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Happy Holidays and an eCard with Charity Donations!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2018!!!

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Kel1st and Yu will Artistically Transform #FBMF ‘s Midnight Bus in #Brexit England!

Behind their tough street image, disaffected boys like these suffer from low self-esteem… All too often they do not have positive role models … to guide them through the transition from boyhood to manhood.

August 28, 2016 · 10 Comments

Keep the Bruce Lee legacy authentic please!

Please don’t believe anything you read about famous people. Think of the good work they do and not gossips and speculations. Do not dis-honor their hard work and please respect their families’ right to live a decent life in peace. Peace is a personal choice.

August 6, 2013 · 4 Comments

Apocalypto: The Trouble with Mel Gibson is….

Australia is grateful to Hollywood for keeping him so he can’t bother poor Aboriginal cultures with any more of his “signature”…where no matter what they are….Mayan, Jesus, Mexican, Aboriginals….whatever…it is ALL MAD MAX to him! lol. Zzzzz.

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The TED Blog: Telling Stories, Spreading Ideas

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This week, TED’s summer conference, TEDGlobal 2013, kicks off in Edinburgh, Scotland. At TEDGlobal, the world’s innovators and thinkers gather to tell stories and share knowledge…

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Updated 11/6/13: England: “Mad, mad Art world” insider Jokes: I said a Kitty..not a Bear! haha!

Winnie the Pooh…?? But I like Hello Kitty! :/

Oh , Art and Artists are all soooo misunderstood…kkkkk. (just kidding)

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‘March Against Monsanto’ Protesters Rally Against U.S. Seed Giant And GMO Products

Originally posted on SELVA- Vida Sin Fronteras:
The amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice-27/05/2013 ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protesters Rally Against U.S. Seed Giant And GMO Products LOS ANGELES — Protesters rallied in…

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(28/5/13 Update) England: Woolwich killing does not give anyone the right to revert to British Xenophobia!

I dedicate this song to the black lady on the train victimised by a hardcore skanky tory hag’s hysteria about terrorism because of the London machete incident in Woolwich. She yelled at her for no apparent reason beyond that she moved too near to her!

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Donating to Sustain-Able Social Enterprise via Paypal! :)

Finally I got a paypal donate button in my blog after a handful of people requested it! I think it is more an indicator of intent to take Sustain-Able to the next dimension in Social Enterprise Entreprenuership!

May 16, 2013 · 6 Comments

Free online books for kids!

Originally posted on Game4Learning:
Since I have been working with my son on writing, and it is impossible to separate reading with writing.  I have found some great resources…

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