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End Sex Tourism! A photo documentation of trafficking: “not Natasha!” by Dana Popa

not Natasha. by Dana Popa

Natasha is a nickname given to prostitutes with Eastern European Looks.

(c) Dana Popa 1

One of my Gen Z tumblr blogger shared this.

This is a really heart wrenching photo documentation of Eastern European Sex Trafficking!

(c) Dana Popa 3

I am sharing a few of the images here, but go in and please, check out Dana Popa’s work!

You all know as a professional artist, I so rarely share art and films etc, unless it is really genuine and the opposite of exploitative towards the subject.

(c) Dana Popa 2

I want to congratulate Dana for doing a wonderful job of this very very difficult topic.

(c) Dana Popa 4

About a year ago, I had a chance to do an interview with a Ukrainian Femen member who also worked as a Sustainable Tour guide so chose to keep his/her identity anonymous and a great deal of things were said about the expectation of western men towards Eastern European women!

(c) Dana Popa 8

I think this is the flip-side of that interview…showing exactly why the Femen felt the need to take “the meat” out of the closet and just flash out their breasts in protest….

(c) Dana Popa 7

Dana’s images captured the insidious, hidden and secretive nature of such sexual exploitations of young women and far from being shamed, it is the proliferators of sex trafficking and illiterate ignorant arseholes advocating the lowering of the age of consent, that should be publicly Ridiculed and Shamed!

(c) Dana Popa 5

In fact, on a more radical level, one would suggest …Culling…but hey, we are not nazies-commies here….however when you weight up the interest of the  underage victims versus the selfish insanity of people who advocate a lowering of the age of consent, it is possible to say that these individuals are contributing to child exploitation and massive trade of child trafficking by protecting the pimps and their clients!

(c) Dana Popa 6

Message to the “Barbara Hewson” types in England: You are  ugly skankhoes who do not have any bearing on genuine reality and are just out to protect your own little prostitution rings of profitable criminal law clients. If you have a child , one would hope he/she NEVER gets trafficked because people like you actively promoted the lowering of the age of consent; but chances are you won’t have time to inbreed, so you are just trying to grab news headlines to protect the Clients of Pimps !

While decent charities like NSPCC cannot call you the types of names you deserve….individuals with a vocal voice for the protection of children can, so here’s one for all the institutions who actively work day/night to protect children like the “not Natasha!” women who were trafficked below the current age of consent:

Quelle Surprise, Barbara “legal skank” Hewson, you insular, amoral cow and other morons advocating the lowering of the age of consent…Karma bites!


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