facilities for the elderly. Nepal is the 2nd poorest country in the world, yet this project has been 100% locally funded and a Social Enterprise that preserves the importance of education, healthcare and cultural sustainability.

On top of the Himalayas, work is continuous amongst the Sherpas community to highlight the need for Eco-sustainability such as eco-sustainable guesthouses and an end to pollutions from vehicles! We only have one Himalayas, it is in all our interest to preserve the natural cultural sustainability of the region! This is our 8th year in our support of the works by the various Sherpa Tribes of Annapurna and Everest Region.

As always, Hong kong’s democratic future and our protection of Creative Free speech is an annual occurence. 2012, the main focus was Education in Hong Kong free from Political agendas “Eye on Objective Critical thinking” . 1st July Democratic Peaceful protest in Hong kong saw 400,000 citizens taking to the streets and we supported many peaceful lobbyists in their endeavours directly. Over a period of 6 days, our Free Nobel Peace Laureate LIu Xiaobo reached half a million.

Translating the Death of Activist Li Wang Yang was one of the hardest request I undertook in 2012. But it was very important as the news reached me several days before it appeared in mainstream international media, so my translating and commentary became one of the primary english source about the issue from the chinese speaking world. Nevertheless, the injustice and abuse of his human rights was so violent, it was horrific in translation.

With the help of Baiqiao Tang, former student leader of Tiananmen 6’4 1989 Chinese democracy movement, I tried to take the Chen Guangcheng’s youtube video chinese transcript Baiqiao sent me so that I could translate it but I was so shocked by the content, the task was very upseting. We did our best. We are very glad Chen is safe in America.


Work with the Four Seasons Needle Workers continue to develop a clothing label that weaves a tale of World War II adventures; real life experience of hiding “Anne Franks types” from Nazi Germanies, female cross-generation empowerment with these incredible women of heart, generosity and substance who run the WEA (Workers Education Association) ; the silent majority of feminine strength that took Churchill to victory and never surrendered to censorship, oppression or traditional gender stereotypes.

It was an honour to be invited to be part of the Christmas Pop up shop at the Google Head-office, London  2012.

Iprotest 2012 ” Nothing Left to Burn”  was a cultural event at the Bombed out Church (St.Lukes) in Liverpool. Many artists, musicians and creatives participated. It was an incredible journey of artistic visions and discovery.

Supporting the local circus trainers to Empower and Build confidence for young women was a fun and scary thing to do.

Our multi-media arts performance at  Team Rex : Origins of the species was considered a surprising fusion of fine art and graffiti art world. Art talk at Team Rex (Red Gallery) became part of the Team Rex movie about neo-futurism and the next wave in global graffiti art movement. Finding a link between Graffiti and chinese Calligraphy was a humbling aesthetic lessons in the transcultural nature of art.

Words cannot describe my appreciation for Virtuoso Zi lan Liao who took time out of her busy performance schedule to create a multi-media performance art experience called “Hell, Money!” with me. She is as generous as she is talented.

Thanks for the the Director of Oxfam for using my visual image in your official statement about the culpability of GM food and the abuse that is the trade in food as a commodity, especially in copyrighting species and grains.

As a statement of our support for Human Rights and Animal Rights, we adopted a Rescue Kitten.

The Olympic torch passed through our lives in England and the right thing to do was to be Vocal about Sponsorship bias that overshadowed the sporting event itself.

North & South America:

2102 Altered Barbie Exhibition in October was all about the election AND “romancing the voters” Hemingway style. It is always a pleasure to work with artists from San Francisco in this bold and daring exhibition.

I’m honored to be quoted in and connecting with bloggers who can reach audience of 4.6million globally . What a lovely person Leslie Carter is and very down-to-earth indeed.

Democracy in China Radio interview with Dr. Staggenborg in the USA was an honor as he is an intelligent, insightful and independent thinker who lobbies for an end to global warfare via Soldiers for Peace International. Thank you for the opportunity to exchange ideas and visions for world peace.

It was wonderful to join Marcella Eversole at the Mayan Wisdom Tele-summit 2012 : No Doomsday 21 Dec 2012..just GOLDEN AGE: Beyond FEAR! and to know that Spiralmuse’s initial fiscal sponsorship and technical support of Inspiring Women Sumit (IWS) enabled over 70,000 women around the world to hear Nobel Peace Laureate Jodie Williams announce the Nobel Women Initative. What a celebration of feminine networks and global activism.

It was suggested that my publications/experience with Sustain-Able blog be used as part of a ph.d in Eco and Responsible Tourism. That is still on the cards. But life has taken a very strange twist indeed as I ended up with my own Annual Weekend Culture Festival in Liverpool, so suddenly it got a bit busy and I won’t be able to collate the e-book or the journals until after Aug 2013!


Aside from the obvious Renegade Mr Assange, there are in fact many Australian quiet achievers out there doing brilliant things. I know we all mixed in the same small Melbourne-Monash University Chocolate Ball world but some of us just quietly gets on with it more than others. So it is a pleasure for me to recount with a sense of humility my meeting with Nobel Science Prize Winner Mr Peter Doherty and in that context introduce my dear friend Michiko Smith’s achievement as a Producer for the ABC and an empowered modern woman of Science.

But unfortunately for my Burmese political refugee friend, her meeting with Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Sui Kyi resulted in 10 years of exile, human rights violation and brutality for her and her people. I’m honored to meet her and took the opportunity to tell her story “Road from Mandalay” to the world.

finalpeaceAs for Iprotest Arts (ltd), it  is still a not-for-profit.   It led to loads of great discoveries. I don’t know how it all happened, it just did!

Everyone adores Iprotest Arts (ltd) and no one knows what to do with it!!! We are all baffled. Decima Francis (MBE) has been very spiritual in her advice. I want to thank Kel1st for seeing #NL2B 2013 as a kind of personal artistic journey. I feel the same way! Urban Strawberry Lunch who is more experienced with all this, has been a wonderful source of support and thank you to x 2 Kindred Spirit in Liz and Ambrose! XXXOOO. As an entity, it has a very  positive, vibrant and creative power of “word of mouth”. It is loved by anyone who ever hears anything about it! It is one of those entity that was just born with star quality and just need cultivation like a naturally gifted artist….but until it knows, no one knows what to do with it! All we can do is protect it from the greedy, the selfish, the deluded, the unkind and ignorant who are not artists and make it 100% artists led until Iprotest Arts (ltd) finds out what it wants to do with itself.  But truth is, none of us will have any clear answer! That is the truth. WE can only “go with it”.

untrap  Then TRAP (ltd)..omg! The L’Enfant Terrible! Like my cat, it had a horrible start in life ! I don’t even know where   to start! It is essentially a fight between x2 guys! Yes, it was a cock-fight!  I don’t want to get into it but I took over the Directorship of it to try to end the fight over Nothing! Anyone else who tried Director was eliminated by the  pointless bickering from both sides, I suspect it has something to do with the nature of the energy of un-TRAP!

Pranksky Media offered to ask Putin for advise (Joke)! We decided against involving anyone who could issue polonium enema to boys like Julian Assange (Joke!!!)

Then one of those respected Music Industry people I know said,”You know TRAP music is all happening right NOW, 2013?”

No!!!! I did not know that but strange how a year ago, we said we might consider using un-TRAP to fiddle with music for artists. This makes sense given there are x3 people involved with I protest  Arts(not-for-profit) with their own Music Label !!!!

But again, I don’t have time to think about this extremely unwanted company which has landed in my lap, with grassroot following trying to punch its way into legitimacy… thing is sure, it is tougher to get rid of it than Weeds in my urban garden project ! lol.

Look,  I am a reluctant Social Entrepreneur. I can’t stand responsibility and I don’t play by any rules at all.

I know this is pretty much what everyone says about people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates , Coco Chanel etc!

I know that in MBA school…they did a test on my personality and it seemed after being Artistic, I’m pretty much an entrepreneurial spirit through and through….

So I am asking the universe to appreciate how transparent I am trying to be and don’t start gossiping about things that are “JUST NOT REAL!” 

By and By I will realise what may or may not happen with Iprotest Arts AND TRAP. Maybe everything , maybe nothing. I don’t know.

Remember all entrepreneurs fail many times before finding the exact combo.  Let’s all relax, calm down and see what the rest of 2013 will bring?

On a personal fulfilment note, in the last year, I am playing with an “Urban Garden Project” and adopted a rescue kitten to add to my x 2 bunnies petting zoo because the local Cat Protection League un-PC comments about poor people really annoyed me. With so much going on, the Greek island old cave house restoration project continued. We hope it will become a hub for an artist community one day.

If it was up to me, I would just close it all down and sit on a beach and swim on an Aussie beach all day…but life has taken me to this point and all I can do is relax and see what happens…..

I also hate the fact that different reporting about these companies end up using inaccurate information about me because online I NEVER put my real age/yob down! So whatever….believe whatever you want! I don’t even know why anyone decided to report about any Directorship I ever hold at all! I didn’t think anyone would find it remotely interesting! I don’t! I just try to live it one day at a time!

947242_584656594900295_429821906_n (1)

Wild is the wind and Creative Free Speech is the seed….

Ignore morons…they are the weeds in the garden of bliss…

P.S I know this Report may end up being studied by some business school one day if I ever get anywhere…..and if it does….

hmmm my genuine advise:

Be real to the world with your natural talent and the world will find you endlessly fascinating


quote every sarcastic comments coming out of you, especially when you don’t want it to! 🙂

Goodluck! Wish me luck!

At least so far, we’ve helped a lot of people whom we will never meet and

who can never pay us back and

No Money involved! We did it on Social Currency! Yes, All of it! 

WE did it all from a place of  Love, Trust and Universal Grace!

That is a good start!

***** I thank all those who support Sustain-Able, Iprotest Arts and

yes, even the unwanted un-TRAP (ltd)!!!!!!!!!!


3 comments on “My Accidental Social Entreprenuer Annual Report (2012-2013)!

  1. lissnup
    July 14, 2013

    You are really just so amazing, and inspiring.. and what a great year! I would emulate this wonderful idea for a post but right now I can’t even remember what I did last week…
    Love the whole “let it evolve naturally” approach, totally in keeping with your artistic nature 😉


    • ceciliawyu
      July 14, 2013

      Thank you very much and thank you for keeping me posted on international human rights in so many areas in Africa and Arabic speaking world. 🙂


  2. Naomi Colb
    July 12, 2013

    I appreciate all you bring to the world.


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